The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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SAT 19:00 Madame Tussaud: A Legend in Wax (b08cgm56)
The remarkable true story of the woman behind the worldwide waxworks empire, Madame Tussaud.

In an astonishing life that spanned both the French and Industrial revolutions, this single mother and entrepreneur travelled across the Channel to England, where she overcame the odds to establish her remarkable and enduring brand. Determined to leave an account of who she was and the times she lived through, her memoirs, letters and papers offer a unique insight into the creation of the extraordinary empire which bears her name.

SAT 20:00 Italy's Invisible Cities (b0881gly)
Series 1


Using the latest 3D scanning technology, Alexander Armstrong and Dr Michael Scott uncover 2,500 years of hidden history in Naples, from its earliest Greek and Roman origins.

They explore how the volcano of Mount Vesuvius both nurtured the region and exacted a terrible price on the local population. They also delve into a labyrinth of fascinating underground spaces that helped build and sustain the city.

SAT 21:00 The Unknown Girl (m0003vhr)
Liege, Belgium. A promising doctor becomes obsessed with the death of a young woman when she learns that the stranger died after ringing her doorbell for help. In French with English subtitles.

SAT 22:40 Top of the Pops (m0003m0j)
Peter Powell and Simon Bates present the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 16 July 1987 and featuring Bananarama, Bruce Willis, Hue and Cry, Kenny G, Mel and Kim, Los Lobos, The Cure, Boogie Box High, Freddie McGregor, Pet Shop Boys and Madonna.

SAT 23:15 Top of the Pops (m0003lx6)
Janice Long and Simon Mayo present the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 23 July 1987 and featuring Boy George, Atlantic Starr, Judy Boucher, Los Lobos, Errol Brown, Samantha Fox, Marillion, Beastie Boys, Luther Vandross, Shakin' Stevens, Madonna and Boogie Box High.

SAT 23:45 The Beatles: Made on Merseyside (m0003lx8)
They defined music and popular culture like no other band ever will. But how did The Beatles make the journey from Merseyside teenagers to international pop stars in the 1960s? This film recounts how American rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm and blues turned postwar Liverpool into one of the most vibrant music cities ever, the home of the Mersey Sound.

Featuring unique archive and revealing interviews with those involved in the early years of The Beatles in Liverpool and Hamburg, we discover the story of The Beatles’ previous band formations and why it took so long for them to achieve success. From school bands to colleges, Hamburg to the Cavern Club, The Beatles moved from skiffle to rock ‘n’ roll before creating their unique sound.

SAT 02:10 Handmade in Hull (b09g0l2v)
A visually stunning tribute to Hull's craft traditions, produced in collaboration with artist Linda Brothwell as part of Hull City of Culture 2017. The film profiles the artisans whose skills put Hull on the map in Britain's industrial heyday, from the compass maker whose precision-crafted instruments helped steer Hull's fishing fleet to boat builders and woodcarvers, all reflecting on the joys of their craft and its role in the city's past. A heartfelt and evocative portrait of Hull's great industrial heritage and the people who helped create it.

SAT 02:55 For Folk’s Sake: Morris Dancing and Me (m0003vhz)
What’s the best way to save the ageing breed of male Morris dancer from extinction? Richard Macer infiltrates the endangered world of bells, beer and beards to discover an unlikely saviour of this ancient masculine tradition in the form of women.

The Morris Ring, the oldest Morris organisation in the country, has voted to admit women dancers for the first time with the hope that its member sides - as the teams are called - might stem the tide of declining numbers. But there are hardliners who believe females will dilute the very essence of what makes men’s Morris great. So, is Morris better when danced just by men or are women and mixed sides just as good?

During this journey, Macer is invited to join his local side the Manchester Morris Men, where the average age is over 70. Macer might represent an injection of youth to this team but does he have the talent to perform at one of the biggest festivals in the Morris Ring calendar?

What emerges during a long hot summer of folk dance is a bitter conflict as one of Britain’s most enduring traditions tries to reconcile itself to the modern world of gender equality. It also becomes a fascinating meditation on the nature of masculinity in a society in thrall to the idea of political correctness. And there is a personal development too for Macer, which sends his journey off in an unexpected direction.


SUN 19:00 Akram Khan's Giselle (m0003vk6)
English National Ballet performs Akram Khan’s Giselle, the award-winning reimagining of one of the greatest romantic ballets of all time.
The classic story of love, betrayal and redemption is retold by choreographer Akram Khan, with sets and costumes by academy award-winning designer Tim Yip, and an adaptation of Adolphe Adam’s original score created by composer Vincenzo Lamagna and performed by English National Ballet Philharmonic.

Acclaimed by audiences and critics since its premiere at Manchester International Festival in 2016, English National Ballet’s production has toured around the UK and been performed in Hong Kong, Ireland and New Zealand. This English National Ballet Production was supported by The Space and filmed live in 2017 at The Liverpool Empire.

SUN 20:35 Horizon (b08ry9l9)

Volcanoes of the Solar System

Volcanoes have long helped shape the Earth. But what is less well known is that there are volcanoes on other planets and moons that are even more extraordinary than those on our own home planet. Horizon follows an international team of volcanologists in Iceland as they draw fascinating parallels between the volcanoes on Earth and those elsewhere in the solar system. Through the team's research, we discover that the largest volcano in the solar system - Olympus Mons on Mars - has been formed in a similar way to those of Iceland, how a small moon of Jupiter - Io - has the most violent eruptions anywhere, and that a moon of Saturn called Enceladus erupts icy geysers from a hidden ocean. Computer graphics combined with original Nasa material reveal the spectacular sights of these amazing volcanoes.

Along the way, we learn that volcanoes are not just a destructive force, but have been essential to the formation of atmospheres and even life. And through these volcanoes of the solar system, scientists have discovered far more about our own planet - what it was like when Earth first formed, and even what will happen to our planet in the future.

SUN 20:50 Horizon (b09574pc)

Mars - A Traveller's Guide

The dream of sending humans to Mars is closer than ever before. In fact, many scientists think that the first person to set foot on the Red Planet is alive today. But where should the first explorers visit when they get there? Horizon has gathered the world's leading experts on Mars and asked them where they would go if they got the chance - and what would they need to survive?

Using incredible real images and data, Horizon brings these Martian landmarks to life - from vast plains to towering volcanoes, from deep valleys to hidden underground caverns. This film also shows where to land, where to live and even where to hunt for traces of extraterrestrial life.

This is the ultimate traveller's guide to Mars.

SUN 21:00 Abducted - Elizabeth I's Child Actors (b0bdvxzn)
The gripping true story of a boy abducted from the streets of Elizabethan London, and how his father fought to get him back. Presented by acclaimed children's author and academic Katherine Rundell, this intriguing tale is set behind the scenes in the golden age of Shakespeare and sheds a shocking light on the lives of children long before they were thought to have rights.

Thirteen-year-old Thomas Clifton was walking to school on 13 December 1600, when he was violently kidnapped. And what's most extraordinary is that the men who took him claimed that they had legal authority to do so from Queen Elizabeth I herself. Children are so often missing from history, but this tale has survived by the skin of its teeth. This inventive film pieces together Thomas Clifton's story from contemporary accounts, court documents, plays and poetry, with the missing gaps beautifully illustrated by vivid hand-drawn animation.

Shedding light on politics, religion, money and fame at a time when society's anxieties were played out nightly on the stage, it is an unknown slice of British history, both bizarre and sinister. The snatching of Thomas Clifton had been organised by a theatrical impresario, who intended to put him on the stage as part of a company of child actors, who were enormously popular with the Elizabethan theatre. He wasn't the only boy lifted from the streets for this purpose - a whole host of others suffered a similar ordeal. It was a practice known as impressment - forced recruitment into public service - which meant that children could be legally taken without their parents' or their own consent.

SUN 22:00 6 Music Festival (m0003vk8)

6 Music Festival Highlights Show

6 Music's annual music festival hits Liverpool.

Lauren Laverne and Craig Charles bring you the highlights of a weekend of music including live performances from The Good the Bad & the Queen, Anna Calvi, Jon Hopkins and Hot Chip and many more.

SUN 23:30 Mustang (m0003vkb)
It’s the beginning of summer. In a small village in northern Turkey, Lale and her four sisters are on their way home from school, innocently playing with local boys. But prying village eyes view their games with suspicion and the girls’ behaviour – and refusal to repent – quickly causes a scandal among the family. In Turkish with English subtitles.

SUN 01:00 Line of Duty (b01k9pn6)
Series 1

Episode 1

When Steve Arnott is transferred to a police anti-corruption unit, he finds his target is the city's top detective, Tony Gates. Can Gates really be as good as he appears? Arnott must engage in a cat-and-mouse struggle to uncover Gates' secret.

SUN 02:00 Line of Duty (b01klwgm)
Series 1

Episode 2

Drama series. Having been duped into covering up Jackie's crime, Gates is desperate to sever ties with her. But, as Arnott and Fleming close in on his secret, Gates is plunged into an even more dangerous situation than he first thought.

SUN 03:00 Ballet's Dark Knight: Sir Kenneth MacMillan (b0b2gjbl)
Film exploring the life and work of celebrated yet controversial choreographer Sir Kenneth MacMillan whose pioneering creativity unleashed over sixty new ballets that changed the dance landscape forever. Weaving together stunning specially shot performance footage, never-before-seen family super 8 home movies and MacMillan's own voice from the archives, alongside those who were closest to him, the documentary reveals MacMillan to have been a complex figure who lit up the ballet world with his bold choreographic genius while struggling privately with alcoholism, anxiety, and depression.

Packed full of extraordinary ballet excerpts showcasing a wide range of MacMillan's work including Romeo and Juliet, Manon and Mayerling, the programme also offers a surprisingly moving and intimate portrait of a true giant of 20th-century culture.


MON 19:00 Beyond 100 Days (m0003vhx)
Series 1


The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

MON 19:30 National Treasures of Wales (b04n99gt)
Series 1

Coastal Care

Surprisingly, the National Trust started in Wales. Griff Rhys Jones discovers how the Trust deals with the complexities and conflicts involved in looking after some of Wales's best-loved national treasures. He begins with the 157 miles of coastline owned and cared for by the Trust in Wales.

Griff investigates its roots in Barmouth, discovers how the tiny cove of Mwnt copes with the impact of the modern world and considers the difficulties they face in deciding the fate of a medieval village on the Gower Peninsula which is in the process of being claimed by the sea.

MON 20:00 Empire of the Seas: How the Navy Forged the Modern World (b00q2ly2)
Series 1

Heart of Oak

Historian Dan Snow charts the defining role the Royal Navy played in Britain's struggle for modernity - a grand tale of the twists and turns which thrust the people of the British Isles into an indelible relationship with the sea and ships.

Heart of Oak opens with a dramatic retelling of 16th- and 17th-century history. Victory over the Armada proved a turning point in the nation's story as tiny, impoverished England was transformed into a seafaring nation, one whose future wealth and power lay on the oceans. The ruthless exploits of Elizabethan seafaring heroes like Francis Drake created a potent new sense of national identity that combined patriotism and Protestantism with private profiteering.

At sea and on land, Snow shows how the navy became an indispensable tool of state, weaving the stories of characters like Drake, God's republican warrior at sea Robert Blake, and Samuel Pepys, administrator par excellence, who laid the foundations for Britain's modern civil service.

With access to the modern navy and reconstructed ships of the time, Snow recounts the navy's metamorphosis from a rabble of West Country freebooters to possibly the most complex industrial enterprise on earth.

MON 21:00 For Folk’s Sake: Morris Dancing and Me (m0003vhz)
[Repeat of broadcast at 02:55 on Saturday]

MON 22:00 Storyville (m0003vj3)
The Trial of Ratko Mladic

The Trial of Ratko Mladic, the worst times in Europe since the Second World War and the man at the heart of them.

On the 22nd of November 2017, the Bosnian Serb general, Ratko Mladic, was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Tribunal For The Former Yugoslavia (the ICTY) in The Hague and sentenced to life in prison.

Mladic was one of the most infamous figures of the Bosnian war of the 1990s and became synonymous with the merciless siege of Sarajevo, in which 15,000 people were killed or wounded, and the murder of over 7,000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica in 1995 - the worst crimes on European soil since the Second World War, Mladic was not a distant participant in these crimes – he was in Srebrenica when his Serb forces took control of the town and watched as the men and women were separated. He looked his victims in the eye and promised that no harm would come to them.

Filmed over five years, directors Henry Singer and Rob Miller were given unprecedented access to film behind-the-scenes with prosecution and defence lawyers in Mladic’s historic trial – one of the most important since Nuremberg - as well as with witnesses from both sides who were called to give evidence. The lawyers were working under immense pressure – the prosecution were charged with delivering justice to thousands of Mladic’s expectant victims, while Mladic’s lawyers saw the trial as indictment not just of their client but of the entire Bosnian Serb nation, a nation to which they also belonged.

Intercut with the narrative of the trial, the film follows contemporary stories in Bosnia, a country bitterly divided along ethnic lines where the land is steeped in the blood of historic conflicts. These included the discovery of the one of the largest mass graves from the war, which prosecutors felt might be instrumental in proving one of the two genocide charges against Mladic; and the story of a young Muslim woman still looking for her father twenty years after he was dragged away from their family home.

The film also spends time with Mladic’s supporters who congregate every year near Mladic’s birthplace in Bosnia to celebrate and mythologize the man they regard as the savior of the Serb people. These rallies are attended by Mladic’s wife and son who provided the film-makers with access to their inner circle. They reject the allegations made by the court and extol an alternative view of Mladic as man of truth and integrity.

The Mladic trial was the last to be held at the Tribunal, which was established by the United Nations in 1993. As a result, the film also asks important questions of the court itself - not least, while the court boasts an impressive record of holding all of its 161 indictees to account, can it really claim to have delivered peace and reconciliation to Bosnia?

Capturing the final, momentous act in the Bosnian war, The Trial of Ratko Mladic tells an epic story of justice, accountability and a country trying to escape from its bloody past.

MON 23:30 A Timewatch Guide (b082md33)
Series 3

Crime and Punishment

From the death penalty, to laws against homosexuality, Britain's criminal justice system has undergone momentous change in the last 70 years.

In this Timewatch guide to Crime and Punishment, presenter Gabriel Weston examines how television has played a crucial role in documenting these seismic shifts in British law and policing.

Looking back through the Timewatch back catalogue of documentaries and a host of BBC archive rarities, Gabriel discovers how historians and filmmakers have not only chronicled these profound changes in law but also managed to shape public opinion.

By highlighting miscarriages of justice, like that of the wrongful imprisonment of the Birmingham Six, or by shining a spotlight on other issues of corruption and damning flaws in police procedures, Gabriel finds that television actually became a powerful agent for change.

MON 00:30 The River Taff with Will Millard (b06zyl2v)
Series 1

Episode 1

Writer and fisherman Will Millard tells the extraordinary story of how the River Taff came back from the dead. This river, once so polluted by heavy industry that no fish could live there, has now become one of the best salmon and trout rivers in Wales. Will travels from the source high in the stunning Brecon Beacons National Park to Merthyr Tydfil where he discovers that the town's ironworks were once vital to the British Empire. Along the way he trains with a mountain rescue team facing a unique set of challenges, meets a group of conservationists working to protect a magical, hidden valley and fishes for wild brown trout in the most unlikely location.

MON 01:00 Line of Duty (b01kvmmz)
Series 1

Episode 3

Arnott is convinced Gates played a part in Jackie's disappearance. With Fleming's help, the anti-corruption team tries to trap Gates into revealing his involvement in covering up Jackie's crimes.

MON 02:00 Line of Duty (b01l1h3b)
Series 1

Episode 4

Desperate for proof of Gates's corruption, Fleming pushes her relationship with him to the limit. But her behaviour causes Morton to question if she might not be such a loyal colleague after all.

MON 03:00 Line of Duty (b01l8qh6)
Series 1

Episode 5

With Gates on the run, the anti-corruption team come under pressure to close the case once and for all. Arnott is forced to make some tough decisions about where his loyalties lie. Fleming and Hastings go all out to catch Gates, leading to a shattering conclusion.


TUE 19:00 Beyond 100 Days (m0003vkd)
Series 1


The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

TUE 19:30 National Treasures of Wales (b04nz0mn)
Series 1

Plas Newydd

Griff Rhys Jones discovers how the National Trust, which was started in Wales, deals with the complexities and conflicts involved in looking after some of Wales's best-loved national treasures.

In this programme, he visits Plas Newydd on the island of Anglesey in north west Wales, which the Trust acquired in the 1970s. Once it was the family home of the Marquis of Anglesey, and now property manager Nerys Jones has to think of new ways to attract visitors to this remote location.

Griff investigates how this great stately home is run - and how it survives in these financially straitened times.

TUE 20:00 Blue Planet II (p04thmv7)
Series 1

One Ocean

In recent years, our knowledge of life beneath the waves has been transformed. Using cutting-edge technology, One Ocean takes us on a journey from the intense heat of the tropics to our planet's frozen poles to reveal new worlds and extraordinary never-before-seen animal behaviours.

Starting in the tropical coral reefs - the most diverse ocean habitat - a baby dolphin is taught the secrets of a coral reef, as its family rubs against a particular gorgonian which may have medicinal properties. On another reef, a tusk fish demonstrates a surprising level of ingenuity - tool use - as it uses corals as an anvil to break open clams. In the Seychelles, half a million terns nest on an island. Fledglings must eventually take to the wing, but danger lurks beneath the waves - metre-long giant trevally fish leap clear out of the water to snatch the birds.

The tropical oceans drive our planet's weather. Sun heats the sea, creating rain, winds and huge storms that drive up towards higher latitudes. Here, unlike the tropics, the seas change with the seasons. In spring thousands of mobula rays gather in Mexico's Sea of Cortez. At night, in a previously unseen event, tiny organisms that light up when disturbed react to their wingbeats, creating an enchanting bioluminescent firework display.

Phytoplankton produce as much oxygen as all the plants on land and lie at the base of marine food chains everywhere. Where the plankton thrive, fish thrive too, and ocean travellers will migrate thousands of miles to take advantage of these productive seas. Predatory false killer whales off the coast of New Zealand are in search of dolphins. But when they find them, the whales team up with the dolphins to form super-pods - a formidable army to take advantage of the bounty of these seasonal seas.

In temperate seas around the globe, spring brings greening oceans. In Japan, a kelp-covered shipwreck is home to the Asian sheepshead wrasse, or Kobudai. At the start of summer a male mates with the females. But when a female reaches both a critical body size and age, it can undergo an extraordinary metamorphosis. Females change gender, and a new male challenges an older male to a face-off.

Toward our planet's poles, the ocean's surface is locked in ice. But in the Arctic, a warm current from the south keeps some Norwegian fjords ice-free all year round. Here, in winter, pods of orcas use dramatic tail slaps to stun herring, and humpback whales follow the noises to find the feast.

Ocean currents move heat around our planet and maintain a climate favourable for life. But our ocean system, in relative equilibrium for millennia, is changing at a worrying rate. Deep in the polar north, we meet walrus mothers and their newborn calves, searching for an ice floe to rest on. But with rising temperatures, summer sea ice is retreating - their battles to survive are becoming ever harder. As we begin to understand the true complexity of the lives of our ocean creatures, so do we recognise the fragility of their home.

TUE 21:00 Crossing England in a Punt: River of Dreams (p00y6r6q)
From the Staffordshire hills to the Humber estuary, spirited explorer Tom Fort embarks on a 170-mile journey down Britain's third-longest river, the Trent. Beginning on foot, he soon transfers to his own custom-built punt, the Trent Otter, and rows many miles downstream. Along the way he encounters the power stations that generate much of the nation's electricity, veterans of the catastrophic floods of 1947, the 19th-century brewers of Burton and a Bronze Age boatman who once made a life along the river.

TUE 22:00 Natural World (b041z55p)

France: The Wild Side

France is our closest neighbour and a popular holiday destination for many of us, but how familiar are we with its wildlife? With breathtaking photography, this film reveals that wolves, wild boar and even bears are living amongst France's many mountains, valleys and forests. Journeying from the Pyrenees to the Alps, all around the mainland to Corsica, this is the story of the 'wild side' of France. Narrated by Paul McGann.

TUE 23:00 Expedition Volcano (b09hlzbb)
Series 1

Episode 1

In the heart of Africa, deep in the Congo, is one of the most spectacular volcanoes on Earth - Nyiragongo. This spectacular volcano contains a massive boiling cauldron of molten rock - the world's largest continually active lava lake. But it is also one of the most dangerous volcanoes on the planet. It has erupted twice in the last 50 years, most recently in 2002, wreaking havoc and destruction on the people who live in the nearby city of Goma. This region is also dangerous for another reason - it has been racked by war and humanitarian crises for most of the last 30 years, so Nyiragongo is one of the least studied active volcanoes on Earth.

But now, an international and local team of scientists are mounting a major expedition to study the volcano. They are attempting to discover the warning signs that it is building towards a new eruption, so they can alert the people of Goma before it erupts again. The team will take around four tonnes of climbing equipment, scientific instruments and supplies up to the crater rim. Then a small team will descend into the crater itself - 350m down a potentially deadly rockface - to spend a week camping right next to the lava lake. The expedition is led by Belgian scientist Dr Benoit Smets, who is an expert on Nyiragongo. He is joined by British geologist Prof Chris Jackson. Together, they work with the rest of the team using gas-sampling equipment, thermal cameras and sound waves to try and predict when the volcano will next erupt.

But there is another side to this volcano. As well as the threat of eruption, it impacts life in Goma and the surrounding area in many surprising ways. Humanitarian doctor Xand van Tulleken investigates how Nyiragongo has transformed people's lives by looking at the hidden dangers - from deadly disease to suffocating gases. In charge of expedition logistics is former Royal Marine Aldo Kane. It is his job to get everyone in and out of the crater safely. But during the expedition, he will also risk his life to get the team as near to the lava lake as possible.

TUE 00:00 The Incredible Story of Marie Antoinette's Watch with Nicholas Parsons (b07xtbhr)
Nicholas Parsons, Just a Minute host and stalwart of the entertainment world, explores his life-long enthusiasm for clocks when he goes in search of the most valuable and famous watch in the world.

The so-called Marie Antoinette, once the target of one of the biggest museum heists in history, was the masterpiece made by 18th-century genius Nicholas Breguet for that doomed queen.

Tracing the enthralling story of Breguet's rise to fame, Parsons visits Paris and Versailles, and the vaults of today's multimillion-pound Breguet business. Exploring the innovative and dazzling work of the master watchmaker, Parsons unravels the mystery behind the creation of his most precious and most brilliant work.

Parsons then heads to Israel to discover how, in the 1980s, the world's most expensive watch was stolen in a daring heist and went missing for over 20 years.

Revealing a little-known side of one of our favourite TV and radio hosts, the film offers a glimpse into Parsons's own private clock collection while also telling an enthralling tale of scientific invention, doomed decadence and daring robbery.

TUE 01:00 Line of Duty (b03vp2y2)
Series 2

Episode 1

A brutal ambush on a police convoy leaves three officers dead and a protected witness fighting for his life. AC-12 turn their spotlight on Lindsay Denton, the officer who led the convoy but escaped unscathed.

TUE 02:00 Line of Duty (b03w7yh1)
Series 2

Episode 2

Following the tragedy at the hospital, AC12's Kate Fleming is planted undercover in Lindsay Denton's Missing Persons Unit. But Lindsay in turn gathers compromising evidence against the anti-corruption team.

TUE 03:00 Line of Duty (b03wy5qt)
Series 2

Episode 3

Lindsay is denied bail and finds herself targeted in prison. Growing increasingly desperate, she tells Kate about a relationship with an executive police officer and her theory of why she is being framed.


WED 19:00 Beyond 100 Days (m0003vht)
Series 1


The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

WED 19:30 National Treasures of Wales (b04pgc2y)
Series 1


The National Trust started in Wales. Griff Rhys Jones examines how it manages its farmland and tenanted farms across the country, beginning in Pembrokeshire with the Trust's latest bequest, Treleddyd Fawr - the most painted and photographed cottage in Wales. Griff discusses the daunting restoration work facing National Trust building surveyor Nathan Goss.

Through this derelict farm worker's cottage, as well as a working farm producing potatoes sold under National Trust branding and a farm which no longer farms but instead operates as a children's adventure camp, Griff explores the variety of ways in which the Trust approaches its guardianship of farms and farmland.

WED 20:00 The Last Battle of the Vikings (b01p9fwg)
Nowhere in the British Isles was the Viking connection longer-lasting or deeper than in Scotland. Hundreds of years after their first hit-and-run raids, the Norsemen still dominated huge swathes of the country. But storm clouds were gathering. In 1263 the Norwegian king Haakon IV assembled a fleet of 120 longships to counter Scottish raids on the Norse Hebrides. It was a force comparable in size to the Spanish Armada over three centuries later. But like the Armada, the Norse fleet was eventually defeated by a powerful storm. Driven ashore near present-day Largs, the beleaguered Norsemen were attacked by a Scottish army. The outcome of this vicious encounter would mark the beginning of the end of Norse power in Scotland.

Marine archeologist Dr Jon Henderson tells the incredible story of the the Norsemen in Scotland. Visiting fascinating archeological sites across Scotland and Norway, he reveals that, although the battle at Largs marked the end of an era for the Norsemen, their presence continued to shape the identity and culture of the Scottish nation to the present day.

WED 21:00 Border Country: When Ireland Was Divided (m0003n65)
Since the border between the UK and Ireland was created in 1922, film crews and journalists have descended there to try and make sense of its absurdities and contradictions – as well as the turmoil it can cause.

Border Country: When Ireland Was Divided brings 100 years of archival footage together with the stories of people whose lives have been affected by this crucial dividing line.

WED 22:00 Storyville (b09fz33h)
Toffs, Queers and Traitors: The Extraordinary Life of Guy Burgess

It was a scandal that shook the British establishment to its roots. In June 1951, the government was forced to admit that two Foreign Office diplomats had disappeared. One of them, Donald Maclean, had slipped through their fingers three days before he was due to be questioned for passing secrets to the Russians. The other, Guy Burgess, was a total surprise. He was a charming, clever Etonian, with powerful friends everywhere. And lovers too - at a time when homosexuality was illegal, Burgess made no secret of his sexual tastes. He turned out to be the most flamboyant of a ring of privileged Cambridge students who had secretly joined the Communists in the 1930s, disgusted by their own government's policy of appeasing Hitler.

With the help of newly declassified documents, George Carey's film shows how the most celebrated spy ring of the 20th century grew out of the class system, sexual hypocrisy and the sheer incompetence of some people who then ran Britain.

WED 23:30 Horizon (b00x7cb3)
What Makes Us Clever? A Horizon Guide to Intelligence

Dallas Campbell delves into the Horizon archive to discover how our understanding of intelligence has transformed over the last century. From early caveman thinkers to computers doing the thinking for us, he discovers the best ways of testing how clever we are - and enhancing it.

WED 00:30 The River Taff with Will Millard (b0705d04)
Series 1

Episode 2

Writer and fisherman Will Millard travels the length of the wild River Taff in South Wales, from its source high in the stunning Brecon Beacons to the Bristol Channel. He explores how the coal industry changed this beautiful landscape and its people forever. The river once ran black with coal dust but is now one of the finest trout and salmon rivers in Wales. Will meets the members of the Lewis Merthyr Colliery Brass Band and fishes for grayling with a former miner who is now a champion fly-fisherman. He visits one of Britain's biggest open-cast coal mines and sees how this spectacular landscape is being reclaimed after centuries of mining.

WED 01:00 Line of Duty (b03xgcsw)
Series 2

Episode 4

Following the violent attack she suffered in prison, Lindsay is granted special dispensation to visit her dying mother. Meanwhile, deputy chief constable Dryden shrugs off allegations about his relationship with Lindsay and possible links to the ambush.

WED 02:00 Line of Duty (b03y448m)
Series 2

Episode 5

Lindsay fights for her life as troubling details emerge of a vicious conspiracy involving corrupt police officers. With growing evidence of links between DCC Dryden and the ambush, Hastings is under pressure to arrest his senior officer.

WED 03:00 Line of Duty (b03yzqc1)
Series 2

Episode 6

AC12's investigation finally exposes a vicious criminal gang run from within the police. But while Steve now appears convinced of Lindsay's innocence, Kate remains determined to prove she had a role in the ambush.


THU 19:00 Beyond 100 Days (m0003vj2)
Series 1


The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

THU 19:30 Top of the Pops (m0003vj5)
Gary Davies presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 30 June 1987 and featuring Hue and Cry, Heart, Freddie McGregor, Bananarama, Stock Aitken Waterman, Spagna, The Gap Band, New Order, Marillion, Los Lobos and Beastie Boys.

THU 20:00 A History of Ancient Britain (b00yk27f)
Series 1

Age of Ice

Neil Oliver travels back to ice age Britain as he begins the epic story of the evolution of the land and its occupants over thousands of years of ancient history. In this episode he describes a struggle for survival in a brutal world of climate change and environmental catastrophe.

THU 21:00 Britain Beneath Your Feet (b0619k6l)
Series 1

Building Britain

This series is a unique view of Britain - from below. In this first of two programmes, Dallas Campbell reveals why we can only understand the familiar world around us by discovering the hidden wonders beneath our feet. Breathtaking computer graphics strip away the earth to lay bare this secret world that's rarely explored.

Dallas finds out how the Shard of London - the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe - stays standing on soft clay. He canoes along a secret river under the city of Bristol and discovers why Edinburgh was sited on an ancient volcano. Exploring the natural world, he abseils down an underground waterfall higher than Niagara. And beneath one of the nation's oldest oak trees, he discovers a vast root system that's wider and more intricate than its branches.

THU 22:00 Extinct: A Horizon Guide to Dinosaurs (b014vy60)
Dallas Campbell delves into the Horizon archive to discover how our ideas about dinosaurs have changed over the past 40 years. From realising that lumbering swamp dwellers were really agile warm blooded killers, astonishing new finds, controversial theories and breakthrough technology have enabled scientists to rethink how they lived and solve the mystery of their disappearance. And they can even reveal whether dinosaurs might still be with us today.

THU 23:00 An Art Lovers' Guide (b09zgt0x)
Series 2


Janina Ramirez and Alastair Sooke explore Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. This fascinating crossroads between east and west has a rich history, and a troubled recent past. It's the most diverse city in the Arab world, with 18 recognised religious sects. Its French influence gave it the reputation as the Paris of the east during the mid 20th century. But this diversity turned to division in 1975 when the city became embroiled in a 15-year civil war.

In a place of so many identities and memories, art plays a unique role - as Janina and Alastair discover at the start of their journey, taking a cable car to the mountains that ring the city. Here, a stunning brutalist Christian cathedral of the Maronite Church overlooks the city's suburbs. It's an impressive expression of both the city's unique demographic mix, and of the identity of the Maronite community - one of Beirut's biggest minorities.

On their travels around the city they discover how art - and architecture - is confronting the past but also embracing the future. While Nina discovers how a bullet-ridden house has been transformed into an emotionally powerful war memorial, Alastair meets Bernard Khoury, the Middle East's most controversial architect, whose visionary buildings are designed to improve the social fabric of Beirut.

At the National Museum, they discover an incredible array of Phoenician and Roman artefacts, revealing Beirut's earliest origins. In a basement room full of sarcophagi, Nina discovers the final resting place for several Phoenician nobles, evidence that Beirut has long been an intersection of cultures, combining classical Greek sculptural details with ancient Egyptian designs.

Alastair also encounters a street artist paying tribute to an actress who united the city in times of trouble, and Nina takes tea with an elderly Armenian couple who reflect on the city's immigrant experience. And together, they experience the hedonistic Beirut nightlife that is drawing increasing numbers of visitors from around the world.

At this fascinating crossroads between east and west, Ramirez and Sooke discover a city whose cultural life and riches offer an essential way to understand the city's complex history and identity.

THU 00:00 Top of the Pops (m0003vj5)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

THU 00:30 The River Taff with Will Millard (b070t48y)
Series 1

Episode 3

Writer and fisherman Will Millard reaches the end of his journey down the River Taff in south Wales. This beautiful wild river, once neglected and polluted, has now come back to life. Will goes wild swimming with a group of eccentrics trying to change the image of this forgotten river. He meets retired Somali sailors drawn to Cardiff in the city's glory days as a thriving port and tells the story of how the industrial docks have been transformed. Finally, he sets out to catch the king of fish, migratory salmon returning to the river where they were born.

THU 01:00 Line of Duty (b07503dg)
Series 3

Episode 1

Police anti-corruption unit AC12 return for another investigation. Sergeant Danny Waldron and his armed response team shoot dead a hardened criminal, but cracks soon appear in their story. Are they hiding a cold-blooded murder?

THU 02:00 Line of Duty (b07508q3)
Series 3

Episode 2

After the shooting at the drugs house, DC Kate Fleming uses her undercover role to increase the pressure on Danny Waldron's armed response unit. Meanwhile, a previous AC12 investigation comes under legal scrutiny.

THU 03:00 Line of Duty (b076vfv7)
Series 3

Episode 3

DS Steve Arnott believes there is a dark secret in Danny Waldron's past. But while DI Cottan is commended for cracking the Waldron case, the spotlight falls on Arnott's questionable conduct in a previous enquiry.


FRI 19:00 Women's Football: Internationals (m0003vkg)

England v Canada

England face Canada in the first of four home internationals. From the Academy Stadium in Manchester.

England are on a high after winning the SheBelieves Cup in March, but will face a tough test against highly ranked Canada in a repeat of the 2015 World Cup quarter-final. Reshmin Chowdhury is pitchside, and there’s expert analysis from former England star Alex Scott.

FRI 21:15 Tales from the Tour Bus: Rock 'n' Roll on the Road (b05rjc9c)
Rock legend and tour bus aficionado Rick Wakeman takes us on a time-travelling trip through the decades in this first-hand account of rockers on the road from the late 1950s to the 80s and beyond.

It's an often bumpy and sometimes sleepless ride down the A roads and motorways of the UK during the golden age of rock 'n' roll touring - a secret history of transport cafes, transit vans, B&Bs, sleepless roadies and of loved ones left at home or, on one occasion, by the roadside. And it's also a secret history of audiences both good and bad, and the gigs themselves - from the early variety package to the head clubs, the stadiums and the pubs.

This is life in the British fast lane as told by Rick and the bands themselves, a film about the very lifeblood of the rock 'n' roll wagon train. With members of Dr Feelgood, Suzi Quatro, The Shadows, The Pretty Things, Fairport Convention, Happy Mondays, Aswad, Girlschool, The Damned and many more.

FRI 22:15 Rock 'n' Roll Guns for Hire: The Story of the Sideman (b08xdlts)
Film shining a spotlight on the untold story of the sidemen, the musicians behind some of the greatest artists of all time. The sidemen are the forgotten 'guns for hire' that changed musical history. Featuring interviews with Mick Jagger, Billy Joel and Keith Richards, taking viewers from the 1960s to today, via global stars such as Prince, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Beyonce.

FRI 23:45 TOTP2 (b04lclfn)

Top of the Pops 2 dips into the archives to explore both classic collective hits and smash solo singles spanning 20 early years of Genesis history. From the art-rock Gabriel era of flamboyant theatrics and quirky costumes to their eighties evolution into pop superstars, Genesis are both influential experimentalists and a chart-smashing behemoth.

With solo numbers from Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Mike + The Mechanics, this is an eclectic two-sided playlist featuring everything from I Can't Dance to I Know What I Like, No Self Control to In the Air Tonight, and Many Too Many to The Living Years. So Turn It On Again and tune in, from prog to pop, Genesis to Revelation, the hits are here on TOTP2.

FRI 00:30 Line of Duty (b077p6fk)
Series 3

Episode 4

Fresh testimony launches AC-12 back on the trail of the Caddy, a corrupt officer with links to organised crime. But new disturbing evidence suggests the Caddy may reside within AC-12.

FRI 01:30 Line of Duty (b078ctww)
Series 3

Episode 5

AC-12's loyalties are divided when DS Steve Arnott comes under scrutiny from his colleagues. With his career in jeopardy, Arnott turns to an unlikely source for help.

FRI 02:30 Line of Duty (b0794rsm)
Series 3

Episode 6

DS Steve Arnott is arrested on suspicion of murder but continues to protest his innocence. Does DC Kate Fleming's undercover operation hold the key to Steve's guilt and the identity of the Caddy?

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6 Music Festival 22:00 SUN (m0003vk8)

A History of Ancient Britain 20:00 THU (b00yk27f)

A Timewatch Guide 23:30 MON (b082md33)

Abducted - Elizabeth I's Child Actors 21:00 SUN (b0bdvxzn)

Akram Khan's Giselle 19:00 SUN (m0003vk6)

An Art Lovers' Guide 23:00 THU (b09zgt0x)

Ballet's Dark Knight: Sir Kenneth MacMillan 03:00 SUN (b0b2gjbl)

Beyond 100 Days 19:00 MON (m0003vhx)

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Blue Planet II 20:00 TUE (p04thmv7)

Border Country: When Ireland Was Divided 21:00 WED (m0003n65)

Britain Beneath Your Feet 21:00 THU (b0619k6l)

Crossing England in a Punt: River of Dreams 21:00 TUE (p00y6r6q)

Empire of the Seas: How the Navy Forged the Modern World 20:00 MON (b00q2ly2)

Expedition Volcano 23:00 TUE (b09hlzbb)

Extinct: A Horizon Guide to Dinosaurs 22:00 THU (b014vy60)

For Folk’s Sake: Morris Dancing and Me 02:55 SAT (m0003vhz)

For Folk’s Sake: Morris Dancing and Me 21:00 MON (m0003vhz)

Handmade in Hull 02:10 SAT (b09g0l2v)

Horizon 20:35 SUN (b08ry9l9)

Horizon 20:50 SUN (b09574pc)

Horizon 23:30 WED (b00x7cb3)

Italy's Invisible Cities 20:00 SAT (b0881gly)

Line of Duty 01:00 SUN (b01k9pn6)

Line of Duty 02:00 SUN (b01klwgm)

Line of Duty 01:00 MON (b01kvmmz)

Line of Duty 02:00 MON (b01l1h3b)

Line of Duty 03:00 MON (b01l8qh6)

Line of Duty 01:00 TUE (b03vp2y2)

Line of Duty 02:00 TUE (b03w7yh1)

Line of Duty 03:00 TUE (b03wy5qt)

Line of Duty 01:00 WED (b03xgcsw)

Line of Duty 02:00 WED (b03y448m)

Line of Duty 03:00 WED (b03yzqc1)

Line of Duty 01:00 THU (b07503dg)

Line of Duty 02:00 THU (b07508q3)

Line of Duty 03:00 THU (b076vfv7)

Line of Duty 00:30 FRI (b077p6fk)

Line of Duty 01:30 FRI (b078ctww)

Line of Duty 02:30 FRI (b0794rsm)

Madame Tussaud: A Legend in Wax 19:00 SAT (b08cgm56)

Mustang 23:30 SUN (m0003vkb)

National Treasures of Wales 19:30 MON (b04n99gt)

National Treasures of Wales 19:30 TUE (b04nz0mn)

National Treasures of Wales 19:30 WED (b04pgc2y)

Natural World 22:00 TUE (b041z55p)

Rock 'n' Roll Guns for Hire: The Story of the Sideman 22:15 FRI (b08xdlts)

Storyville 22:00 MON (m0003vj3)

Storyville 22:00 WED (b09fz33h)

TOTP2 23:45 FRI (b04lclfn)

Tales from the Tour Bus: Rock 'n' Roll on the Road 21:15 FRI (b05rjc9c)

The Beatles: Made on Merseyside 23:45 SAT (m0003lx8)

The Incredible Story of Marie Antoinette's Watch with Nicholas Parsons 00:00 TUE (b07xtbhr)

The Last Battle of the Vikings 20:00 WED (b01p9fwg)

The River Taff with Will Millard 00:30 MON (b06zyl2v)

The River Taff with Will Millard 00:30 WED (b0705d04)

The River Taff with Will Millard 00:30 THU (b070t48y)

The Unknown Girl 21:00 SAT (m0003vhr)

Top of the Pops 22:40 SAT (m0003m0j)

Top of the Pops 23:15 SAT (m0003lx6)

Top of the Pops 19:30 THU (m0003vj5)

Top of the Pops 00:00 THU (m0003vj5)

Women's Football: Internationals 19:00 FRI (m0003vkg)