SAT 19:00 Golf: Solheim Cup (m001qwq0)

Day Two Highlights

Watch the best of the action from day two of the Solheim Cup as Europe and the USA’s top female golfers again do battle at the Finca Cortesin resort in Casares, Spain.

SAT 20:00 Ray Mears's Northern Wilderness (b00p335f)
Koo Koo Sint - The Star Gazer

Ray Mears goes on an epic adventure into Canada's unforgiving, yet inspiring wilderness.

David Thompson was a Briton who helped change the face of Canada. He mapped nearly four million square miles of North America. This would be an impressive feat today - in the 1800s it was, quite simply, staggering.

Thompson effectively paved the way for trade from coast to coast in Canada, strengthening the status of the country and defining the borders that kept Canada independent from the US.

Ray explores Thompson's footsteps across the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast. He draws on a new set of bushcraft skills and local knowledge, and explores the mapping techniques used by Thompson.

SAT 21:00 Black Snow (p0g5jws6)
Series 1

Unfinished Business

The town of Ashford, in rural North Queensland, gathers to unearth a time capsule buried by high school students back in 1994. Among the items of 90s memorabilia is a letter penned by Isabel Baker, a student of the class of ‘94 who was murdered shortly after taking part in the project. Isabel’s letter is read out in a public ceremony.

The killing is still unsolved 25 years later, and the local community have long resolved that the perpetrator must have been a passing seasonal worker. But Isabel’s words now ring out to cast fresh suspicion over the entire town, fracturing the harmony Ashford had worked so hard to rebuild following her murder. Could her killer be among them?

SAT 21:50 Black Snow (p0g5jxdk)
Series 1


The discovery of Isabel’s plaited hair in the time capsule throws the investigation onto a new course as cold case detective James Cormack now focuses his attention on the surviving members of the class of ‘94. All the while, Hazel grapples with how much she should trust or cooperate with the detective, while also seeking to protect her family.

SAT 22:45 Parkinson (m001qwq5)
Kenny Everett, Roy Castle and Sammy Davis Jr

Chat show hosted by Michael Parkinson, with guests The Buddy Rich Orchestra, Kenny Everett, Roy Castle and Sammy Davis Jr.

SAT 23:50 Parkinson (m001qwqj)
Parkinson Meets Shirley MacLaine

Michael Parkinson interviews American actress Shirley MacLaine.

SAT 00:20 Yes, Minister (b007835p)
Series 1

Jobs for the Boys

A PFI is in trouble, and Sir Humphrey must rescue it without publicity.

SAT 00:50 The Thick of It (b00p90kr)
Series 3

Episode 7

Nicola Murray and her team are desperate to find a major sports personality to be the face of DoSAC's new Healthy Choices campaign. Malcolm's away on holiday and doesn't want to be disturbed, so they take advice from Steve Fleming, who's back on the scene as the PM's new fixer.

Is Steve really as nice as he seems? Everyone knows Malcolm never takes holidays, so what's he up to now?

SAT 01:20 Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (b0077tsm)
Series 2


Classic sitcom with one-man disaster area Frank Spencer. Frank and Betty go for a spin in his new car and end up having a clifftop picnic.

SAT 01:50 Ray Mears's Northern Wilderness (b00p335f)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

SAT 02:50 Parkinson (m001qwq5)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:45 today]


SUN 19:00 Classic Quartets at the BBC (b08jq8ll)
Clemency Burton-Hill celebrates the rich and ravishing world of the string quartet in a journey through 50 years of BBC archive. Some of the world's greatest ensembles including the Amadeus, Chilingirian, Borodin and Kronos quartets perform in myriad styles and settings, from stately homes to helicopters. Music ranges from Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert to Steve Reich, Elvis Costello and Pete Townshend, in a tradition which stretches back to Haydn in the 18th century.

SUN 20:00 Mozart's Requiem (m001qwpn)
Witness an epic, heart-rending journey of the soul, as Opera North, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Jazzart Dance Theatre and Cape Town Opera combine for a powerful performance.

Filmed at Leeds Grand Theatre, this unforgettable contemporary dance staging of Mozart’s great choral lament is choreographed by Dane Hurst and conducted by Garry Walker.

Featuring soloists Ellie Laugharne, Ann Taylor, Mongezi Mosoaka and Simon Shibambu alongside the Chorus and Orchestra of Opera North.

SUN 20:50 Holst and Vaughan Williams: Making Music English (b0bshhss)
Historian Amanda Vickery and broadcaster Tom Service unearth the fascinating story of the lifelong friendship between composers Ralph Vaughan Williams and Gustav Holst, whose music gave birth to the 'English sound' in the first half of the 20th century.

They retrace the walking trips the two composers took together across the country to discover how influences ranging from the Renaissance masters to folk music imbued their music with the 'Englishness' we recognise today. Illustrating the story, the BBC Concert Orchestra perform excerpts of both composers' music.

SUN 21:50 Unsung Heroines: Danielle de Niese on the Lost World of Female Composers (b0b6znwz)
Danielle de Niese explores the lives and works of five female composers - from the Middle Ages to the late 20th century - who were famous in their lifetimes, but whose work was then forgotten.

Western classical music has traditionally been seen as a procession of male geniuses, but the truth is that women have always composed. Hildegard of Bingen, Francesca Caccini, Clara Schumann, Florence Price and Elizabeth Maconchy - all these women battled to fulfil their ambitions and overcome the obstacles that society placed in their way. They then disappeared into obscurity, and only some have found recognition again.

SUN 22:50 imagine... (m000nh5l)

Marina Abramovic: The Ugly Duckling

Marina Abramovic is the reigning queen of performance art. She invites Alan Yentob into her home, opens up her enormous personal archive and travels back to her birthplace, Belgrade. Her early, provocative work was once dismissed, but today thousands go to see her perform pieces that can last for weeks, even months at a time. By using just her own body and pushing her physical and psychological boundaries, she has become an international artistic superstar.

Abramovic talks about her family and growing up in communist Yugoslavia, where she fell in love with performance art and became one of its most outrageous and celebrated practitioners. She remembers her former partner Ulay, with whom she made a series of pieces that broke boundaries – including walking the entire length of the Great Wall of China in 1988. In 2010, 750,000 people went to see The Artist is Present, her solo performance lasting 736 hours at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This September she premiered her opera, 7 Deaths of Maria Callas, at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich.

Abramovic was about to become the first female artist in its entire 250-year history to be given a solo exhibition in the main galleries of the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Her show has now been delayed until autumn 2021, but in its place imagine... is proud to present this intimate portrait.

SUN 23:50 The Shock of the New (b0074qh0)
The Threshold of Liberty

Robert Hughes's classic series about art in the twentieth century continues by looking at the avant-garde and modernism in the century of change. Hughes gets innocent and irrational as he examines the surrealists and their attempts to make art without restrictions. Features artists such as Di Chirico, Ernst, Miro and Dali.

SUN 00:50 The Shock of the New (b0074qh1)
The View from the Edge

Robert Hughes grapples with the artists who made visual art from the crags and vistas of their internal world - the Expressionists, including Van Gogh, De Kooning, Pollock and beyond.

SUN 01:50 Classic Quartets at the BBC (b08jq8ll)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]

SUN 02:50 Holst and Vaughan Williams: Making Music English (b0bshhss)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:50 today]


MON 19:00 Life (b00ncr13)
Challenges of Life

In nature, living long enough to breed is a monumental struggle. Many animals and plants go to extremes to give themselves a chance.

Uniquely, three brother cheetahs band together to bring down a huge ostrich. Aerial photography reveals how bottle-nosed dolphins trap fish in a ring of mud, and time-lapse cameras show how the Venus flytrap ensnares insect victims.

The strawberry frog carries a tadpole high into a tree and drops it in a water-filled bromeliad. The frog must climb back from the ground every day to feed it.

Fledgling chinstrap penguins undertake a heroic and tragic journey through the broken ice to get out to sea. Many can barely swim and the formidable leopard seal lies in wait.

MON 20:00 Becoming Matisse (m000hqt7)
Henri Matisse is one of the most beloved painters of the 20th century. Best known for his cut-outs – childlike images that he cut directly from sheets of blazing colour - Matisse wanted his art to transcend the darkness and violence of the modern age. This alone has often seen him written off as a populist crowd-pleaser, not really a serious artist. Yet what we now tend to forget is that at the beginning of his career, Matisse was a rebel and a revolutionary - one of the first artists to tear up the rules of western art to bring it into the modern world. Turning his back on 500 years of academic tradition, Matisse became the first avant-garde artist of the 20th century and was considered so shocking that he was ridiculed by everyone – by the critics and the public, even by many of his fellow artists.

With interviews and animations and using Matisse’s words, taken from his diaries and letters, this film sees Matisse’s great-granddaughter Sophie Matisse tell the tumultuous story of his early life. Matisse picked up a paintbrush at the late age of 21, and the next 15 years saw him turn his back on the bourgeois aspirations of his parents and teachers, suffer extraordinary financial insecurity and family drama that nearly ended his career, and create a series of such notorious public scandals that he came to be known as ‘the wild beast’, an artistic savage whose work threatened the very values of western civilisation.

Retracing key places and moments in his biography – from Bohain-en-Vermandois, the town of his birth, to Paris, where he moved to try his luck at art school, and Corsica and Collioure, a fishing village on the Spanish border where he made his artistic breakthrough - Sophie looks closely at how this period affected his work and how the Matisse the public have come to know – the master of colour and light - was forged in response to the adversity and public humiliation of his early life.

Above all, with special access to family photographs, letters and diaries, Sophie shows that without the support of his immediate family, most notably his wife Amelie and his three children, Matisse would not have become the artist we know and love today.

MON 21:00 imagine... (b07m7rlm)
Summer 2016

Georgia O'Keeffe: By Myself

On the brink of the Depression in 1929, Georgia O'Keeffe - America's first great modernist painter - headed west. In the bright light of the New Mexico desert, she forged an independent life and found the solitude she needed for her truly original art.

The photographs taken of her by her older lover scandalised the public. Her flower forms were seen as a shocking and vibrant display of femininity, her bones and skulls as surreal and disturbing.
Now, 30 years after her death, to coincide with a major Tate Modern show, imagine... tells the story of Georgia O'Keeffe, one of the most inspiring artists ever.

MON 22:05 Roy Jenkins Remembered by Michael Cockerell (m001qwnl)
Political interviewer Michael Cockerell introduces his acclaimed profile of Roy Jenkins, the man who, as home secretary in the 1960s, helped transform British society by changing laws on homosexuality, abortion and hanging.

As Michael explains, his research for the original documentary would confirm rumours of Jenkins’s extra-marital affairs, and he reveals how ‘Woy’ responded when asked on camera to confirm the details of his colourful love-life.

MON 22:20 A Very Social Democrat: A Portrait of Roy Jenkins (m001qwnn)
Lord Jenkins is a man of many lives: author, politician and socialite. He was the home secretary credited with helping to create the permissive society in the 1960s with the legalisation of abortion and homosexual acts. He became an austere chancellor of the exchequer, blamed by some for Labour's general election defeat. He was the first British president of the European Commission and founding father of the SDP. And he also enjoyed an unexpectedly colourful private life.

Reporter Michael Cockerell's candid portrait reveals a more interesting and complex figure than is suggested by the public image.

MON 23:15 Keith Haring: Street Art Boy (m000kqk5)
International art sensation Keith Haring blazed a trail through the legendary art scene of 1980s New York and revolutionised the worlds of pop culture and fine art. This fascinating and compelling film - told using previously unheard interviews with Haring, which form the narrative of the documentary - is the definitive story of the artist in his own words.

The film also includes exclusive, unprecedented access to the Haring Foundation’s archives, capturing the wild, creative energy behind some of the most recognisable art of the past 30 years.

MON 00:45 Life (b00ncr13)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]

MON 01:45 imagine... (m000nh5l)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:50 on Sunday]

MON 02:45 imagine... (b07m7rlm)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


TUE 19:00 Life (b00nj6dr)
Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptiles and amphibians look like hang-overs from the past. But they overcome their shortcomings through amazing innovation.

The pebble toad turns into a rubber ball to roll and bounce from its enemies. Extreme slow-motion shows how a Jesus Christ lizard runs on water, and how a chameleon fires an extendible tongue at its prey with unfailing accuracy. The camera dives with a Niuean sea snake, which must breed on land but avoids predators by swimming to an air bubble at the end of an underwater tunnel. In a TV first, komodo dragons hunt a huge water-buffalo, biting it to inject venom, then waiting for weeks until it dies. Ten dragons strip the carcass to the bone in four hours.

TUE 20:00 Climbing Great Buildings (b00ty5jl)
The Liver Building

Dr Jonathan Foyle, architectural historian and novice climber, scales Britain's most iconic structures, from the Normans to the present day, to reveal the buildings' secrets and tell the story of how our architecture and construction has developed over 1,000 years.

The next step of Jonathan Foyle's journey takes him to the Liver Building in Liverpool. Built from 1908, this behemoth in concrete was Britain's first skyscraper that influenced buildings all over the world.

On his climbs Jonathan, aided by top climber Lucy Creamer, scales over 250 feet to reveal how this granite building isn't quite what it seems and investigates how a concrete boat paved the way for this immense skyscraper. He climbs up a disused lift shaft to literally get under the skin of this groundbreaking construction; comes face-to-face with the biggest clock in Britain; and tests the limits of his courage to traverse over a sheer drop of over 200 feet to get up close and personal with a couple of beautiful birds.

TUE 20:30 Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (b0078m4c)
Series 2

The RAF Reunion

Classic sitcom about a one-man disaster area. Frank attends an RAF reunion and the hidden story of his short but eventful spell in the services unfolds in flashback.

TUE 21:00 Yes, Minister (b0078366)
Series 2

The Compassionate Society

Political sitcom. Minister for administrative affairs Jim Hacker struggles to cut administrative staff in the Health Service.

TUE 21:30 The Thick of It (b00pd5w4)
Series 3

Episode 8

Award-winning political comedy.

As the election looms and the Opposition eye the prize, the word around the Westminster Village is that Malcolm Tucker is running out of both options and friends. He may have bitten off more than he can chew with Steve Fleming, but when an offer of help appears from an unlikely direction, Malcolm starts to set his finest trap yet.

TUE 22:00 Storyville (m001qwmt)
Tanja: Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

What would make a middle-class Dutch woman want to join a revolutionary struggle thousands of miles from home? This Storyville film tells the story of Tanja Nijmeijer, the former teacher who became a member of the Colombian FARC rebel group, rising to become one of its most senior leaders and later a campaigner for peace.

TUE 23:25 Nuremberg: The Nazis on Trial (m001qwmy)
Albert Speer

Nathaniel Parker provides a fascinating portrayal of the most inscrutable Nazi on trial at Nuremberg, Hitler's architect and armaments minister Albert Speer. Speer was the only defendant who unreservedly accepted responsibility for the Nazis' crimes. But was his remorse genuine or just a clever defence strategy? Narrated by Matthew MacFadyen.

TUE 00:25 Nuremberg: The Nazis on Trial (m001qwn4)
Hermann Goering

Goering was Hitler's charismatic and ruthless second-in-command. On trial for his life, the unrepentant Reichsmarschall turned the tables on the Allies.

This documentary drama looks at Goering's attempt to re-ignite Nazism from the courtroom and reveals the role that a Jewish psychologist played in Goering's final defeat.

TUE 01:20 Nuremberg: The Nazis on Trial (m001qwn7)
Rudolf Hess

After his bizarre flight to Scotland in 1941 to offer peace to Britain, Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, was declared insane by the Fuhrer.

At Nuremberg, Hess's fitness for trial was at the centre of his case, as he claimed not to remember his Nazi past and was seemingly suffering from paranoid delusions.

TUE 02:20 Climbing Great Buildings (b00ty5jl)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

TUE 02:50 Life (b00nj6dr)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]


WED 19:00 Life (b00nkpcc)

Mammals dominate the planet. They do it through having warm blood and by the care they lavish on their young. Weeks of filming in the bitter Antarctic winter reveal how a mother Weddell seal wears her teeth down keeping open a hole in the ice so she can catch fish for her pup.

A powered hot air balloon produces stunning images of millions of migrating bats as they converge on fruiting trees in Zambia, and slow-motion cameras reveal how a mother rufous sengi exhausts a chasing lizard. A gyroscopically stabilised camera moves alongside migrating caribou, and a diving team swim among the planet's biggest fight as male humpback whales battle for a female.

WED 20:00 Universe (p09ybxpr)
Series 1

The Milky Way: Island of Light

Professor Brian Cox continues his epic exploration of the cosmos by looking at the faint band of light that sweeps across the night sky - our own galaxy, the Milky Way. The Sun is just one of almost 400 billion stars that form this vast, majestic disk of light, our own home in the universe. We’ve longed to understand our galaxy’s secrets since the time of the ancient Greeks, yet it’s only very recently, thanks to a cutting-edge space telescope, that we’re finally able to reveal the Milky Way’s dramatic history and predict its cataclysmic future.

One mission more than any other has deepened our understanding of the galaxy, the European Space Agency’s Gaia Space Telescope. It painstakingly measures the true position of over a billion stars, producing the most accurate map of our galaxy ever created. But more than mapping stars, Gaia also measures their movement, allowing us to track their positions back through time - to rewind the history of the Milky Way. It has created a new kind of science: galactic archaeology.

Our galaxy started to form shortly after the Big Bang around 13.6 billion years ago. It started out a fraction of the size it is today, and Gaia has revealed how it grew over the eons. Beautifully rendered VFX based on the very latest Gaia data has uncovered the remarkable story of our galaxy’s evolution. As our young galaxy encountered rival galaxies, it experienced a series of violent growth spurts and intense periods of cataclysmic change while battling to survive.

Over billions of years, our Milky Way cannibalised neighbouring galaxies, adding countless new stars and triggering great epochs of creation. Brian reveals we may even owe our own existence to one of these galactic collisions. Each time our galaxy feeds, a new era of star formation begins, fuelled by incoming torrents of fresh gas and energy. The latest evidence suggests that our own star was possibly born in one such event.

We may be small compared to the universe, but we are the consequence of grand events, and there is another collision to come. Another, larger galaxy is coming our way. Andromeda is heading straight for us at a quarter of a million miles per hour. The Milky Way’s long-term fate is in the balance.

WED 21:00 Charles I: Downfall of a King (m0006pbh)
Series 1

Two Worlds Collide

November 1641. King Charles I is in Edinburgh. While he is away from his capital, the leader of the House of Commons, John Pym, is plotting a move to limit the King’s power. The duel between these two men will spiral across the next weeks into an irrecoverable split across the country.

21 November: Pym dominates a stormy debate in the House of Commons over a document known as the Grand Remonstrance. It is a list of 200 complaints against Charles I. It claims he is under the influence of ‘evil counsellors’, a coded reference to the Queen – Charles I’s French Catholic wife, Henrietta Maria. In Ireland, a Catholic uprising, which has led to the deaths of thousands of Protestants, is focusing minds in Parliament.

It is one of the greatest debates in parliamentary history, lasting 14 hours. It is passed - 52% to 48%. The Grand Remonstrance - a vote of no confidence in the King’s rule - will now be presented to the King.

25 November: Charles arrives back in London. He makes a show of power and parades through the city with 500 horsemen. The King having returned, discussion turns to the rebellion in Ireland. An army must be sent to crush the Catholic rebels, but who should lead it? Pym fears the King will use the army to suppress his opponents. And Charles fears Pym will use the army to arrest his Catholic queen.

The King fights back. He issues a proclamation on 12 December ordering all MPs to London by 12 January 1642. He is confident that, with a full House of Commons, he will have a majority with which to stamp out John Pym’s faction. The clock is ticking. The deadline is set.

WED 22:00 Cardiac Arrest (p0g1zzbm)
Series 2

The Shallow End

The closure of a sister hospital helps to pile on the pressure for doctors Andrew, Claire and Raj.

WED 22:30 Cardiac Arrest (p0g1zzz5)
Series 2

A Cold Heart

When a young boy is rescued from a frozen lake, Claire and James must embark on the longest resuscitation in the hospital's history.

WED 23:00 Cardiac Arrest (p0g200ck)
Series 2

The Comfort of Strangers

When another doctor's misdiagnosis leads to tragedy, Dr Andrew Collin is determined to fight a lone battle for justice.

WED 23:30 Cardiac Arrest (p0g200qz)
Series 2

Bad Blood

While Scissors makes a play for Claire at the hospital ball, Phil is plagued by unethical feelings for a sexy patient.

WED 00:00 Cardiac Arrest (p0g205fj)
Series 2

Factor 8

Andrew and Dr Yates race against time to track down the real patient-murderer before Caroline is framed.

WED 00:30 Cardiac Arrest (p0g206jq)
Series 2

The Critical Hour

Traumatised by a patient's horrific death, Claire vows to challenge the hospital management even if it jeopardises her career.

WED 01:00 Cardiac Arrest (p0g2076m)
Series 2

Running on Vapours

James is appalled to discover that his diagnosis of HIV has been leaked to the press.

WED 01:30 Cardiac Arrest (p0g208lg)
Series 2

The Betrayed

When Phil is wrongly accused of negligence, Dr Turner has a murky reason for wanting him found guilty.

WED 02:00 Black Snow (p0g5jws6)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 on Saturday]

WED 02:50 Black Snow (p0g5jxdk)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:50 on Saturday]


THU 19:00 Life (b00nqbkb)

Fish dominate the planet's waters through their astonishing variety of shape and behaviour.

The beautiful weedy sea dragon looks like a creature from a fairy tale, and the male protects their eggs by carrying them on his tail for months. The sarcastic fringehead, meanwhile, appears to turn its head inside out when it fights.

Slow-motion cameras show the flying fish gliding through the air like a flock of birds and capture the world's fastest swimmer, the sailfish, plucking sardines from a shoal at 70 mph. And the tiny Hawaiian goby undertakes one of nature's most daunting journeys, climbing a massive waterfall to find safe pools for breeding.

THU 20:00 Hidden Wales with Will Millard (b0bt81bm)
Series 1

Episode 2

In this three part series, writer and adventurer Will Millard discovers the hidden history of Wales by exploring forgotten, secret and usually inaccessible locations that show the country as you've never seen it before.

On an intriguing, exhilarating and sometimes dangerous journey, Hidden Wales with Will Millard offers unprecedented access to places you rarely get to see. Starting in the north and working his way south, Will reveals natural wonders hidden beneath the landscape, the abandoned buildings that tell us where Wales has come from and the modern marvels of engineering that show what the country might become.

In this second episode, Will continues his tour around Wales by moving to both mid-Wales and the west of the country. From a lead mine that's thousands of years old and a beautiful cave with a very scary entrance to an abandoned sea fort and a derelict mental asylum, Will uncovers historical gems that reveal parts of the middle and west of Wales that you never knew existed.

THU 21:00 Psycho (m001qwpt)
Absconding with $40,000 of her employer's money, Marion Crane sets off to join her lover Sam Loomis. After a tiring journey through the rain, she stops at a lonely motel run by Norman Bates, an intense young man living in the remote mansion with his domineering mother.

THU 22:45 Scene by Scene (m001qwq1)
Janet Leigh

Mark Cousins visits Beverly Hills for a revealing conversation with Janet Leigh, star of Psycho, Touch of Evil and The Manchurian Candidate. Leigh talks about her life, including her marriage to Tony Curtis and working with Orson Welles.

THU 23:35 Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema (b0bfp4h7)
Series 1


Mark Kermode continues his fresh and very personal look at the art of cinema by examining the techniques and conventions behind classic film genres, uncovering the ingredients that keep audiences coming back for more.

Mark turns to horror and shows how film-makers have devilishly deployed a range of cinematic tricks to exploit our deepest, darkest and most elemental fears. He explores the recurring elements of horror, including the journey, the jump scare, the scary place, the monster and the chase. He reveals how they have been refined and reinvented in films as diverse as the silent classic The Phantom of the Opera, low-budget cult shockers The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Evil Dead, and Oscar-winners The Silence of the Lambs and Get Out. Mark analyses the importance of archetypal figures such as the clown, the savant and the 'final girl'. And of course, he celebrates his beloved Exorcist films by examining two unforgettable but very different shock moments in The Exorcist and The Exorcist III.

Ultimately, Mark argues, horror is the most cinematic of genres, because no other kind of film deploys images and sound to such powerful and primal effect.

THU 00:35 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (m001gmxq)
2022: Dame Sue Black

Living Body

The final lecture in the series begins with a ‘heist’. A jewel thief steals a precious man-made diamond from the Royal Institution’s collection. Can forensic evidence conclusively identify and convict the criminal responsible?

To find out, the Royal Institution’s lecture theatre is transformed into a courtroom and the audience acts as jury on the case, with a special guest king’s counsel invited to defend the suspect. Forensic evidence is based on probability; it can never be 100 per cent certain. So, how convincing does the evidence need to be for the court of the Royal Institution’s own jury to reach a guilty verdict?

Includes insights from real criminal investigations.

THU 01:35 Life (b00nqbkb)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]

THU 02:35 Hidden Wales with Will Millard (b0bt81bm)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]


FRI 19:00 Top of the Pops (m001qwqy)
Peter Cunnah presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 23 February 1995 and featuring Perfecto Allstarz, PJ & Duncan, Bon Jovi, Elastica, Blur, Madonna, Del Amitri, Glam Metal Detectives and Celine Dion.

FRI 19:30 Top of the Pops (m001qwr3)
Keith Allen presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 2 March 1995 and featuring Mike & the Mechanics, Nightcrawlers, Alex Party, Elton John, Faith No More and Celine Dion.

FRI 20:00 Top of the Pops (m0010b3m)
Gary Davies presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 26 September 1991 and featuring Scorpions, Rozalla, R.E.M., Tina Turner, Bizarre Inc, Marc Almond, Sabrina Johnston, Bryan Adams and Bros.

FRI 20:30 Top of the Pops (b01nks7j)
Ed Stewart looks at the weekly pop chart from 1977 and introduces Rose Royce, David Soul, Peter Blake, Ram Jam, David Essex, the Stylistics, Donna Summer, Golden Earring and a Legs & Co dance sequence.

FRI 21:00 Phil Collins at the BBC (m000x2qq)
The sound of Phil Collins is in the air tonight as we take a trip through the BBC’s archives with the man who, against all odds, went from being the drummer in Genesis to one of the biggest solo performers of the 1980s and 90s. This collection features Phil’s performances on a range of BBC shows, from Top of the Pops to Parkinson and The Two Ronnies, as well as the hits that saw him top the charts multiple times here and in the US, including You Can’t Hurry Love, A Groovy Kind of Love, One More Night, I Missed Again and Two Hearts.

FRI 22:00 The Old Grey Whistle Test (m001cjqz)

Anne Nightingale introduces a recording of a Genesis concert performed at the Lyceum Ballroom, London, on 7 May 1980. The band is fronted by a bearded Phil Collins.

FRI 22:40 TOTP2 (b04lclfn)

Top of the Pops 2 dips into the archives to explore both classic collective hits and smash solo singles spanning 20 early years of Genesis history. From the art-rock Gabriel era of flamboyant theatrics and quirky costumes to their eighties evolution into pop superstars, Genesis are both influential experimentalists and a chart-smashing behemoth.

With solo numbers from Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Mike + The Mechanics, this is an eclectic two-sided playlist featuring everything from I Can't Dance to I Know What I Like, No Self Control to In the Air Tonight, and Many Too Many to The Living Years. So Turn It On Again and tune in, from prog to pop, Genesis to Revelation, the hits are here on TOTP2.

FRI 23:25 Mark Lawson Talks To... (b00g8hfg)
Phil Collins

Phil Collins made his name as the drummer and then the lead singer of Genesis, before embarking on a successful solo career with hits including In the Air Tonight. In the 1980s he took on the role of one of the great train robbers in the film Buster and has recently had success with scoring for films such as Disney's Tarzan. Collins talks frankly to Mark Lawson about his three marriages and the various myths that surround him, including that he divorced his second wife by fax.

FRI 00:25 Top of the Pops (m0010b3m)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

FRI 00:55 Top of the Pops (b01nks7j)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:30 today]

FRI 01:25 Top of the Pops (m001qwqy)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]

FRI 01:55 Top of the Pops (m001qwr3)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

FRI 02:25 Phil Collins at the BBC (m000x2qq)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]