SAT 19:00 Arctic with Bruce Parry (b00ydbl9)

Bruce travels to the far north of Canada to live with the Caribou people and witness their annual spring hunt. The Gwitchin tribe has hunted migrating caribou in the Arctic wilderness for thousands of years, but this tradition is now under threat from oil exploration.

Bruce then heads south to the tar sands of Alberta, home to the second largest oil reserves in the world, to discover how native people cope when the oil industry moves into their territory.

SAT 20:00 Simon King's Shetland Adventure (b00qnw1f)
Episode 1

Simon King, wildlife cameraman and Springwatch presenter, sets off on an adventure to live on the Shetland Islands with his family through the changing seasons. Simon has travelled the world for 30 years, but his boyhood dream was to visit Shetland. Now he has the chance to film some of the remarkable wildlife and experience the beauty and the wild weather of Britain's most northerly isles.

Simon captures footage of killer whales coming in to kill a seal, an Arctic tern colony attacked by a bonxie, and a shy otter family. Simon, his wife Marguerite and two-year-old daughter Savannah settle into a remote cottage, but the winter weather and winds of over 100mph make life tough for them.

To celebrate winter, Simon joins the local Shetlanders in their Viking Up Helly Aa festivals, but there is a surprise for him: he is asked to come in drag, dressed as fellow Springwatch presenter Kate Humble. This doesn't stop him enjoying himself or helping to set light to a Viking boat in a genuine Shetland experience.

SAT 21:00 North Sea Connection (m001hypm)
Series 1

The Catch

Ciara Kenny fishes the waters off Roskillane, as her family has done for generations. But when her ambitious brother Aidan secretly agrees to carry out a drug run at sea for a Nordic cartel, which goes horribly wrong, their lives are forever changed.

SAT 21:45 North Sea Connection (m001hypr)
Series 1

High Tide

Tuva Palsson, a Swedish narcotics detective, inspects a parcel that has washed up on a beach on the Irish Connemara coast.

SAT 22:30 Early Doors (b0078s82)
Series 2

Episode 3

The chance to win a box of chocolates has the regulars racking their brains in an attempt to win at The Grapes quiz night, and Eddie soon finds himself in a pickle as he reveals his specialist subject.

Ken and Tanya's relationship steps up a notch as Tanya lays on her charms for Ken and he lays on free sarnies. Mel and her new boyfriend Dean get close and personal as they think about getting a place of their own and Duffy subjects the pub to another dose of melancholic music and mood as his single-lifedom begins to sink in.

SAT 23:00 Early Doors (b0078scy)
Series 2

Episode 4

The regulars continue to gossip about Ken and Tanya. Eddie and Joan discuss with the whole pub their love of circuses, as Phil and Nige divulge that they nearly got caught with their pants down during a police raid. Tommy gets a new job, and Jumping Joe's Krazy Road Show gets a gig.

SAT 23:30 To the Manor Born (b007blcs)
Series 3

Connections in High Places

Stately sitcom. Richard's business empire hits a serious crisis.

SAT 00:00 Hope Street (p0ddg6nj)
Series 2

Episode 10

Detective Constable Al Quinn is in trouble. Callum has told Finn that Al is a corrupt cop. Al manages to convince Finn that Callum is mistaken, but things go from bad to worse when Jake McGrade assaults a security guard and steals a million pounds worth of whiskey from the Port Devine distillery.

SAT 00:45 Storyville (m001hqnh)
Casa Susanna

In the 1950s and 60s, deep in the American countryside at the foot of the Catskill mountains, there was a small wooden house with a barn behind it called Casa Susanna, a holiday home for one of the first clandestine networks of cross-dressers in the US.

Back then, Diane and Kate used to enjoy weekend visits to the house with their wives and friends. Now in their 80s, Diane and Kate tell a forgotten chapter of some of the early days of trans identity.

SAT 02:15 Britain's Lost Masterpieces (m0009trk)
Series 4


In the Bodleian Library in Oxford, Dr Bendor Grosvenor identifies a portrait of a fellow of Merton College from the 1750s, George Oakley Aldrich. It is not known who painted the picture, but Bendor believes it is by the most famous painter of British grand tourists that ever lived, Italian artist Pompeo Batoni.

Batoni arrived in Rome at the age of 19 and quickly made a name for himself as one of the most talented painters of both religious, and mythical history, subjects. He found himself in huge demand to paint altarpieces for churches and chapels throughout the city, but after a monumental work for an altar in St Peter’s was rejected by a committee of priests, a furious Batoni turned to portrait painting and was adopted by the British aristocracy.


SUN 19:00 Come Dancing (m001hyr0)

Episode 6

Terry Wogan introduces the second semi-final of the interregional amateur dance contest from the Assembly Rooms, Derby. Northern Ireland dance against the North West. Ray Moore provides the commentary. Featuring latin, ballroom, old time, formation and disco.

SUN 19:45 Pavarotti in Hyde Park (m000xwh8)
Katherine Jenkins introduces what was billed as Pavarotti in the Park, but Luciano Pavarotti‘s 30th-anniversary concert in Hyde Park could just as well have been called Pavarotti in the Deluge.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, the Duchess of York, then prime minister John Major and his wife Norma, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, actor Michael Caine and a crowd estimated at 125,000 turned out despite an incessant downpour to hear the 55-year-old Italian tenor sing a selection of his favourite arias to celebrate 30 years of a stellar career. He was accompanied by the 82-member Philharmonia Orchestra and the 120-voice Philharmonia Chorus.

SUN 21:20 Pavarotti (m0012xq3)
Ron Howard directs this definitive documentary about arguably the greatest tenor star who ever lived, Luciano Pavarotti. It looks at his humble upbringing, his will to succeed, his extraordinary voice and charisma, the tours and the impresarios who made him famous and his great love of the pleasures of life. With extraordinary archive footage and contributions from family, lovers, collaborators and dear friends.

SUN 23:05 Pavarotti: King of the High Cs (m001hyr2)
Luciano Pavarotti’s sang some of opera’s most demanding roles – Manrico in Il trovatore, Rodolfo in La bohème and Cavaradossi in Tosca – winning him the highest critical acclaim. He was acknowledged a true successor to two of the greatest opera singers to have ever lived, Enrico Caruso and Beniamino Gigli.

In this fascinating introspective, filmed in Modena, Pesaro and Verona, Pavarotti talks about his life and performs arias by Verdi, Puccini and Leoncavallo, accompanied by the Orchestra Stabile Romagna, conducted by Leone Magiera.

SUN 23:55 Opera Italia (b00sjdmp)

Three-part series tracing the history of Italian opera presented by Antonio Pappano, world-renowned conductor and music director at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. The series features sumptuous music, stunning Italian locations and some of the biggest names in opera as contributors.

In the first programme, Pappano takes a whistle-stop tour of the beginnings of opera, from Monteverdi to Rossini. He also looks at the works of two non-Italian composers, Handel and Mozart, both of whom were pivotal in the development of the art form. Along the way he enlists the help of some of the world's greatest singers - Juan Diego Florez, Joyce DiDonato, Danielle de Niese, Sarah Connolly and Pietro Spagnoli.

SUN 00:55 Michael Palin's New Europe (b0081kj7)
Danube to Dnieper

Michael Palin explores the countries that were for much of his life hidden behind the Iron Curtain but are now part of the new Europe. On a journey from Budapest to the Ukrainian resort of Yalta, Michael is engulfed in a swimming pool, shows what he can do on the catwalk, and rides pillion on a Harley. On the more serious side, he contemplates the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 and its tragic aftermath, the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine 50 years later, and the Yalta Conference.

SUN 01:55 Stewart Copeland's Adventures in Music (m000db8k)
Series 1

Episode 1

Stewart Copeland explores the power music has to bring people together and to bond them in ways that are fundamental to our evolution and existence.

His travels take him from the southern German cave where a 40,000-year-old bone flute was discovered to the modern-day mass singalong of New York’s Choir! Choir! Choir! Along the way he gets to play with a Memphis marching band, join a song circle led by Bobby McFerrin, deconstruct the sexiness of 'Relax' with its producer Trevor Horn, discuss the art of songwriting with his old colleague Sting and learn how to create dance floor unity with international star DJ Honey Dijon.

SUN 02:55 Arctic with Bruce Parry (b00ydbl9)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 on Saturday]


MON 19:00 Great British Railway Journeys (m0002pcs)
Series 10

East Malling to Rye

Steered by his Bradshaw’s Guide, Michael Portillo is on the last leg of his journey from Warwick to Rye in East Sussex. In the orchards of East Malling, Kent, Michael discovers that the Edwardians’ serious attitude towards cultivation bore fruit. Rootstock developed at the NIAB Centre for Fruit Research, established in 1913, is today responsible for much of world apple production.

In Folkestone, Michael hears how the town coped with an influx of more than 100,000 refugees from Belgium fleeing the German invasion in 1914.

In the High Weald, Michael heads for Tenterden Town and the light railway which opened in 1900. The Kent and East Sussex heritage line has been restored by an army of volunteers. Michael lends a hand in the restoration shed and is rewarded with a wonderful trip aboard Edwardian carriages powered by a locomotive nicknamed “Terrier” to Bodiam.

Michael’s last stop is the splendid medieval Cinque Port of Rye, where he tucks into a local speciality, scallops, and tours the beautiful home and garden of one of his favourite authors - the illustrious American Henry James.

MON 19:30 Spring Walks (m001hyrj)
Series 1

Sara Davies

A gentle walk in nature is the perfect tonic for businesswoman and Dragons’ Den investor, Sara Davies. Spring is in the air as Sara explores the lush Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire, A keen walker, Sara often rambles with family and friends near her Teesside home.

In this programme, she is accompanied only by a 360-degree camera, breathtaking landscapes and her thoughts. Sara opens up about the challenges she faced as a young businesswoman. She reveals the unexpected impact of participating in Strictly Come Dancing and reflects on the importance of family support. Sara gently navigates through pastures, villages and bluebell woods and meets the people who know the area intimately: a local farmer, the last in the village, whose family worked the landscape for generations; Lord and Lady Swinton, who are today charged with the upkeep and preservation of the country estate; and a local entrepreneurial farmer with a new business venture to pitch to Sara.

During a visit to the picturesque St Paul’s Church in Healey, Sara takes a moment to reflect on communities bound together by faith and their local place of worship. Late afternoon sunshine gives way to rain showers and magnificent rainbows, a dramatic setting for the closing moments of Sara’s walk. As a full-time working mum in business and broadcasting, Sara discusses motherhood and her heartfelt reflections on life and family.

MON 20:00 The Impressionists: Painting and Revolution (b012xqyp)
The Great Outdoors

Waldemar Januszczak continues his investigation of the Impressionists by taking us outdoors to their most famous locations. Although Impressionist pictures often look sunny and relaxed, achieving this peaceful air was hard work. Trudging through fog, wind and rain, across treacherous coastal rocks and knee-deep snow, Waldemar shows how the famous spontaneity of the Impressionists is thoroughly misleading.

This episode visits the French riverside locations that Monet loved to paint, and where Renoir captured the bonhomie of modern life. Waldemar also introduces a number of technical and practical developments of the age which completely revolutionised Impressionist painting - the invention of portable easels; the use of hog's hair in paint brushes; as well as the introduction of the railway through France. And a scientific demonstration in a Swedish snowdrift explains just how right the Impressionists were to paint brightly coloured shadows in their winter scenes, despite being accused of 'hallucinating' at the time.

Finally, Januszczak explains Cezanne's part in the Impressionist story from his dark and challenging early work to his first rural landscapes in France, and then his departure from Paris and separation from the Impressionist gang.

MON 21:00 Britain's Lost Masterpieces (m000b1gs)
Series 4


Could two anonymous landscape paintings, discovered at Birmingham Art Gallery, be by artists whose work profoundly influenced the development of European landscape painting in the 17th and 18th centuries?

The first, a very badly damaged picture whose panel has spilt into two pieces is currently just attributed to the Flemish School rather than any single artist. The second is a forest scene thought to be a copy of a famous painting by Gainsborough.

Dr Bendor Grosvenor believes the damaged painting is by Jan Breughel the Elder, a seminal figure in Antwerp during the 16th century. He believes the second painting is good enough to be by Gainsborough himself. The Flemish landscape tradition was a source of inspiration to Thomas Gainsborough. If these works are, as Bendor suspects, by these two eminent artists, they provide a fascinating, and previously missing, episode in the story of the development of landscape painting in European art.

MON 22:00 Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone (p0d3kplt)
Series 1

Part Four - 1992 to 1994

Russia goes through the mirror. There is a new plan to create democracy overnight. Those in charge say it is rational. What it creates is a terrifying dream world where nothing is stable any more. And strange dream visions of Russia's imperial past start to rise up. While people cannot even afford food. But in Moscow women are taught to smile by American cosmetic companies.

MON 23:00 Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone (p0d3kryq)
Series 1

Part Five - 1993 to 1996

Russian society implodes and millions of Russian people fall into the abyss. Many turn to live underground or in the forests. The president attacks parliament with tanks saying he is saving democracy. The oligarchs move billions into offshore zones. Factories have no money. They pay their workers with the very things they make.

MON 00:00 The Magical World of Moss (m001hqth)
Mosses have colonised almost every corner of the earth’s surface. Evolving from oceanic algae that emerged onto the land 450 million years ago, these very first terrestrial plants became one of the main sources of oxygen for our evolving planet, helping to transform it from an arid rock into a lush world.

This documentary travels to some of the most beautiful moss-covered landscapes in the world, including Japan, Iceland, France and Denmark, to meet the experts investigating its astonishing properties and potential.

Science is only beginning to understand the secrets and possibilities of these remarkable plants.

MON 00:55 The Impressionists: Painting and Revolution (b012xqyp)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

MON 01:55 Great British Railway Journeys (m0002pcs)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]

MON 02:25 Spring Walks (m001hyrj)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

MON 02:55 Britain's Lost Masterpieces (m000b1gs)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


TUE 19:00 Great British Railway Journeys (b09l5kf0)
Series 9

Cromer to Cambridge

Michael Portillo fast tracks to the early 20th century to embark on a new series of railway journeys through Edwardian Britain. His 'new' guide book, published over a hundred years ago, unlocks Britain's railways at their zenith, when some 20,000 miles of track reached into every corner of the country. Michael navigates a vibrant and optimistic Britain, at the height of its power and influence in the world, but a nation wrestling with political, social and industrial unrest at home.

His first journey follows in the footsteps of the new monarch for the new century, King Edward VII, from the grand estates of Norfolk to a bivouac on Brownsea Island. In this first episode, Michael takes a pot shot at the sport of kings at a country estate, where the king dallied with his mistress. He learns the ropes aboard an Edwardian wherry on the Norfolk Broads and joins variety performers to tap dance on Cromer Pier. In Cambridge, he investigates the student days of the young Prince of Wales and the novelist EM Forster, author of Howard's End.

TUE 19:30 Spring Walks (m001hys1)
Series 1

Nina Wadia

The Yorkshire Dales National Park provides the perfect backdrop for comedian and actor Nina Wadia as she explores a rich landscape and expresses deep thoughts. Nina unwinds and reflects in the dramatic spring setting of Swaledale. A keen walker, Nina has travelled the world, but her first trip to the Yorkshire Dales has a profound effect.

She captures her moments carrying a 360-degree camera. Nina reveals personal family challenges, including the loss of her parents, in emotive scenes. Starting her walk in the quaint village of Muker, Nina is greeted throughout by local faces. An ornithologist shows her some of the rarer bird species found in the area, and a mum and child out walking the fells provide a family perspective on living in the Dales. Nina also tests her skills in a new language when she meets a village elder who speaks ‘Swardle’, the historic local dialect.

The stunning circular walking route takes Nina through lush, flowering, hay meadows of special scientific interest, past rivers and waterfalls, and over valleys and fell tops with 20 miles of views of the Dales. Nina’s natural warmth and humour punctuate her candid revelations and experiences. In a closing scene at sunset, Nina expresses a deep sense of peace and gratitude following her solitary springtime walk in Swaledale.

TUE 20:00 To the Manor Born (b0078986)
Series 3

Back to the Manor

Stately sitcom. Audrey's hopes of regaining her position as lady of the manor look like being dashed when Richard's business crisis forces him to sell up.

TUE 20:30 The Mistress (m001hys3)
Series 1

Episode 5

Comedy series written by Carla Lane. Luke arranges a free Sunday so that he can make things up with Maxine, but she has other ideas.

TUE 21:00 A History of Britain by Simon Schama (b0074l0y)
Series 1

King Death

Simon Schama continues his look at British history with the Black Death, the horror of medieval Britain. Those it did not kill were condemned to suffer decades of anarchy and unrest, not least King Richard II. But it created an unlikely breed of survivor - the country gent.

TUE 22:00 Storyville (m0016txs)

In August 2020, a plane travelling from Siberia to Moscow made an emergency landing. One of its passengers, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, was deathly ill. Taken to a local Siberian hospital and eventually evacuated to Berlin, doctors there confirmed that he had been poisoned with Novichok, a nerve agent implicated in attacks on other opponents of the Russian government. President Vladimir Putin immediately cast doubt on the findings and denied any involvement.

While recovering, Navalny and his team unravel the plot against him, finding evidence of the Kremlin’s involvement, and prepare to go public with their findings.

TUE 23:35 Rich Hall's Working for the American Dream (b0b8rc45)
Award-winning comedian Rich Hall explores the American dream and the dictum that came over with the very first pilgrims who set foot on Plymouth Rock - work hard and you will succeed.

With his sharp wit and acerbic insight, Rich looks at how Americans strive to achieve this dream and how it's been explored and perpetuated by politicians, industrialists, artists, writers and film-makers.

Rich also looks at the dark heart of the American dream and considers what happens when the dream turns into a nightmare, including the Great Depression of the 1930s, the boom and bust of Detroit and the modern demise of America's shrinking middle class. The land of opportunity has attracted all comers to live the American dream, and Rich Hall explains if it actually exists or if it's just a myth that's become unobtainable for Americans.

TUE 01:05 Ancient Worlds (b00wnmb1)
The Republic of Virtue

How did an insignificant cluster of Latin hill villages on the edge of the civilised world become the greatest empire the world has known? In the fifth programme of the series, archaeologist and historian Richard Miles examines the phenomenon of the Roman Republic, from its fratricidal mythical beginnings, with the legend of Romulus and Remus, to the all too real violence of its end, dragged to destruction by war lords like Pompey the Great and Julius Caesar.

Travelling to Sicily and North Africa, Richard tells the story of Rome's century-long struggle for dominance with the other great regional power, Carthage. It was a struggle that would end with the total destruction of this formidable enemy and the transformation of landlubber Rome into a seapower, and the Republic into an Empire. But with no-one left to beat, the only enemy that Rome had left was itself.

TUE 02:05 Spring Walks (m001hys1)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

TUE 02:35 A History of Britain by Simon Schama (b0074l0y)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


WED 19:00 Great British Railway Journeys (b09l5lfr)
Series 9

Letchworth Garden City to Herne Hill

Armed with his early 20th-century Bradshaw's guide, Michael Portillo explores an Edwardian utopia with a radical plan at its heart.

Michael joins a garden party where a fourth-generation citizen of Letchworth introduces him to the city's community spirit. Heading into the capital, Michael discovers a favoured haunt of King Edward VII and samples the monarch's favourite tipple, the King's Ginger, invented to keep him warm in his horseless carriage.

Improvements to the London Underground in the early 20th century gave us a network of electric railways, which shaped our modern capital. Inside London's newest rail tunnel, Michael meets engineer Jonathan Cooper to discover more about current improvements to London's oldest deep-level tube line, the Northern line, which is being extended.

WED 19:30 Walking With... (m00111m9)
Series 1

Steph McGovern

Steph McGovern walks along the charming and isolated valley of Littondale in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, describing her special connection with the area. From the hamlet of Foxup she makes her way along roads and riverside paths to the capital of the dale at Arncliffe.

Walking alone with a just a 360-degree camera, she meets farmers who have been on this land for generations and youngsters who are starting a new business. Following the course of the River Skirfare, her path passes farmhouses and through the village of Litton. Steph relishes the chance to ‘get off the treadmill’ and takes a moment to hear the flow of the water and smell the flowers.

Steph describes how the dales have always had a place in her heart – they are landscapes she returns to in difficult times. Along the way she expresses thoughts on fame and family.

WED 20:00 Michael Palin's New Europe (b0082h5q)
Baltic Summer

A journey through the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, from Tallinn in the north via Riga to Vilnius in the south. Michael Palin tells the story of how the three tiny nations shook themselves free of their neighbour and oppressor, the Soviet Union, reshaping their lives and reclaiming their cultures, which had been forced underground but didn't die.

Michael attends a session of hirudotherapy (leech treatment), a session of fire-walking and a frolic with revellers at the pagan festival of Jaani, crowned in a chaplet of oak-leaves. In an impromptu experiment on the streets of Vilnius, he learns why Lithuanians are known as the 'singing nation'.

The documentary ends in Kaliningrad, which was once East Prussia. Kaliningrad is a relic of World War II and one of Europe's oddities - a region of Russia surrounded by Poland and Lithuania. It is City Day, a celebration of the 60 years since the region was renamed, and whatever the politics, Michael is determined to enjoy himself before sailing around the Baltic coast to Poland.

WED 21:00 The Magic of Mushrooms (b041m6fh)
Professor Richard Fortey delves into the fascinating and normally hidden kingdom of fungi. From their spectacular birth, through their secretive underground life to their final explosive death, Richard reveals a remarkable world that few of us understand or even realise exists - yet all life on earth depends on it.

In a specially built mushroom lab, with the help of mycologist Dr Patrick Hickey and some state-of-the-art technology, Richard brings to life the secret world of mushrooms as never seen before and reveals the spectacular abilities of fungi to break down waste and sustain new plant life, keeping our planet alive.

Beyond the lab, Richard travels across Britain and beyond to show us the biggest, fastest and most deadly organisms on the planet - all of them fungi. He reveals their almost magical powers that have world-changing potential - opening up new frontiers in science, medicine and technology.

WED 22:00 Fortunes of War (m001hysr)
Egypt: April 1941

As German troops advance into Greece and the allied forces are mobilised, Harriet's brief encounter with a young army officer comes to an end. The English community prepare to leave Athens, and Guy and Harriet escape on a derelict cargo boat.

WED 22:55 Fortunes of War (m001hysx)
Egypt: September 1942

After fighting in his first battle in the Western Desert, Simon Boulderstone sets out in search of his brother. Guy returns from Alexandria to take charge of the institute in Cairo.

WED 23:55 Fortunes of War (m001hyt4)
The Middle East: January 1943

Neglected by Guy and weakened by illness, Harriet decides to return to England. But at the last minute, she changes her mind and on a last-minute impulse set off for Damascus.

WED 00:55 The Capture (m00085sv)
Series 1

What Happens in Helmand

When soldier Shaun Emery’s conviction for a murder in Afghanistan is overturned due to flawed video evidence, he returns to life as a free man with his young daughter. But when damning CCTV footage from a night out in London comes to light, Shaun’s life takes a shocking turn and he must soon fight for his freedom once again. Newly promoted DI Rachel Carey is drafted in to investigate Shaun’s case, and she quickly learns that the truth can sometimes be a matter of perspective. Should she trust Shaun Emery?

WED 01:50 The Capture (m0008cq8)
Series 1

Toy Soldier

The truth about Shaun Emery's crime isn’t as clear as it first appeared to DI Carey, as crucial CCTV evidence is redacted by a mysterious MI5 officer. This surprise development forces Carey, Flynn and Latif to scramble for more evidence. But with forensics drawing a blank on Shaun's car, Commander Hart offering little support, and weak witness statements, Carey is forced to release Shaun. After a run-in with his ex-partner Karen, who is enraged by his failure to pick up their daughter from school, Shaun is determined to prove his innocence and enlists best mate Mat to help him break into Hannah’s apartment in search of clues. Closely followed by a suspicious Carey on CCTV, and Flynn and Latif on foot, Shaun somehow manages to evade Carey’s watch, forcing her to question an even more problematic issue – the surveillance network itself.

WED 02:50 The Capture (m0008kgv)
Series 1

Truffle Hog

The stakes intensify for Shaun as he is interrogated by inscrutable US agent Frank Napier at a covert CIA outpost in a Belgravia safe house. While Napier is trying to discover Hannah's whereabouts, Carey is simultaneously attempting and failing to locate Shaun in the Belgravia house she saw him enter on her CCTV watch.


THU 19:00 Great British Railway Journeys (b09l5mn5)
Series 9

Croydon to Shoreham-by-Sea

Steered by his Edwardian Bradshaw's guide, Michael Portillo arrives in west Croydon, where he uncovers a once-celebrated, now forgotten, mixed-race composer with an uncannily familiar name. With the modern British rail network now half the size of the Edwardian one, Michael is delighted to discover a railway renaissance in Three Bridges.

After inspecting a new depot and its fleet of new Class 700 trains, Michael is accorded the great honour of washing one down. Next stop Lewes, where Michael makes a beeline for Charleston, the beautiful home of the artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, where he finds every surface exquisitely decorated by the inhabitants. At Shoreham-by-Sea, Michael discovers that magnificent Edwardians in flying machines took off from the oldest licensed airport in the country. Michael takes to the skies.

THU 19:30 The Joy of Painting (m000j45j)
Series 1

Winter Barn

American painter Bob Ross's imagination turns to creating a quiet place in which to sleep and dream - a cosy barn in winter, with the ground blanketed in snow, set against a soft sky.

THU 20:00 Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal (b0bkz5wv)
Series 1


The second film in this intimate portrait finds Princess Margaret and her husband Anthony Armstrong-Jones at the start of their married life in the early 1960s. At home with celebrities and artists, they are riding the wave of a cultural and sexual revolution that is transforming Britain.

In 1965, they set off on an official royal tour of the United States. From California to small-town Arizona, the royal couple promote Britain by day and party by night. They attend a dinner with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in a world where Hollywood royalty increasingly competes with the real thing. In Britain, the press starts to ask if the extravagant royal tour is a good way to spend public money. The mystique of monarchy is being increasingly undermined by the emergence of a more open and egalitarian society.

In the years that follow, Anthony Armstrong-Jones begins to withdraw from royal duties and the couple lead increasingly separate lives. Press speculation about the state of their marriage intensifies. In the 1970s Margaret retreats more and more to the Caribbean island of Mustique in an attempt to secure a private life. In an era of celebrity gossip and the telephoto lens, her relationship with a younger man and beach parties with rock stars like Mick Jagger lead to ever more press interest. As Britain lurches from one economic crisis to the next, Margaret's Caribbean lifestyle becomes the lightning rod for republican attacks on the monarchy.

In 1978, Margaret reflects changing attitudes sweeping the country and gets a divorce. The rebel royal is now increasingly eclipsed by a new generation of princesses. But in her own way, Princess Margaret helped pave the way for them and for the monarchy of the 21st century.

Contributors include Lady Anne Glenconner, a childhood friend who became her lady-in-waiting, Jane Stevens, one of her closest friends, Basil Charles, the owner of a bar on the Caribbean island of Mustique, David Griffin, Princess Margaret's chauffeur, and Craig Brown, her unofficial biographer.

THU 21:00 On the Basis of Sex (m000z960)
The story of a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg – then a struggling attorney and new mother – who faces adversity and numerous obstacles in her fight for equal rights throughout her career.

When Ruth takes on a groundbreaking tax case with her husband, attorney Martin Ginsburg, she knows it could change the direction of her career and the way the courts view gender discrimination. The film also chronicles the romance between Ruth and Marty, a partnership that succeeded both personally and professionally.

THU 22:50 Harriet (m001ckxy)
The extraordinary story of Harriet Tubman, chronicling her escape from slavery and transformation into a leading abolitionist fighter, who freed hundreds of slaves in the years before the American Civil War.

THU 00:50 The Capture (m0008s7m)
Series 1

Blind Spots

Surveillance thriller. Carey develops a theory as answers begin to reveal themselves, and Shaun finds himself trusting an enigmatic stranger who promises to lead him to the truth.

THU 01:45 The Capture (m0008zv5)
Series 1

A Pilgrim of Justice

Surrounded by the architects of his downfall, the truth behind what happened to Shaun is revealed to him in precise detail. Meanwhile, having seen the footage of Hannah entering the bus, and wholly convinced now that Shaun has been set up, Carey seeks for answers of her own and uncovers the complex conspiracy that is Correction.

THU 02:45 The Capture (m000969y)
Series 1


Carey teams up with Shaun Emery to try and expose Correction, but Napier is one step ahead. Shaun’s future, and that of the nation’s system of justice, lie with one person. Carey has a decision to make.


FRI 19:00 Top of the Pops (m001hyxl)
Simon Mayo presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 3 March 1994 and featuring Morrissey, 2 Unlimited, Elvis Costello, Toni Braxton, E.Y.C., Barbara Tucker, Inspiral Carpets and Mariah Carey.

FRI 19:30 Top of the Pops (m001hyxn)
Mark Goodier presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 10 March 1994 and featuring Carter USM, Primal Scream, M People, Janet Jackson, Doop, Marcella Detroit, Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey.

FRI 20:00 Top of the Pops (b06yrm6x)
Richard Skinner presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 12 February 1981 and featuring The Pretenders, Barbara Jones, Kelly Marie, Freeez, Beggar and Co, Coast to Coast, Slade, John Lennon and a dance routine from Legs & Co.

FRI 20:30 Top of the Pops (b0bdq3ms)
Gary Davies and Steve Wright present the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 13 February 1986 and featuring Belouis Some, Whitney Houston, Su Pollard, Shakin' Stevens and Billy Ocean.

FRI 21:00 Kate Bush at the BBC (b04f86xk)
Between 1978 and 1994, Kate Bush appeared on a variety of BBC programmes, including Saturday Night at the Mill, Ask Aspel, the Leo Sayer Show, Wogan and Top of the Pops. This compilation showcases her performances of hit songs such as Wuthering Heights, Babooshka, Running up That Hill and Hounds of Love, alongside other intriguing and lesser-known material in the BBC studios.

FRI 22:00 The Kate Bush Story: Running Up That Hill (b04dzswb)
Documentary exploring Kate Bush's career and music, from January 1978's Wuthering Heights to her 2011 album 50 Words for Snow, through the testimony of some of her key collaborators and those she has inspired.

Contributors include the guitarist who discovered her (Pink Floyd's David Gilmour), the choreographer who taught her to dance (Lindsay Kemp) and the musician who she said 'opened her doors' (Peter Gabriel), as well as her engineer and ex-partner (Del Palmer) and several other collaborators (Elton John, Stephen Fry and Nigel Kennedy).

Also exploring their abiding fascination with Kate are fans (John Lydon, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui) and musicians who have been influenced by her (St Vincent's Annie Clark, Natasha Khan (aka Bat for Lashes), Tori Amos, Outkast's Big Boi, Guy Garvey and Tricky), as well as writers and comedians who admire her (Jo Brand, Steve Coogan and Neil Gaiman).

FRI 23:00 Kate Bush at the BBC 1979 (b00k35n4)
1979 Christmas special featuring Kate Bush. She performs Gymnopedie No 1, Symphony in Blue, Them Heavy People, Madrigal, December, Wedding List, Egypt, Ran Tan Waltz, Man with the Child in His Eyes and Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbreak.

Guest star Peter Gabriel sings Here Comes the Flood and duets with Kate on Another Day.

FRI 23:45 Joni Mitchell: A Woman of Heart and Mind (m001hyxq)
Canadian singer, songwriter and poet Joni Mitchell tells her story in interviews, interwoven with her words and music.

FRI 01:10 Top of the Pops (m001hyxl)
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FRI 01:40 Top of the Pops (m001hyxn)
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FRI 02:10 Top of the Pops (b06yrm6x)
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FRI 02:40 Top of the Pops (b0bdq3ms)
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