The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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SAT 19:00 Archaeology: A Secret History (p0109k4g)
The Power of the Past

Archaeologist Richard Miles presents a series charting the history of the breakthroughs and watersheds in our long quest to understand our ancient past. He shows how 20th-century attention turned from civilisation and kings to the search for the common man against a background of science and competing political ideologies.

SAT 20:00 Our Coast (m000f9cm)
Series 1


Adrian and Mehreen arrive on Anglesey – the largest island in the Irish Sea - via the Menai Strait, a stretch of water so tempestuous that Lord Nelson said ‘if you can sail here, you can sail anywhere’.

Mehreen tells the story of the Menai Strait’s magnificent bridges and how – with record levels of traffic crossing from mainland Wales - they could be about to be joined by a third, with an extraordinary design that is literally ‘gigantic’. Meanwhile, Adrian dons a wet suit to meet a local paddle-boarding legend, to find out how she is playing a key role in helping Anglesey become the first plastic free county in the UK.

Other highlights include wildlife expert Patrick Aryee getting up close to the wild ponies of Newborough Warren, local comedian Tudur Owen fulfils a boyhood dream by joining the Holyhead truckers at their brand new truck stop, and weather presenter Lucy Martin explores the Anglesey ship wreck that changed how we forecast the weather forever.

Finally, Adrian and Mehreen visit the family whose factory pays the queen for the right to pump sea water from the Menai Strait so they can extract mineral rich sea salt from it.

SAT 21:00 A White, White Day (m000z2cj)
Atmospheric Icelandic drama. As a widowed policeman tries to come to terms with the death of his wife in a car accident, he discovers that she had been cheating on him. In Icelandic with English subtitles.

SAT 22:40 Storyville (m0002k62)
Under the Wire

On 13 February 2012, war-correspondent Marie Colvin and photographer Paul Conroy entered war-ravaged Syria to cover the plight of civilians trapped in the besieged city of Homs, under attack by the Syrian army. Only one of them returned.

This is their story.

Marie Colvin was one the most fearless reporters of her time. She dedicated her life to bearing witness to the lives of ordinary people caught up in the world’s most dangerous conflicts. She covered Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and Palestine, Sri Lanka, Chechnya and East Timor, and was on first-name terms with leaders like Muammar Gaddafi and Yasser Arafat.

In 2001 she lost the sight in her left eye after being caught in crossfire by a piece of shrapnel. On 13 February 2012, Marie was smuggled into Syria with her photographer, Paul Conroy. Despite intelligence reports that foreign journalists found in the area ‘would be executed and their bodies put on the battlefield, as if caught in crossfire’, they headed to Homs, determined to uncover the horror of Syrian civilians trapped by the conflict. Only one of them would return.

Based on the book of the same name by Paul Conroy, Under The Wire is the incredible story of Paul and Marie’s fateful mission, and Paul’s epic battle to escape the city to tell the world of his fallen colleague and the plight of the people of Homs. Under the Wire is a film about real journalism, about war and about an extraordinary commitment to telling the truth, whatever the cost.

SAT 00:15 Peter Green: Man of the World (b00k92x1)
Legendary blues guitarist BB King named Peter Green as one of the greatest exponents of the blues, and the 'only guitar player to make me sweat'. If Green had only written Black Magic Woman, his name would still have a place in blues rock history forever.

His three short years leading Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac saw the band established as one of the biggest-selling groups of the 1960s. Yet at the height of their fame Green left the group, with his life spiralling into turmoil as drug-induced mental health issues took control. Rumours of his demise began to spread, and sightings of him became notorious.

After years battling his mental illness, Green wrote and recorded again. Featuring archive performances and interviews with Carlos Santana, Noel Gallagher, founding members of Fleetwood Mac and Green himself, this film tells the story of one of blues rock's living legends.

SAT 01:45 Our Coast (m000f9cm)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

SAT 02:45 Archaeology: A Secret History (p0109k4g)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]


SUN 19:00 Sir Simon Rattle at the BBC (m000z2d8)
Since his breakthrough in the 1970s, Sir Simon Rattle has performed alongside the world’s leading orchestras and soloists. This collection focuses attention on some of his finest broadcast moments from the BBC archive.

Renowned for interpreting the work of composers such as Mahler, Stravinsky and Gershwin, the programme also features his work at the BBC Proms as well as his love of contemporary music. It is a compilation that highlights the breadth of a career that to date spans five decades and which shows no signs of slowing.

SUN 20:00 BBC Proms (m000z2db)

Simon Rattle and the LSO

Sir Simon Rattle and the London Symphony Orchestra return to the Proms with an evening celebrating one of the trailblazers of 20th-century music, Igor Stravinsky. Marking the fiftieth anniversary of his death, the programme showcases the ever mercurial and controversial nature of Stravinsky’s orchestral music, spanning his move to Paris in 1921, his emigration to Hollywood at the onset of World War II and the end of the war in 1945. Presented by Suzy Klein with guest, Stravinsky scholar Jonathan Cross.

SUN 21:30 A Change of Sex (p0980j55)
4. The Untold Story

It is now 1994, and the years since Julia Grant’s gender reassignment surgery have been full of surprises and problems.

Julia had thought the operation would mean the end of her problems. It did not. Her love affair ended, the surgery went wrong and she was hounded by the press. As a consequence she submerged herself in drink, drugs and the seamy side of life in Amsterdam. But Julia is a fighter and although 'the memories still seep in like the damp', she started over again.

SUN 22:20 A Change of Sex (p0980jzr)
5. Julia Gets Her Man

It is 1998, and the problems of the years following Julia Grant's transition finally seem over. Julia is living in a new city with a new job and her confidence has grown, with love in the air.

SUN 23:10 Planet Ant: Life Inside the Colony (p00scslp)
Ant colonies are one of the wonders of nature - complex, organised and mysterious. This programme reveals the secret, underground world of the ant colony in a way that's never been seen before. At its heart is a massive, full-scale ant nest, specially designed and built to allow cameras to see its inner workings. The nest is a new home for a million-strong colony of leafcutter ants from Trinidad.

For a month, entomologist Dr George McGavin and leafcutter expert Professor Adam Hart capture every aspect of the life of the colony, using time-lapse cameras, microscopes, microphones and radio tracking technology. The ants instantly begin to forage, farm, mine and build. Within weeks, the colony has established everything from nurseries and gardens to graveyards.

The programme explores how these tiny insects can achieve such spectacular feats of collective organisation. This unique project reveals the workings of one of the most complex and mysterious societies in the natural world and shows the surprising ways in which ants are helping us solve global problems.

SUN 00:40 Insect Worlds (b01r9097)
Them and Us

Steve Backshall explores the connections and relationship that we have with insects and other arthropods. In Kenya, huge armies of driver ants give houses a five-star clean-up, and in China, we discover how silkworm caterpillars have shaped our culture and distribution. While locusts devastate crops in Africa, bees and beetles across the world provide a key link in our food chains. Many of us perceive these animals merely as creepy crawlies and nothing more than a nuisance, but as Steve reveals, we couldn't live without them.

SUN 01:10 Insect Worlds (b01rd374)
Making Worlds

Steve Backshall reveals the incredible influence that insects and their close relatives have on Earth's many ecosystems. In the grasslands of South America, the landscape has been created almost solely by one team of insects - grass-cutter ants. Across the world's oceans one tiny creature plays such a key role that, without it, the largest animal on our planet, the blue whale, could not exist. And in East Africa the savannah would quickly be swamped in dung were it not for the activities of a certain beetle. Yet the greatest influence of all comes from a group of insects that have ultimately changed the colour and diversity of our planet.

SUN 01:40 Insect Worlds (b01rk1x9)
Insect Worlds

Totalling an estimated 10 million species, the insects and their close relatives are the most abundant and diverse group of animals in the world, so what is the secret of their success? Their hard external skeleton provides strength and protection and their small size allows them to exploit many microhabitats. In Yellowstone, Steve Backshall reveals how teamwork allows a colony of bees to scare off a hungry bear, and in Australia this same teamwork allows a colony of ants to beat the rising tide. But to unlock the real secret of their success Steve takes us to the Swiss Alps, where an incredible relationship exists between the ant, the wasp and the butterfly.

SUN 02:10 Sir Simon Rattle at the BBC (m000z2d8)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]


MON 19:00 The Joy of Painting (m000ng7y)
Series 3

Hidden Creek

Bob Ross captures on canvas the haunting loveliness of stalwart trees shielding a lonesome brook from the light.

MON 19:30 Julia Bradbury's Icelandic Walk (b0110grr)
Julia Bradbury heads for Iceland to embark on the toughest walk of her life. Her challenge is to walk the 60 kilometres of Iceland's most famous hiking route, a trail that just happens to end at the unpronounceable volcano that brought air traffic across Europe to a standstill in 2010. With the help of Icelandic mountain guide Hanna, Julia faces daunting mountain climbs, red hot lava fields, freezing river crossings, deadly clouds of sulphuric gas, swirling ash deserts and sinister Nordic ghost stories as she attempts to reach the huge volcanic crater at the centre of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier.

MON 20:30 EastEnders: Iconic Episodes (m000z2f9)
Colin and Guido Kiss

As part of BBC Four’s Pride season, a classic episode of the drama serial from January 1989, which caused uproar at the time for broadcasting the first mouth-to-mouth kiss between two gay men on British television.

MON 21:00 When I'm 64 (p032kkxm)
When widowed cabbie Ray picks up retired teacher Jim there's an instant rapport. They both realise they have dreams to fulfil but Ray's ideas conflict with his children's.

MON 22:30 Queers (b08zzbhb)
Series 1

I Miss the War

The 1967 Sexual Offences Act will revolutionise everything, won't it? Well, perhaps not as far as dapper gent Jackie is concerned.

MON 22:50 Queers (b08zzbhd)
Series 1

Safest Spot in Town

As the Blitz hits London, Fredrick is grateful that he survived in a very unlikely place of refuge.

MON 23:10 Queers (b08zzcm3)
Series 1

The Perfect Gentleman

Bobby is a swaggering man about town. But Bobby has a secret. Can it survive when it really matters?

MON 23:30 Queers (b08zzcm5)
Series 1

Something Borrowed

Steve, a groom-to-be, anxiously prepares his wedding speech. But now the big day is here, what has been won and what has been lost?

MON 23:50 Bunkers, Brutalism and Bloodymindedness: Concrete Poetry with Jonathan Meades (b03vrphc)
Episode 1

Two-part documentary in which Jonathan Meades makes the case for 20th-century concrete Brutalist architecture in an homage to a style that he sees a brave, bold and bloody-minded. Tracing its precursors to the once-hated Victorian edifices described as Modern Gothic and before that to the unapologetic baroque visions created by John Vanbrugh, as well as the martial architecture of World War II, Meades celebrates the emergence of the Brutalist spirit in his usual provocative and incisive style. Never pulling his punches, Meades praises a moment in architecture he considers sublime and decries its detractors.

MON 00:50 Julia Bradbury's Icelandic Walk (b0110grr)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

MON 01:50 Planet Ant: Life Inside the Colony (p00scslp)
[Repeat of broadcast at 23:10 on Sunday]


TUE 19:00 The Joy of Painting (m000nnzj)
Series 3

Peaceful Haven

The undaunted splendour of the sky, trees and a lake, beautifully portrayed in another Bob Ross creation.

TUE 19:30 Pubs, Ponds and Power: The Story of the Village (b0bsrqch)
Series 1


The village of Milton Abbas in Dorset perfectly captures our romantic notion of what the idyllic English village should look like. But as archaeologist Ben Robinson reveals, behind it lurks a history of one man's wealth and power. With help from local historians, Ben learns how the local landowner in the 18th century destroyed a nearby town, uprooting its residents, because it ruined the view from his house. The landscape was transformed and a new village was built as part of his showpiece estate.

TUE 20:00 The Good Life (p00bzbx0)
Series 2

Mr Fix-It

Sitcom about a couple who try to live self-sufficiently in Surbiton. Tom and Barbara are visited by the press.

TUE 20:30 Porridge (b00789bm)
Prisoner and Escort

The pilot episode of the classic comedy series about the inmates of HM Slade Prison. For wily old lag Fletcher, en route to incarceration, the prospect of spending the next five years studying woodwork and botany in the halls as a guest of the Queen provokes only one thought - escape.

TUE 21:00 Rome Unpacked (b09l64hq)
Series 1

Episode 1

To really understand Rome, you must understand its people - or the mob, as they were known in ancient times. As Giorgio Locatelli and Andrew Graham-Dixon explore Italy's iconic capital, they are in search of the generations of ordinary Romans who have left their mark on the city's culture and gastronomy.

Giorgio insists that they travel, in true Roman style, by moped. They start their journey at the Trevi fountain, immortalised in Fellini's La Dolce Vita - which itself featured countless locals as extras to capture the real faces of Rome. Giorgio leads Andrew to some of his personal favourite districts, including Garbatella, Italy's first garden suburb, with its vibrant market stalls and village architecture, and introduces him to the simplest Roman food - 'the true food of the people'. He also insists on showing him how spaghetti carbonara should really be made - 'add cream and I'll kill you'.

In turn, Andrew introduces Giorgio to some of the most moving pictures by Caravaggio, 'the painter of the people', in what was once the
city's foremost church for poor pilgrims - and they set out together to enjoy one of the great erotic masterpieces of Baroque painting. La Dolce Vita still exists, you just have to know where to find it.

TUE 22:00 Rome Unpacked (b09m6bmp)
Series 1

Episode 2

Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli continue their exploration of Rome off the beaten track. In search of its Papal, Renaissance and Baroque history, they discover that it is visible all around them. In Rome, everything has been kept, from broken cooking pots from the time of the empire that piled up to form one of the city's hills to the gastronomy, art and architecture created not just by successive popes and Caesars but by ordinary Romans.

As well as marvelling at the mosaics in the 12th-century Basilica di San Clemente, Andrew takes Giorgio to its deepest basement and an ancient Roman schoolteacher's classroom. Then it is on to a true architectural and civic wonder - the vast Testaccio Slaughterhouse, where workers were once paid in offal which they took home and used as the basis of delicious dishes that are still sold in Rome today. Giorgio takes Andrew to his favourite Trippa stall to sample some of the best. Travelling to the Palazzo Colonna, Andrew in turn wants to show Giorgio just one painting - the Beaneater by Carracci, a Baroque masterpiece that makes an everyday subject extraordinary. Finally, together they discover Rome's Fascist architecture, which might have been destroyed anywhere else, but here remains standing in a city that houses all of its history. To understand the truth about the past, they argue, you have to taste all its layers - just like one of Giorgio's lasagnes.

TUE 23:00 Shakespeare in Italy (b01h7p6k)
Land of Love

Francesco da Mosto takes to the Italian road again in search of Shakespeare in Italy. From Romeo and Juliet to the jealousy of Othello, Shakespeare used the land of love to tell his most passionate stories about falling in love. Needless to say, along the way Francesco adds some insights of his own and revels in claims that not only did Shakespeare visit Italy, but also was born in Sicily. It's a whole new take on the Bard!

TUE 00:00 Bunkers, Brutalism and Bloodymindedness: Concrete Poetry with Jonathan Meades (b03wcsdj)
Episode 2

Second of a two-part documentary in which Jonathan Meades makes the case for 20th-century concrete Brutalist architecture, which is once again being appreciated by a younger generation. Focusing initially on the massive influence of Le Corbusier's post-war work, he reclaims the reputation of buildings that, once much maligned, he argues stood for optimism and grandeur. Delivered in his signature provocative and confrontational manner, Meades's film draws on extraordinary buildings from all over Europe in a lavish, sometimes surreal, visual collage.

TUE 01:00 Pubs, Ponds and Power: The Story of the Village (b0bsrqch)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

TUE 01:30 Motherland (p05j1k3t)
Series 1

Episode 1

Julia moves out of her comfort zone when she reluctantly invites the entire class to her daughter's birthday party. With her mum still refusing to help out she relies on Liz's party hacks and Kevin's entertaining skills. She organises events for a living anyway, so this will be a breeze.

TUE 02:00 Motherland (p05j36kl)
Series 1

Episode 2

A school fundraiser is not Julia's idea of an evening out but somehow she finds herself heavily involved in order to impress a former colleague and new mum crush. Kevin has a battle with the cloakroom and despite Anne's protests, Liz takes care of the bar.

TUE 02:30 Rome Unpacked (b09l64hq)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


WED 19:00 The Joy of Painting (m000np09)
Series 3

Mountain Exhibition

Mountains seem to sing in harmony with the sky as Bob Ross’s brushes tell a story in breathtaking hues and depth.

WED 19:30 Canals: The Making of a Nation (b06822p8)

Liz McIvor explores the heritage of our canal network. After years of decline in the postwar period much of the network was eventually restored. Once places of labour and industry, they became places of leisure and tranquillity. The newly renovated canals were increasingly popular for boating holidaymakers. Liz visits the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in Wales and travels to Birmingham where canals have become catalysts for property development and urban regeneration. Canals offer so many benefits today. Perhaps, Liz suggests, it is time to construct a few more?

WED 20:00 Earth's Great Rivers (b0bx73pk)
Series 1


This episode is a pioneering exploration of the latest discoveries concerning the Amazon - by far the greatest river on earth. It is the river of superlatives, flowing more than 4,000 miles from the Andes to the Atlantic. Its 1,100 tributaries drain the greatest river basin on the planet and along its incredible journey it collects and transports one-fifth of the world's fresh water. Its outflow into the Atlantic Ocean per second is greater than the next six rivers combined. It truly lives up to its mighty reputation.

Due to its enormous size, it still hides secrets - it truly is the mysterious river of myth and legend, and it really does have monsters living in it, like giant electric eels and botos - the world's largest species of river dolphin. For most of its length, it is impossible to see into its murky waters. However, there are a few secret springs, bubbling with water as clear as gin, providing an unparalleled window into the Amazon's rich and spectacular underwater world.

One exclusive location is the Blue Lagoon, home to an anxious young couple - a newly discovered species of cichlid. These fish take their babies out for a swim in this natural aquarium bounded by an ominous underwater curtain of dark river water. Camera traps reveal some of the infamous predators lurking within, like freshwater stingrays and Amazon barracuda. Prowling nearby are giant electric eels capable of generating more than 500 volts, who give the cameraman a run for his money.

The team scoured the entire river system for its most beautiful locations. The rocky terraces of the Cristalino River were the perfect setting to try out float cams which enabled the team to join a family of giant river otters on a fishing foray. In Peru, there is a newly mapped Amazon tributary that boils! Scientists believe it is the longest stretch of thermal river in the world, creating a snake of steam over the canopy at dawn. The show joins shaman Juan Flores as he prays to the water spirits and makes medicine from the river's sacred waters and medicinal plants he collects from the jungle nearby.

Every year the Amazon floods on an almost unbelievable scale. Stretches of the river can rise by ten metres and the weight of so much water temporarily sinks the earth's crust by three inches! GPS drone technology reveals this gigantic transformation as never before, transporting viewers through the many vistas and atmospheres of the great river, capturing swathes of rainforest steaming in the dawn, and revealing the incredible expanse of the immense river which, in some places, stretches far beyond the horizon. It creates the Amazon's legendary flooded forests, home to the hoatzin, or stinkbird, so named for its particular and pungent smell - they feed on a diet of leaves and are basically flying compost heaps.

On the shores of the river town of Alter do Chao are some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Brazil. Known as the Caribbean of the Amazon, it hosts a dolphin-themed carnival complete with hundreds of sequined dancers, spectacular floats and colourful processions. When all this water finally reaches the sea, it creates the last and newest secret world of the giant river, the Amazon reef. Spectacular drone footage captures the spectacle of the Amazon's fresh water floating over the surface of the ocean as a vast green cloud (which can cover more than a million square kilometres).

High-tech submarines allow cameras to reveal the wonders of the Amazon algal reef, not just packed with technicolour fish but also home to 'gardens' of giant sponges, many a thousand years old and a metre across. The sponges feed on the nutrients that the Amazon has collected on it's incredible journey. No other river shapes the landscape, and even the ocean, in the way the Amazon can, and what is so fantastic is that it is still one of the few remaining healthy great rivers on earth.

WED 21:00 H2O: The Molecule That Made Us (m000z2ct)
Series 1


Pulse investigates the inseparable bond between water and life. It reveals how a few drops of rain can cause deserts to bloom through a time-lapse sequence that took a decade to make, follows the journey of a molecule of water through trees in the Amazon to create giant rivers in the air and maps how the great animal migrations follow water around the planet.

But the world is changing. Drought-chasing scientists examine what happens when the pulse falters, showing how the flow of water is driven by its relationship with life.

WED 21:50 Aquarela (m000z2cy)
A cinematic journey through the transformative beauty and raw power of water that provides a visceral wake-up call for humankind that we are no match for the sheer force and capricious will of earth’s most precious element.

From the precarious frozen waters of Russia’s Lake Baikal to Miami in the throes of Hurricane Irma to Venezuela’s mighty Angel Falls, water’s many personalities are captured in startling cinematic clarity.

WED 23:15 Motherland (p05j376v)
Series 1

Episode 3

A pool party ruins Julia's plans before an important event at work. When an attractive man leaves his wallet in the newsagents, Liz takes it in the hopes of returning it and securing a date. And a new dad on the scene who has a history with Amanda puts Kevin's nose out of joint.

WED 23:45 Motherland (p05j39b9)
Series 1

Episode 4

While Paul is away, he has the perfect solution to aid Julia: he sends his parents to help. Luckily, Kevin has a huge fondness for the elderly and assists Julia in her in-laws' wrangling. Meanwhile, Amanda has a clear-out and reluctantly gives Liz her old coat, which seems to have an effect on our Liz.

WED 00:10 Motherland (p05j39xn)
Series 1

Episode 5

Anne's new car propels her into the limelight as the mums try to get in on her new car pool. Kevin finds himself in the new role of confidant as Amanda shares a deep secret. And Liz and Julia's friendship is under fire as Liz realises she is just a 'mum' friend.

WED 00:40 Motherland (p05j3br1)
Series 1

Episode 6

Julia's childcare problems are solved after she finds the perfect nanny, but her friendship with Liz is strained. Amanda is keeping a low profile after Kevin blurted out her secret. Liz visits Lee's new partner to give her some advice. The school caretaker is in hospital, but the mums have lost their ringleader, and there's nobody to organise a card.

WED 01:10 Motherland (p07mvqj6)
Series 2

No Mum Left Behind

As a new school year begins, a new mum at the school gates attracts the attention of Julia, Liz and Kevin. Amanda has all the gossip and tells them Meg is a high-flying businesswoman with five kids and a sexy silver-fox husband.

Meanwhile, Julia is struggling to keep her head above water at work when she is offered the choice of promotion or redundancy. When Meg invites the gang for drinks, they go along against Julia’s better judgement and the evening takes a surprising turn, leading Julia to make a big decision.

WED 01:40 Canals: The Making of a Nation (b06822p8)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

WED 02:10 H2O: The Molecule That Made Us (m000z2ct)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


THU 19:00 Cricket: Today at the Test (m000z2dy)
England v India 2021

Third Test: Day Two Highlights

Cricket highlights from Headingley of the second day of the third Test between India and England.

THU 20:00 BBC Proms (m000z2f0)

Chineke! with Jeneba Kanneh-Mason

Tom Service hosts a Prom bursting with premieres from around the world, performed by Britain’s foremost diverse ensemble, the Chineke! Orchestra.

Pianist Jeneba Kanneh-Mason gives the Proms premiere of Florence Price’s Piano Concerto in One Movement. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s Overture to Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast and First Symphony in A Minor sit alongside the Proms premiere of African Suite for Strings by Nigerian composer Fela Sowande.

Conducted by Kalena Bovell, the Prom shines a light on rarely heard composers of African heritage who were huge stars in the first half of the 20th century but were subsequently written out of classical music performance history.

THU 22:05 Silence (m000b1x5)
In 1640, two young Jesuit priests travel from Portugal to Japan on a mission to track down their former spiritual mentor, Father Ferreira, who is rumoured to have disappeared after renouncing Christianity. The mission puts their own faith to the test.

The third film in Martin Scorsese's trilogy about faith.

THU 00:35 Motherland (p07mvr9b)
Series 2

Soft Opening

Having resigned from her job in PR, Julia tries to adapt to life as a freelancer and reluctantly agrees to help Amanda launch her new shop even though she believes it is nothing but a vanity project. The soft opening is a success but a careless online post threatens to destroy her good work.

Meanwhile, Liz rails against the gentrification of the area and the loss of her beloved kebab shop and Kevin reveals he has written an unusual children’s book, which he wants Amanda to sell in her shop.

THU 01:05 Motherland (p07mvrqr)
Series 2

Mother's Load

Julia finds that working from home is impossible due to all the tasks she has to do for her family. Meg tells her this is her 'mother’s load' - all the things that no-one else will do but that need to be done to keep the home running. Julia removes herself to the cafe to work but even there finds that it is not that easy to get her work done. A possible solution presents itself when she shares a table with a fellow freelancer, but is Julia taking advantage of him?

THU 01:35 Motherland (p07mvsgm)
Series 2

The Purge

Kevin reluctantly agrees to host a last-minute Halloween party despite the fact that he’s had no time to prepare. Meanwhile at the school gates the mums are all talking about a celebrity who has moved into the neighbourhood - Lee Mead from Holby.

As this is Julia’s favourite programme she is determined to meet him and decides to take all the kids trick or treating hoping that they will find his house. Liz tags along as she has been stood up by a date and Anne is in attendance trying to make sure that the kids are safe. However by the time they reach Kevin’s one of the kids is missing - Amanda’s little boy Manus. Despite the fact that the happy teatime trick or treat atmosphere has now turned violent and terrifying Liz, Kevin and Julia must venture back out into the streets to search for him through terrifying hordes of teenage zombies and mutant nuns.

THU 02:05 Motherland (p07mvszc)
Series 2

Le Weekend

The gang are delighted when Kevin books a cottage for them to spend half term holidays in the countryside with all their kids. But it is not as nice as the pictures online, and Kevin seems to have miscalculated the number of bedrooms.

When it transpires that Julia has failed to bring any booze, the atmosphere takes a turn for the worse. All hopes rest on Kevin’s plan to cook an event meal by roasting a whole pig in a pit he has dug in the garden. As the long night wears on, tempers begin to fray. Meanwhile, Liz catches the eye of a handsome shepherd.

THU 02:35 Motherland (p07mvtbr)
Series 2

Good Job

Julia struggles to abide by the rules and clashes with Mrs Lamb as she attends her first ever school sports day. Apparently it's no longer acceptable to cheer for individual kids, and you can only offer generic support like 'good job'. Over at the Kidiverse soft play centre, Kevin is devastated that an important work presentation means he will miss the dads' race. Liz worries that her new boyfriend is blanking her. And Anne discovers something that leads to a nasty surprise for Amanda.

THU 03:05 Motherland (p09gv90z)
Series 3

Episode 4

It’s time for the Year 6 school trip, and Julia, Liz and Meg find themselves on the coach journey from hell with humourless school secretary Mrs Lamb and clueless teaching assistant Ms Vaughn.

It all kicks off when a boy banned for bad behaviour is allowed on the coach along with his mother Ashley, and Liz decides to play the hero.

Meanwhile, Kevin takes his driving test, and Amanda pivots her lifestyle brand Hygge Tygge online. She manages to persuade Kevin to help pack up the shop - with unimaginable consequences.


FRI 19:00 BBC Proms (m000z2j0)

Joshua Bell’s Seasons – Vivaldi vs Piazzolla

American violinist Joshua Bell and the string orchestra of the Academy of St Martin in the Fields mix up the familiar with the unfamiliar, 18th-century Italy with 20th-century Argentina, baroque with tango, as they interweave Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons with Astor Piazzolla’s The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires.

Argentinian musician Guillermo Willis joins presenter Josie d’Arby for this celebration of the centenary year of Astor Piazzolla - and of virtuosic talent, past and present.

FRI 20:30 Top of the Pops (m000z2j2)
Jakki Brambles presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 18 July 1991 and featuring Cathy Dennis, Little Angels and Kim Appleby.

FRI 21:00 Top of the Pops (m000z2j4)
Mark Goodier presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 25 July 1991 and featuring The Shamen, Cher and Bryan Adams.

FRI 21:30 When Bob Marley Came to Britain (m000m7ht)
In the 1970s, Bob Marley rose from humble beginnings to become a global superstar. It was a journey that took place not just in his homeland of Jamaica but also in Britain - the place he came to regard as his second home.

Featuring rarely seen archive and interviews with people who met him, this documentary examines Marley’s special relationship with Britain and reveals how his presence influenced British politics, culture and identity during a time of massive social and civil unrest in the UK - and how his universal message of one love and unity helped inspire a generation of black British youth.

This documentary also takes a revealing look at how Marley spent his time while he was in Britain – from the houses he lived in to football kickabouts in Battersea Park (Marley is revealed to have been a Tottenham Hotspur fan) and visits to the UK’s growing Rastafarian community, including secret gigs in the north of England.

It was in Britain that Marley established himself as an international artist, recorded some of his most successful albums and performed some of his most memorable concerts.

The film features interviews with people who met and worked with Bob Marley in the UK - and whose lives were changed by meeting him – including photographer Dennis Morris (who accompanied Marley on tour), Aswad star Brinsley Forde, Locksley Gishie from The Cimarons and film-maker Don Letts. Also interviewed is reggae legend Marcia Griffiths of Bob Marley’s vocal group The I-Threes.

There are also memories of the most important gigs he played in Britain as told by those who were there to see it happen, including early Wailers gigs in small pubs and clubs when the band were still largely unknown, a now legendary acoustic performance in the school gym of a Peckham high school and a triumphant show at London’s Lyceum Theatre that helped propel Marley to global fame.

FRI 22:30 Reggae at the BBC (b00ymljd)
An archive celebration of great reggae performances filmed in the BBC Studios, drawn from programmes such as The Old Grey Whistle Test, Top of the Pops and Later... with Jools Holland, and featuring the likes of Bob Marley and the Wailers, Gregory Isaacs, Desmond Dekker, Burning Spear, Althea and Donna, Dennis Brown, Buju Banton and many more.

FRI 00:00 Sounds of the 70s 2 (b01gymg9)
Reggae - Stir It Up

By the start of the 70s, the Windrush generation of immigrants who came to the UK from the Caribbean and West Indies were an established part of the British population and their influence and culture permeated UK society.

This second programme rejoices and revels in the reggae music exported from Jamaica and the home-grown reggae-influenced sounds that sprouted from the cities of England. Reggae's dominance of the UK charts is celebrated with performances from Ken Boothe, Dave and Ansel Collins, Steel Pulse, Althea and Donna, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Janet Kay, Susan Cadogan and The Specials.

FRI 00:30 Reggae Fever: David Rodigan (b0brzpsb)
David Rodigan's unlikely career as a reggae broadcaster and DJ has developed in parallel with the evolution of Jamaican music in the UK. His passion and his profession have given him a privileged, insiders' view of the UK's love affair with Jamaican music that began in the 1950s. His constant championing of it has afforded him national treasure status with generations of British Jamaicans and all lovers of reggae music.

This is a film about the career of David Rodigan but it's also a window through which to see a wider human story about social change in the UK: a story of immigration and integration, and music's role within it.

The beginning of his career conjures up a forgotten era when reggae was reviled by liberal, hippyish music fans because of its association with skinheads. At one point, his fellow students agreed to share a house with him only if Rodigan agreed not to play reggae. Instead, he would haunt London's specialist record shops and sneak out to Jamaican clubs alone.

His break first came on BBC Radio London, where his knowledge and infectious enthusiasm won him the gig. Since that first break, he's had shows on Capital, Kiss and now BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Radio 2. In the 80s, his radio show became such a Sunday lunchtime fixture in London's West Indian households that it was colloquially known as 'rice 'n' peas'. Bob Marley personally chose Rodigan's show to play out the world exclusive of Could You Be Loved.

As well as being a DJ, Rodigan also began to 'soundclash' on a global stage. This musical competition where crew members from opposing sound systems pit their skills against each other involves the playing of records in turn, with the crowd ultimately deciding who has 'killed' the other crew, by playing the better chosen track. But standard versions of tracks don't cut it in a clash, where the true currency is 'dubplates' - versions of tracks recut, often by the original artist, with lyrics changed to praise the playing crew or diss the opposing one.

In Jamaica, after he began clashing live on national radio with DJ Barry G, he became so famous that his name was even adopted by a Kingston gangster. He began competing on the World Soundclash stage alongside the likes of Jamaica's Stone Love and Japan's Mighty Crown as the soundclash became a global phenomenon. David is probably the only person ever to have been awarded an MBE and the title of World Clash Champion.

In recent years, Rodigan's live DJ appearances have started attracting a far younger audience. It can be seen as a reflection of the way different forms of music from the different cultures that have arrived in Britain over the last 70 years have integrated, taken root and spawned new scenes, attitudes and tastes.

As well as appearing at student unions across the country and continuing to clash by himself, he's also now a part of clash crew Rebel Sound, first assembled for Red Bull Culture Clash in 2014. In this environment, David found himself amidst a melting pot of beats, loops and popping, infectious bass-driven riddims - playing to the kids who are discovering him and therefore reggae music through other artists.

Now in his 40th professional year, David is quite rightly celebrating, his passion for the music he loves burning as brightly as ever. This film is a testament to this most unlikely of reggae aficionados - a celebration of a man whose story is strangely intertwined with not only the evolution of music in this country but also the evolution of the culture.

FRI 01:30 Top of the Pops (m000z2j2)
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FRI 02:00 Top of the Pops (m000z2j4)
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FRI 02:30 When Bob Marley Came to Britain (m000m7ht)
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