SAT 19:00 What’s Your Thing? (p0ghflq8)
Series 1

Egton Gooseberry Show

For 222 years, residents in a North Yorkshire village have competed to grow the biggest gooseberry.

SAT 19:10 Natural World (b05sz8q8)

Iceland: Land of Ice and Fire

In what turns out to be an explosive year, witness Iceland through the eyes of the animals and people that have made this wild island home.

An arctic fox family must eke out a cliff-top living, an eider farmer has his hands full playing duck dad to hundreds of new arrivals and Viking horsemen prepare to saddle up for the autumn round-up. But nature's clock is ticking, and the constant volcanic threat eventually boils over with one of Iceland's biggest eruptions in more than 200 years. This land of ice and fire will not be tamed.

SAT 20:10 Shackleton's Cabin (m001grr7)
On 5 January 1922, world-famous Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton died of a heart attack in his cabin aboard The Quest during his final expedition to the South Pole. Moored in Norway, The Quest was broken apart. However, one of the dockers had the foresight to remove Shackleton’s cabin. He took it home and it served as his family’s garden shed for three generations.

Nearly 100 years after Shackleton’s death, the cabin has been donated to a museum in the explorer’s hometown, where master craftsman and Shackleton enthusiast Sven Habermann painstakingly restores it to its former glory. With only one surviving photograph of the cabin’s interior, Sven goes to extreme lengths to retrace every detail, from the wood to the original wallpaper used. Shackleton’s Cabin follows Sven as he rebuilds the cabin and explores the life and final days of his hero.

SAT 21:00 Hidden Assets (p0grky3g)
Series 2

Episode 5

As Claire and Christian close in on hard evidence regarding the bombings, Frances Swann executes a callous plan to force Bibi to Antwerp.

SAT 21:50 Hidden Assets (p0grkz82)
Series 2

Episode 6

Claire and her CAB team are in a race against time to finally unmask those behind the terrorist bombings before the Antwerp port deal is signed. But their breakthrough comes at a very heavy price.

SAT 22:45 Victoria Wood: As Seen on TV (b086xl88)

Comedy special written by and starring Victoria Wood with special guests Julie Walters, Celia Imrie, Duncan Preston and Susie Blake. Includes a look at the making of Acorn Antiques.

SAT 23:30 Duncan Preston Remembers... Pat and Margaret (m001m061)
Actor Duncan Preston introduces Victoria Wood's comedy drama about two ill-matched sisters.

SAT 23:40 Screen One (b007b75q)
Series 6

Pat and Margaret

Comedy drama about a Lancashire-born American soap star who, returning to Britain, is reunited on live television with her long-lost sister - a motorway cafeteria waitress. A bloodhound journalist with a nose for celebrity scandal is soon on the sisters' trail - probing into the past that, try as they might, they cannot escape.

SAT 01:05 Scene (m001m063)
Victoria Wood: A Personal View

On tour and at home with the writer, entertainer and successful working woman.

SAT 01:30 Natural World (b05sz8q8)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:10 today]

SAT 02:30 Hope Street (p0gm1ytb)
Series 3

Episode 1

The warm-hearted police drama set on the stunning Ulster coastline is back.

Port Devine’s new detective, the mysterious Jo Lipton, hits the ground running when she drives into an armed prison break. As she takes control of the situation, Jo makes quite the impression – especially on Constable Callum McCarthy.

Inspector Finn O’Hare has never felt closer to his mum Concepta as they do a charity bungee jump together – until his wife Siobhan forces Concepta to tell him the truth.

At the Commodore bar, Nicole and Clint are bonding with nephew JJ. As fire takes hold of the pub, however, they might regret asking the supposedly reformed arsonist to light a whole load of candles.


SUN 19:00 A Musical Family Christmas with the Kanneh-Masons (m0012xq1)
A look at Christmas with the talented Kanneh-Mason family, seven brothers and sisters who are taking the classical music world by storm. Coming home to Nottingham to celebrate, their unique seasonal celebration is an exciting fusion of family traditions from the UK, Sierra Leone and the Caribbean. They perform their favourite festive music such as Mary’s Boy Child, We Three Kings, Santa Baby, Sugar Plum Fairy and In the Bleak Midwinter, as well as versions of Bob Marley’s Who the Cap Fit, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and Eric Whitacre’s The Seal Lullaby.

SUN 20:00 John Williams Live: Music from the Movies (m0013c0r)
The finest film themes and scores from the Berliner Philharmonie. Expect Jaws, Superman and Star Wars.

SUN 21:20 Storyville (m001tktn)

Considered to be one of the most prestigious competitions in classical music, the International Chopin Piano Competition, held in Warsaw every five years since 1927, has been a career launchpad for such some of the world’s greatest virtuoso pianists. The competition itself is a real rollercoaster of a classical ride, with extremely tough qualifying rules, multiple stages, legendary jurors and a whole lot of pressure.

Pianoforte takes us behind the scenes of this fascinating contest, meeting some of the most talented young professional piano players from across the world and watching them navigate the competition, along with its intense practices, new friendships, lots of drama and even more nerves.

SUN 22:50 Horace Ové Remembered by Indra Ové (m001tktq)
The groundbreaking director, photographer and artist Sir Horace Ové, who died earlier this year aged 86, was best known for his unique work exploring Britain's black culture, using drama and documentary to examine a section of society that was largely overlooked by the mainstream media. A true pioneer, here Horace's life and career is remembered by his actor daughter Indra Ové, in a conversation that outlines his commitment to storytelling, as seen in his acclaimed 1979 film A Hole in Babylon.

SUN 23:05 Play For Today (p0424x3z)
Series 10

A Hole in Babylon

Play by Jim Hawkins and Horace Ové based on the events surrounding the ‘Spaghetti House’ siege, an armed robbery that went disastrously wrong.

SUN 00:15 What We Were Watching (m0012tv1)
Christmas 1991

Writer and broadcaster Grace Dent takes a televisual trip back in time to Christmas 1991, as she immerses herself in the sights, sounds and TV schedules of the past.

Among Grace’s festive findings are the discovery that this was a time when the BBC schedules were still ruled by TV’s big beasts. Edmonds was the first Noel of broadcasting, Brucie was loved by all generations, and fresh-faced young whippersnappers Jeremy Clarkson, Phillip Schofield and Rob Brydon were starting to establish themselves as the stars of the future.

As well as checking out the year's music and fashion themes, the season’s most popular sitcoms and Barry Norman’s countdown of the year’s movie turkeys, Grace explores some of 1991's greatest Christmas controversies, including Mark Fowler’s HIV revelation on the EastEnders seasonal double bill, a retrospective of the comedy of Benny Hill, and most surprising of all, a Songs of Praise Christmas special that had the nation’s Grinches complaining in their droves to Anne Robinson’s Points of View.

SUN 01:15 A Christmas Carol (m0001kwg)
Simon Callow enacts the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge, the miserly owner of an old counting house, who is visited by the ghost of his dead business partner, Jacob Marley, on Christmas Eve. Marley warns Scrooge he is doomed in the afterlife unless he pays heed and learns from three ghosts who will visit him during the night. The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come show Scrooge how his mean, uncaring behavior has oppressed those around him as they visit episodes from his past, his present and his future life. By the end Scrooge is humbled and redeemed and transforms into a generous, kind-hearted man.

Viewers can listen in stereo or binaural via headphones

SUN 02:25 Hope Street (p0gm28tj)
Series 3

Episode 2

With the Commodore pub a smoking ruin, questions are asked as to who was responsible for the fire. Clint suspects that the culprit is someone close to home.

Constable Callum McCarthy faces a trying day as he investigates a series of heating oil thefts. He’s tasked with mentoring eager new recruit Constable Ryan Power, who seems hellbent on ignoring Callum’s orders. Even worse, Ryan keeps getting results. Callum is vindicated, however, when Ryan’s impetuous behaviour comes close to causing a real disaster.

Callum’s day ends on a high note, when new DC Jo Lipton invites him to share a drink after work. Could this working relationship turn into something more?


MON 19:00 Top of the Pops (m0001r5k)
Peter Powell presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on Christmas Day 1986. Featuring Billy Ocean, The Communards, a-ha, Europe, Doctor and the Medics, Cliff Richard & The Young Ones, Spitting Image, Boris Gardiner, Diana Ross, Berlin, Simply Red, Nick Berry, Falco, George Michael and Pet Shop Boys.

MON 20:00 Keeping Up Appearances (b007c65w)
The Father Christmas Suit

Hyacinth has decided that as it is Christmas, Richard should help distribute gifts to the old people at the Church Hall, dressed as Father Christmas. Richard, feeling an idiot, goes to show Elizabeth and Emmet, and he and Emmet proceed to get incredibly drunk. Meanwhile, Rose has a new boyfriend called Mr Sudbury, and Onslow and Daisy watch in amazement as Mr Sudbury and Rose dance down the road.

Later, Elizabeth discovers Richard and Emmet, and as Richard is too drunk she decides to dress up in his Father Christmas outfit and drive Hyacinth to the Church Hall. Richard and Emmet follow on the bus.

Hyacinth has invited Richard's Head of Department, Mr Thorgunby, and his wife over for some mulled wine and mince pies. While on her way to the Church Hall with Father Christmas, who she thinks is Richard, she spots Daisy, Onslow and the Thorgunby's on their way to her house. She waylays the Thorgunbys, and takes them to the village hall where she meets the vicar, who tells her that Daddy has gotten very drunk, has shed his clothes and is creating a few problems.

Hyacinth eventually finds Daddy. She also sees Father Christmas being kissed by Onslow, but she discovers that it is Liz, and finds out what happened. Richard, Onslow and Emmet go off to find Daddy's clothes, and Hyacinth, dressed as Father Christmas, puts Daddy in the car. Onslow, thinking Father Christmas is Liz, goes and gives Hyacinth a kiss. Emmet appears, followed by Rose, who kisses him before also kissing the vicar.

Eventually Hyacinth, by this time rather mellowed, invites everyone around to her house for a glass of mulled wine and a hot mince pie, and they all go off happily together.

MON 20:30 To the Manor Born (b0078gxn)
Series 1

The First Noel

Christmas comes but once a year. Perhaps on the Grantleigh estate, that is just as well, as Audrey is determined to carry out her responsibilities as though she still lived at the manor.

MON 21:00 'Allo 'Allo! (b007bjwp)
Series 2

The Gateau from the Chateau

The Resistance decide that their operations will be inhibited by General Von Klinkerhoffen's personal control of the district, and decree that he must be blown up. The Colonel comes to a similar conclusion, deciding on poison, while Herr Flick elects to terminate the general's appointment with a poisoned dart.

MON 21:50 Billy Connolly: A Scot in the Arctic (p032kjf7)
'The Big Yin' embarks on a big adventure, as comedian Billy Connolly ventures from stage to ice - a frozen Arctic Ocean inhabited by ten-foot polar bears. The Scots mirth-maker is armed only with a small flimsy tent, a video camera and a BBC film crew. Not an ideal way to spend a week.

MON 22:35 Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland (b0bwzhy6)
Series 1

Episode 1

In British comedy there is a line in the sand and that line is Billy Connolly. Before he found fame on an international level, British comedy was an end-of-the-pier kind of affair - but through sheer talent and force of personality, Connolly ploughed a different and deeply personal yet universal approach to comedy and in doing so he changed the face of British comedy forever.

He has been called the Beatles and Jesus of comedy by his peers and an immature 'manure mouth' by the leader of the Scottish Zion Baptist Church. So say what you like about him but you can't deny everyone wants to know him. And that is what Made In Scotland is about - it is Billy as you have never seen him before - intimate, deeply personal and very funny.

Weaved around personal accounts and interviews from famous faces, Billy's life is revealed in all its glory - a shaggy dog story approach to his work - and one that has turned him from Billy Connolly the welder into Billy Connolly - The Big Yin.

Part one of two one-hour specials features Eddie Izzard, Ross Noble, Micky Flanagan, Lord Grade, Tracey Ullman, AL Kennedy, Val McDermid, Sharleen Spiteri and Eddi Reader. The film shows a true reflection of his far influence and still maintaining his unique but personal approach to comedy.

MON 23:35 Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland (b0bwzw0f)
Series 1

Episode 2

In British comedy there is a line in the sand and that line is Billy Connolly. Before he found fame on an international level, British comedy was an end-of-the-pier kind of affair - but through sheer talent and force of personality, Connolly ploughed a different and deeply personal yet universal approach to comedy and in doing so he changed the face of British comedy forever.

He has been called the Beatles and Jesus of comedy by his peers and an immature 'manure mouth' by the leader of the Scottish Zion Baptist Church. So say what you like about him, but you can't deny everyone wants to know him. And that is what Made In Scotland is about - it is Billy as you have never seen him before - intimate, deeply personal and very funny.

Weaved around personal accounts and interviews from famous faces, Billy's life is revealed in all its glory - a shaggy dog story approach to his work - and one that has turned him from Billy Connolly the welder into Billy Connolly - The Big Yin.

This final instalment (featuring Eddie Izzard, Ross Noble, Micky Flanagan, AL Kennedy, Tracey Ullman, Val McDermid, Sharleen Spiteri and Eddi Reader) finds Billy back in the Scotland of his childhood, where he reveals that knitted woolly swimming trunks were not a figment of his imagination.

MON 00:35 What We Were Watching (m0001qys)
Christmas 1988

Grace Dent looks at the television shows that Britain’s viewers were watching over the Christmas period of 1988, focusing on that week’s TV schedules to explore how TV offerings change over the festive season, and how the nation’s viewing expectations have changed over three decades.

It’s an experience that sees Grace reviewing all the top drama, comedy and music programmes that we slumped down to watch after the turkey and trimmings - whilst wondering why that year’s issue of Christmas Radio Times remains the UK’s biggest-selling magazine and marvelling at how many of the big names from 30 years ago remain familiar faces today.

Amongst the shows and moments coming under scrutiny is the year’s biggest comedy, Bread, in which the Boswell family take a riotous trip to Rome; Dirty Den’s prison experiences in a typically cheery Christmas EastEnders, Noel Edmonds making TV history with a live link up in space, Philip Schofield amidst Christmas chaos on Going Live!, Bruce Forsyth and Ronnie Corbett teaming up for a dream double act, and that year’s other dream couple – Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, fresh from Neighbours and over here for a battle with Cliff Richard for that year’s Christmas number one spot. Other musical highlights include Bros’ take on Silent Night and Elaine Paige’s unmissable Christmassy version of Queen’s Radio Ga Ga.

MON 01:35 Top of the Pops (m0001r5k)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]

MON 02:40 Hope Street (p0gm2c2d)
Series 3

Episode 3

As Ryan and Marlene investigate the theft of £10,000 in used bank notes, Clint’s criminal brother Sly pitches up in Port Devine. He’s on a mission to tempt Clint back on tour, reviving their country and western band – much to Nicole’s alarm. When both Sly and Clint are linked to the stolen cash, it looks like the reunion might be over before it’s begun.


TUE 19:00 Top of the Pops (b01pl8lq)
Noel Edmonds and David 'Kid' Jensen present the festive pop charts from 1977 with performances from Showaddywaddy, Deniece Williams, Hot Chocolate, Baccara, Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band, Leo Sayer, Manhattan Transfer, David Soul, ABBA, Space, Johnny Mathis, Kenny Rogers and Wings.

TUE 19:50 Steptoe and Son (p031d1nn)
A Perfect Christmas

Classic comedy. Albert and Harold plan a Christmas abroad - in their own inimitable style.

TUE 20:30 Yes, Minister (b0074rnd)
Series 3

The Middle-Class Rip-Off

Jim Hacker encounters civil service snobbery when he suggests selling an art gallery to save his local football team.

TUE 21:00 Lucy Worsley's Christmas Carol Odyssey (m000c5y4)
In this festive treat featuring the Kingdom Choir and Hampton Court Choir, Lucy Worsley reveals that there’s much more to our best-loved carols than meets the eye. She reveals how their stories add up to a special kind of history of Christmas itself. In the ancient past, the wassail, a pagan fertility ritual, gave us door-to-door carol singing. Wassailing was also an integral part of an older midwinter festival that was adopted by Christianity when it came to Britain, and was rebranded as ‘Christmas’.

Religion, however, soon turned its back on carols. They were far too frivolous for the Puritans, who wanted to ban Christmas altogether. French Catholics on the other hand didn’t mind fun and frolics, and Lucy crosses the channel to learn a French renaissance jig, written by a dancing priest in the 16th century. The tune she dances to went on to become the carol Ding Dong Merrily on High in the 19th century.

In strict Protestant Britain, the carol survived outside the Church and new ones turned up in some surprising places. Lucy visits the British Library, where she discovers an 18th-century children’s book that contains a little memory game called The Twelve Days of Christmas. Christmas carols could also be politically dangerous and subversive. British Catholics were oppressed for generations after the Reformation, but one Catholic scribe, John Francis Wade, hid a coded message of support for a Jacobite rebellion in the carol O Come All Ye Faithful.

Eventually, the Church of England couldn’t resist the power of the carol, and finally opened its doors to all of them, thanks to a chance pairing of words and music in Hark the Herald Angels Sing, performed in the programme by the renowned gospel ensemble, The Kingdom Choir. In the 20th century, Ralph Vaughan Williams’s passion for English folk music took him to the villages of Surrey. Here, Lucy meets a folk singer who tells the tale of an elderly farm labourer, Henry Garman, who sang a tune for Vaughan Williams, which became O Little Town of Bethlehem.

Finally, in the snowy Austrian Alps, Lucy discovers the simple story of a young parish priest with a poem in search of a tune. When he found one, the result was Silent Night. During the First World War, this simple carol would become a hymn for peace during the famous Christmas truce of 1914. Silent Night also reminds us that carols are, and have always been, ‘popular music’, music for the people, fulfilling an enduring need to celebrate and sing together at Christmas.

TUE 22:00 Cheltenham Jazz (m001tktt)

Gregory Porter: Live from Cheltenham 2023

A performance by acclaimed singer-songwriter Gregory Porter.

TUE 23:25 The Story of Fairytale of New York (b0074f8x)
For the first time in 18 years, all eight members of The Pogues return to the studio where their biggest hit - and the nation's favourite Christmas song - was recorded. The song's producer Steve Lillywhite strips Fairytale down to the basics, and director Peter Dougherty reveals the tricks behind the making of the video - including how a cameo from Hollywood star Matt Dillon stopped The Pogues from almost being arrested. With contributions from Matt Dillon, Nick Cave, Jools Holland and of course Shane MacGowan and The Pogues, it lifts the lid on this seminal track and reveals the secrets behind its making.

TUE 00:25 Carole King and Friends at Christmas (b018p1hq)
Recapture the mellow vibe of your favourite easy listening shows from the 60s and 70s with this festive feast of classics old and new. All-time great Carole King plays songs from her recent seasonal album, including Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and Sheffield crooner Richard Hawley mixes self-penned songs with his own take on Silent Night.

An imaginative bill is completed by the perky vocal harmonies of The Puppini Sisters doing Let It Snow, the dreamy widescreen sound of Brighton outfit The Mummers performing White Christmas and the velvet tones of latter day Nat King Cole, Brooklyn-based jazz vocalist Gregory Porter, crooning the Christmas Song.

Choose between your best cardigan or Rat Pack tuxedo, pour yourself an eggnog, get the chestnuts roasting, put your feet up and join the party!

TUE 01:25 What We Were Watching (m000cr9j)
Christmas 1979

Join Grace Dent on a televisual trip back in time to Christmas 1979 as she immerses herself in the sights, sounds and schedules of 40 years ago. As well as exploring what the nation’s viewers enjoyed watching on the box of delights, Grace sees if she can beat the year’s Mastermind grand finalist, and how well she fares on the Generation Game’s famous conveyor belt game.

With the 1970s a much-maligned period, it’s a surprise to find that the festive fortnight’s top shows had women winning when it came to seasonal goodwill. Penelope Keith and Wendy Craig led the way in sitcoms, Barbara Woodhouse had everyone on their best behaviour, and the most exciting music shows featured classic performances from Kate Bush and Debbie Harry’s Blondie. It was also the year that Tommy Cooper nearly killed off Michael Parkinson on live television, and The Black Stuff boys first went job hunting.

Of course, not all of Auntie Beeb’s programme presents stand the test of time quite so well. Basil Brush has a bizarre duet with Sasha Distel, Kenny Everett’s Blankety Blank appearance is far from being in the best possible taste, and the BBC’s female children’s presenters put dignity to one side as they compete in a beauty contest featuring high kicks and sparkling leotards.

TUE 02:25 Top of the Pops (b01pl8lq)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]

TUE 03:15 Hope Street (p0gm2db5)
Series 3

Episode 4

Shay survives a near miss with a maverick motorcyclist – which propels Port Devine’s police officers into an investigation involving a bag of cannabis, a champion boxer and the Northern Lights. How are they all connected?

At the Commodore pub, Clint assumes Nicole will fund his comeback country and western tour. When she refuses, he resolves to find the money himself by any means.


WED 19:00 Top of the Pops (m0011vbh)
Tony Dortie, Mark Franklin and Claudia Simon present a Christmas Special of the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 25 December 1991 and featuring Queen, Seal, Nomad, Chesney Hawkes, James, OMD, Kenny Thomas, Erasure, Right Said Fred and Oceanic.

WED 20:00 dinnerladies (p09yj3rt)
Series 2


It's nearly Christmas and all is not well in the canteen. Bren thinks she has blown it with Tony, and Petula's hopes of a family Christmas are thwarted.

WED 20:35 Les Dawson on Christmas (m001gc7g)
The 1980 Christmas edition of Les Dawson's topical comedy sketch show, The Dawson Watch, in which he appears as himself and in the guise of various characters.

WED 21:00 Mike Yarwood at the BBC (m001tktz)
Rory Bremner looks back at the life and career of Mike Yarwood, master of the imitation game and one of the BBC's most successful stars of the 1970s and 80s.

Yarwood captured the British public's imagination with his huge range of impressions featuring the biggest names from the world of showbiz and politics, and in his 70s heyday, his affectionate takes on the likes of Harold Wilson, Edward Heath and Denis Healey were the bridge between the 60s satire of That Was the Week That Was and the far crueller caricatures of Spitting Image in the 1980s.

Rory assesses Yarwood's style, impact and legacy and shares his own favourite moments from his hero's career using archive clips and interviews that Yarwood gave over the years - often to the very people he was impersonating.

WED 22:00 Glenda Jackson Remembers... Elizabeth R (m001kjzl)
Double Oscar winner Glenda Jackson remembers the role that brought her back to television after the huge success she had found on the big screen – Queen Elizabeth I in the BBC’s acclaimed six-part 1971 series Elizabeth R.

Here, Glenda recalls how she came to have huge admiration for the real-life Elizabeth, discovering so much more about her life and loves as she prepared to take on the role. She also describes the challenges faced when making an epic drama, and the struggles with costumes, make-up and wigs that eventually saw her having her own head shaved for the sake of ease and accuracy.

WED 22:15 Elizabeth R (p036g8bq)
The Lion's Cub

A young Elizabeth lives in dangerous times, leading the Protestant rebellion against her Catholic half-sister Mary and challenging her claim to the throne.

WED 23:40 Elizabeth R (p036g8bw)
The Marriage Game

Classic historical drama series. The unmarried young queen is encouraged to find a suitable husband so that she can produce an heir, but she finds that very few suitors interest her.

WED 01:10 Elizabeth R (p036g8c1)
Shadow in the Sun

Elizabeth meets an interesting suitor, the Duke of Anjou, much to the Puritans' disapproval. Now Elizabeth must decide whether to follow her head or her heart.

WED 02:40 Top of the Pops (m0011vbh)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]


THU 19:00 Top of the Pops (b09jc3k1)
The 1984 Christmas special of the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 25 December 1984. Featuring Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Howard Jones, Duran Duran, Nik Kershaw, Culture Club, Thompson Twins, Jim Diamond, Wham!, Paul Young, George Michael and Band Aid.

THU 20:00 Sykes (p00h0pxj)
Series 4

Christmas Party

Eric and Hattie decide to spend Christmas at Corky's with his friends and relatives.

THU 20:30 The Good Life (b0077x05)
Christmas Special

The Goods and the Leadbetters plan their respective Christmases, but neither go according to plan. Classic comedy from 1977.

THU 21:00 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (m0016dk8)
Enticed to India, assorted ageing Brits seek to stretch finite finances, get swifter treatment or find independence. However, their hotel home, run by over-eager optimist Sonny, is not quite as advertised, and the unfamiliar world proves challenging.

THU 22:55 The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (m001ck23)
With only one room still vacant, Sonny dreams of opening a second hotel, but a rivalry with his fiancée’s friend threatens his marriage plans and expansionist ambitions. Meanwhile, the British residents’ predicaments include romantic entanglements, an undercover inspector and a murder plot.

THU 00:50 Elizabeth R (p036g8c5)
Horrible Conspiracies

Elizabeth finds her position increasingly threatened by Mary, Queen of Scots and her loyal supporters. Will Elizabeth have to execute Mary in order to remain queen?

THU 02:20 Elizabeth R (p036g8c9)
The Enterprise of England

Classic historical drama series. With the threat of war against Spain suddenly imminent, Elizabeth must place her faith in the strength of the navy, led by Sir Francis Drake.


FRI 19:00 Top of the Pops (b086trr9)
Christmas Hits

The Top of the Pops Christmas Hits compilation is made up of hits down the years, mostly performed on those classic episodes of Christmas Top of the Pops in a seasonal studio. We include songs that reached the charts in December, from Ian Dury and the Blockheads to Madness, East 17 and Coldplay.

There are hits that made the enviable Christmas Number 1 spot from the likes of The Human League and Pet Shop Boys, songs that were pipped to the post and perennial Christmas classics from Slade, Mud and Frankie Goes to Hollywood to name but three. We also have a special rediscovered rare performance opening the programme from the psychedelic era Rolling Stones from 1967 and not broadcast for over 40 years. Christmas Top of the Pops adorns the studio in tinsel to give a perfect playlist for any festive party.

FRI 20:30 Country Christmas (m001tktl)

Country Christmas 2023, hosted this year by country music stars Amy Grant and Trisha Yearwood, brings some of country music’s most beloved artists together for a night full of festive classics. Join Jordan Davis, Amy Grant, Lady A, Ashley McBryde, Jon Pardi, Lindsey Stirling, The War and Treaty, Zach Williams, Lainey Wilson and Trisha Yearwood for a show full of Christmas favourites. Filmed in Nashville in front of a live audience, the holiday special showcases one-of-a-kind musical performances to get you in the Christmas spirit.

FRI 21:10 George Michael: Live in London (m001n435)
The former Wham! frontman, George Michael, is filmed at his final two concerts at London's Earls Court arena on 24 and 25 August 2008 in front of 40,000 screaming fans.

Part of his 25 Live tour, the shows marked a triumphant return to live performance for the singer, with the songs featured including Careless Whisper, Faith, Fast Love, Jesus to a Child and I'm Your Man, drawn from every stage of his career.

FRI 23:20 Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour (b0952xgk)
Shot around the world and featuring a collection of live and behind-the-scenes footage, Madonna Rebel Heart Tour is packed with visual theatrics, stunning costumes and intricate choreography, featuring new hits and beloved classic songs spanning all decades of Madonna's illustrious career, including Living for Love, Bitch I'm Madonna, Material Girl, Holiday and an acoustic version of Like a Prayer.

FRI 01:20 Top of the Pops (b09jc3k1)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 on Thursday]

FRI 02:20 Elizabeth R (p036g8cf)
Sweet England's Pride

Classic historical drama series. An elderly Elizabeth instructs the Earl of Essex to quell the threat of an Irish uprising, but will she have to deal with a rebellion of her own?