The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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SAT 19:00 John Sergeant on Tracks of Empire (b00t3tj6)
Power and Privilege

John Sergeant continues his 3,000-mile journey along India's rail tracks, travelling north to south to discover how the railways not only shaped its history but also its future.

Starting in New Delhi, John reveals how the railways' extraordinary construction story began with locomotives and track being shipped from British shipyards. He visits Gwalior to discover the extent of collusion between the privileged maharajahs and the British Empire, and at Victoria Terminus he reveals the politics and the power behind its grand design.

But it is at Bhore Ghat - just outside Mumbai - where John discovers the 19th-century British engineers' crowning construction achievement and the extraordinary human cost that made it all possible. He concludes that today it is India's railways that continue to change the lives of its one billion people in ways that would have delighted its colonial architects.

SAT 20:00 Oceans (b00g21kz)
Mediterranean Sea

The team embarks on an expedition to explore the profound effect that man is having on the Mediterranean Sea. Western civilisation developed around its shores, but now human activity is threatening to destroy it.

Expedition leader Paul Rose, environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr, maritime archaeologist Dr Lucy Blue and marine biologist and oceanographer Tooni Mahto investigate how the Mediterranean gave rise to one of Europe's first superpowers by diving the remains of a Roman shipwreck. Under the cover of night, they brave the treacherous waters of the Straits of Messina to search for one of the largest predatory sharks in the world - the increasingly threatened, prehistoric sixgill shark.

They dive a perilous network of submerged caves to look for evidence of enormous changes to the Mediterranean Sea and they try to discover whether the feared great white shark could be breeding here.

SAT 21:00 Wallander (b00x1sbz)

Part 2

Second of a two-part thriller based on Henning Mankell's novel. Detective Superintendent Kurt Wallander investigates two apparently unrelated deaths, which turn out to be linked to an international cyber-terrorism plot. During the investigation, Wallander discovers that he suffers from diabetes and a mysteriously alluring nurse offers to help him deal with his condition.

SAT 22:25 When Rock Goes Acoustic (b0141myx)
The cliche of classic rock guitar is one of riffs, solos and noise. But write a list of great guitarists and their finest moments and a quieter, more intense playing comes to the fore. The acoustic guitar is the secret weapon in the armoury of the guitar hero, when paradoxically they get more attention by playing quietly than being loud.

This documentary takes an insightful and occasionally irreverent look at the love affair between rock and the humble acoustic guitar. Exploring a much less celebrated, yet crucial part of the rock musician's arsenal, contributors including Johnny Marr, Keith Richards, Ray Davies, James Dean Bradfield, Biffy Clyro, Joan Armatrading, Donovan and Roger McGuinn discuss why an instrument favoured by medieval minstrels and singing nuns is as important to rock 'n' roll as the drums, bass and its noisy sister, the electric guitar.

SAT 23:25 Acoustic at the BBC (b0141mz1)
A journey through some of the finest moments of acoustic guitar performances from the BBC archives - from Jimmy Page's television debut in 1958 to Oasis and Biffy Clyro.

Highlights include:

Neil Young - Heart of Gold
David Bowie - Starman
Oasis - Wonderwall
Donovan - Mellow Yellow
Joan Armatrading - Woncha Come on Home
Bert Jansch, Johnny Marr and Bernard Butler - The River Bank
Joni Mitchell - Chelsea Morning
Biffy Clyro - Mountains.

SAT 00:25 Top of the Pops (b037kmgr)
Peter Powell introduces the weekly pop charts featuring performances from the Rezillos, Foreigner, Hi-Tension, Raydio, Renaissance, Jilted John and a dance routine by Legs & Co.

SAT 00:50 Easy Listening Hits at the BBC (b011g943)
Compilation of easy listening tracks that offers the perfect soundtrack for your cocktail party. There's music to please every lounge lizard, with unique performances from the greatest easy listening artists of the 60s and 70s, including Burt Bacharach, Andy Williams, Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66, The Carpenters and many more.

SAT 01:55 Oceans (b00g21kz)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

SAT 02:50 John Sergeant on Tracks of Empire (b00t3tj6)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]


SUN 19:00 A Poet's Guide to Britain (b00kfc1f)
Sylvia Plath

Poet and author Owen Sheers presents a series in which he explores six great works of poetry set in the British landscape. Each poem explores a sense of place and identity across Britain and opens the doors to captivating stories about the places and the lives of the poets themselves.

Sylvia Plath is one of the most popular and influential poets of recent history but her poetry is often overshadowed by her life - the story of her marriage to Ted Hughes, her mental health problems and her tragic suicide at the age of 30. A rich and important area of her work that is often overlooked is the wealth of landscape poetry which she wrote throughout her life, some of the best of which was written about the Yorkshire moors.

Sheers explores this rich seam, which culminated in a poem called Wuthering Heights. It takes its title from Emily Bronte but the content and style is entirely Plath's own remarkable vision of the forbidding Pennine landscape.

Sheers visits the dramatic country around Heptonstall where the newly-married Plath came to meet her in-laws, a world of gothic architecture and fog-soaked landscapes, where the locals have a passion for ghost stories that connect directly with the tales that were told in the kitchen of the Bronte parsonage. His journey eventually leads out onto the high moors and the spectacular ruin known as Top Withens. Here amongst the wind and sheep 'where the grass is beating its head distractedly', Plath found the material for some of her most impressive writing.

SUN 19:30 BBC Proms (b037ng7x)

Proms on Four: 20th Century Classics - BBC Symphony Orchestra

Leading British composer Thomas Adès joins presenter Tom Service to reflect on his new work Totentanz, or Dance of Death, which receives its world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall. Adès himself conducts the BBC Symphony Orchestra in a programme which also features Benjamin Britten's Sinfonia da Requiem and Polish composer Witold Lutoslawski's Cello Concerto with soloist Paul Watkins.

SUN 21:05 Wild (b00jd9yx)

Otters, Puffins and Seals

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan explores his native Mull and some of the nearby islands, filming otters, deer, puffins, seals and a minke whale.

SUN 21:20 Young Winston (b0078zrl)
Historical drama chronicling the early life of Winston Churchill. The story moves from Churchill's childhood at boarding school to his time as a foreign correspondent in South Africa, and culminates in his attempts to follow his father into politics.

SUN 23:35 It's Slade (b01pf7kr)
They definitely know "IT'S CHRISTMAAAASSSS!"

Top pop documentary, narrated by Radio One's Mark Radcliffe, about one of Britain's greatest and best-loved bands. Slade scored six number ones in the 70s, a feat rivalled only by Abba. Formed in Wolverhampton and led by Noddy Holder, Slade sold over 50 million records worldwide during a 20-year career which saw them re-invent themselves as skinhead yobs, then mirror-hatted platform-shoe-pioneering glam gods, before finally re-emerging as hard rock heroes.

Their poorly-spelled, self-written selection of terrace anthems included Cum on Feel the Noize, Coz I Luv You, Take Me Bak Ome, Mama Weer All Crazee Now and, unforgettably, Merry Xmas Everybody. Apart from Noddy and his bandmates - Dave Hill, Jim Lea and Don Powell - the cast here also includes Noel Gallagher of Oasis (who covered Cum On Feel the Noize), Status Quo, Toyah Wilcox, Suzi Quatro and Ozzy Osbourne.

Altogether now "Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall..........?".

SUN 00:25 The Old Grey Whistle Test (b014vzy3)
70s Gold

The Old Grey Whistle Test was launched on 21 September 1971 from a tiny studio tucked behind a lift shaft on the fourth floor of BBC Television Centre. From humble beginnings, it has gone on to provide some of the best and most treasured music archive that the BBC has to offer.

This programme takes us on a journey and celebrates the musically mixed-up decade that was the 1970s, and which is reflected in the OGWT archive. There are classic performances from the glam era by Elton John and David Bowie, an early UK TV appearance from Curtis Mayfield, the beginnings of heavy metal with Steppenwolf's iconic Born to Be Wild anthem and the early punk machinations of the 'mock rock' New York Dolls. Archive from the pinnacle year, 1973, features Roxy Music, The Wailers and Vinegar Joe. The programme's finale celebrates the advent of punk and new wave with unforgettable performances from Patti Smith, Blondie, Iggy Pop and The Jam.

Artists featured are Elton John, Lindisfarne, David Bowie, Curtis Mayfield, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Steppenwolf, Vinegar Joe, Brinsley Schwarz, New York Dolls, Argent, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Captain Beefheart, Johnny Winter, Dr Feelgood, Gil Scott Heron, Patti Smith, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Cher & Gregg Allman, Talking Heads, The Jam, Blondie, Iggy Pop and The Specials.

SUN 01:55 David Bowie and the Story of Ziggy Stardust (b01k0y0n)
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is arguably the most important album in the mind-blowing career of David Bowie. Released in 1972, it's the record that set the mercurial musician on course to becoming one of the best-known pop stars on the planet. In just over a year, Bowie's messianic Martian invaded the minds of the nation's youth with a killer combination of extraterrestrial rock 'n' roll and outrageous sexuality, all delivered in high-heeled boots, multicoloured dresses and extravagant make-up. In Bowie's own words, Ziggy was 'a cross between Nijinsky and Woolworths', but this unlikely culture clash worked - Ziggy turned Bowie into stardust.

This documentary tells the story of how Bowie arrived at one of the most iconic creations in the history of pop music. The songs, the hairstyles, the fashion and the theatrical stage presentation merged together to turn David Bowie into the biggest craze since the Beatles. Ziggy's instant success gave the impression that he was the perfectly planned pop star. But, as the film reveals, it had been a momentous struggle for David Bowie to hit on just the right formula that would take him to the top.

Narrated by fan Jarvis Cocker, it reveals Bowie's mission to the stars through the musicians and colleagues who helped him in his unwavering quest for fame - a musical voyage that led Bowie to doubt his true identity, eventually forcing the sudden demise of his alien alter ego, Ziggy.

Contributors include Trevor Bolder (bass player, Spiders from Mars), Woody Woodmansey (drummer, Spider from Mars), Mike Garson (Spiders' keyboardist), Suzi Ronson (Mick Ronson's widow, who gave Bowie that haircut), Ken Scott (producer), Elton John (contemporary and fan), Lindsay Kemp (Bowie's mime teacher), Leee Black Childers (worked for Mainman, Bowie's production company), Cherry Vanilla (Bowie's PA/press officer), George Underwood (Bowie's friend), Mick Rock (Ziggy's official photographer), Steve Harley, Marc Almond, Holly Johnson, Peter Hook, Jon Savage, Peter Doggett and Dylan Jones.

SUN 03:00 The Genius of David Bowie (b01k0y0q)
A selection of some of David Bowie's best performances from the BBC archives, which also features artists who Bowie helped along the way, such as Mott the Hoople, Lulu, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed.


MON 19:00 World News Today (b037n5cn)
The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

MON 19:30 South Africa Walks (b00s8g03)
The Green Kalahari

Having tackled treks across the UK, Julia Bradbury embarks on a grand adventure in South Africa, setting out on four very different walks that explore its claim to be 'a world-in-one country'.

Julia is a regular visitor to the Rainbow Nation, but this is her chance to go beyond the normal tourist destinations to a series of increasingly remote locations. However, these are all walks that any reasonably adventurous walker could embark on, offering a fresh and personal perspective on a friendly and fascinating country that is so often misunderstood.

Julia's final walk takes her to the remote north-west corner of South Africa. This is the edge of the Kalahari Desert and the setting for Julia's most adventurous undertaking yet. Far away from the major tourist draws of the country, it is an insight into a true African world. Set against the stunning red geology of Augrabies Falls National Park, it's a stark but beautiful walk, encountering simple rural lives and remarkable agriculture, utterly reliant on the broad waters of the Orange River.

MON 20:00 Britain on Film (b01nvwqm)
Series 1

Brits at Play

In 1959 Britain's biggest cinema company, the Rank Organisation, decided to replace its newsreels with a series of short, quirky, topical documentaries that examined all aspects of life in Britain. For the next ten years, Look at Life chronicled the changing face of British society, industry and culture, all on high-grade 35mm colour film. Britain on Film draws upon the 500 films in this unique archive to offer illuminating and often surprising insights into what became a pivotal decade in modern British history.

This episode looks at the films that recorded one of the great boom industries of the 1960s, the leisure industry. Having left behind the austerity of the immediate post-war period, Britain's increasingly affluent population took full advantage of the new leisure opportunities that made affordable newly-emerging recreational activities at home - as well as exciting holiday adventures abroad.

MON 20:30 Only Connect (b037ngsb)
Series 7

Francophiles v Cartophiles

In the second semi-final, a team from Wales take on a trio of festival fans, competing to draw together the connections between things which, at first glance, seem utterly random. So join Victoria Coren Mitchell if you want to know what connects remotoptic, egokinetic, sexadekal and uniglossal.

MON 21:00 The Secret Life of Rockpools (b01rtdr4)
Paleontologist Professor Richard Fortey embarks on a quest to discover the extraordinary lives of rock pool creatures. To help explore this unusual environment he is joined by some of the UK's leading marine biologists in a dedicated laboratory at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. Here and on the beach in various locations around the UK, startling behaviour is revealed and new insights are given into how these animals cope with intertidal life. Many popular rock pool species have survived hundreds of millions of years of Earth's history, but humans may be their biggest challenge yet.

MON 22:00 Alan Whicker's Journey of a Lifetime (b00jhgfj)

Celebrating a remarkable fifty years on television, TV legend and undisputed travel king Alan Whicker sets off round the world on a journey reflecting his incredibly varied life and career.

In this first episode, Whicker revisits Venice, a city of massive significance and very close to his heart, to retrace his steps from war to peace, from soldier to Fleet Street journalist, and then his subsequent move into the fledgling world of television.

Included in the films revisited in this episode are Whicker's earliest surviving TV appearance, in-depth profiles of John Paul Getty and Baroness Fiona Thyssen, and a legendary encounter with millionaire Yorkshireman and eccentric Percy Shaw - the man who invented cats' eyes.

Finally, the remarkable story of what happened when Whicker became the first man to enter a closed and silent order of nuns - and got them to talk to him.

MON 23:00 Frank Skinner on George Formby (b016fpz0)
George Formby was a huge star of stage and film. In his heyday he was as big as The Beatles, earning vast sums of money on stage and starring in films which broke box office records. Formby's trademark ukulele still inspires millions of dedicated fans, including comedian and performer Frank Skinner, who believes Formby was the greatest entertainer of his time.

Playing the ukulele and performing the songs that keep the Formby legend alive today, Skinner follows the music hall star's extraordinary rise to fame and fortune, explores his worldwide popularity and reveals the ruthless exploitation that surrounded his sudden and tragic death.

MON 00:00 Some People with Jokes (b037c5yn)
Series 1

Some Boffins with Jokes

Some of the nation's sharpest scientific minds and keenest brains tell their favourite jokes. Do boffins find the same things funny as us regular citizens? Let the nation decide.

MON 00:30 Bought with Love: The Secret History of British Art Collections (b037c5gt)
The Golden Age

With Britain's country houses being home to world-class art collections full of priceless old masters and more, this three-part series sees art historian Helen Rosslyn tell the story of how great art has been brought to Britain by passionate collectors and how these same collectors have also turned patron and commissioned work from the cream of their contemporary crop of painters.

In this episode she focuses on the 18th century, the Grand Tour era when aristocrats filled their Palladian villas with masterpieces by 17th-century classical painters. Throwing open the doors of some of our most magnificent stately homes, Rosslyn visits Holkham Hall in Norfolk to view the Grand Tour collection there, before going on to explore the legacy of the Dukes of Richmond at Goodwood House. She also visits Petworth House in Sussex, where the one-time Lord Egremont patronised JMW Turner.

MON 01:30 South Africa Walks (b00s8g03)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

MON 02:00 Britain on Film (b01nvwqm)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

MON 02:30 The Secret Life of Rockpools (b01rtdr4)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


TUE 19:00 World News Today (b037n5cx)
The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

TUE 19:30 Secret Knowledge (b01r3n6p)
The Art of the Vikings

Through interpretations of some of the archaeological treasures of the Swedish National Museum, now on display in Edinburgh, Dr Janina Ramirez of Oxford University explores the fascinating wealth of Viking culture and its long-lasting influence on the British Isles.

TUE 20:00 The First World War from Above (b00vyrzh)
Fergal Keane tells the story of the World War One from a unique new aerial perspective. Featuring two remarkable historical finds, including a piece of archive footage filmed from an airship in summer 1919, capturing the trenches and battlefields in a way that has rarely been seen before. It also features aerial photographs taken by First World War pilots - developed for the first time in over 90 years - that show not only the devastation inflicted during the fighting, but also quirks and human stories visible only from above.

TUE 21:00 Churchill's First World War (b037w3bj)
Drama-documentary about Winston Churchill's extraordinary experiences during the Great War, with intimate letters to his wife Clementine allowing the story to be told largely in his own words. Just 39 and at the peak of his powers running the Royal Navy, Churchill in 1914 dreamt of Napoleonic glory, but suffered a catastrophic fall into disgrace and humiliation over the Dardanelles disaster.

The film follows his road to redemption, beginning in the trenches of Flanders in 1916, revealing how he became the 'godfather' of the tank and his forgotten contribution to final victory in 1918 as Minister of Munitions. Dark political intrigue, a passionate love story and remarkable military adventures on land, sea and air combine to show how the Churchill of 1940 was shaped and forged by his experience of the First World War.

TUE 22:30 Operation Crossbow (b011cr8f)
The heroic tales of World War II are legendary, but Operation Crossbow is a little-known story that deserves to join the hall of fame: how the Allies used 3D photos to thwart the Nazis' weapons of mass destruction before they could obliterate Britain.

This film brings together the heroic Spitfire pilots who took the photographs and the brilliant minds of RAF Medmenham that made sense of the jigsaw of clues hidden in the photos. Hitler was pumping a fortune into his new-fangled V weapons in the hope they could win him the war. But Medmenham had a secret weapon of its own, a simple stereoscope which brought to life every contour of the enemy landscape in perfect 3D.

The devil was truly in the detail. Together with extraordinary personal testimonies, the film uses modern computer graphics on the original wartime photographs to show just how the photo interpreters were able to uncover Hitler's nastiest secrets.

TUE 23:30 Fifties British War Films: Days of Glory (b01pkj2m)
In the 1950s, Britain looked back on its epic war effort in films such as The Dam Busters, The Cruel Sea and The Colditz Story. However, even at the time these productions were criticised for being class-bound and living in the past.

Journalist and historian Simon Heffer argues that these films have real cinematic merit and a genuine cultural importance, that they tell us something significant not only about the 1950s Britain from which they emerged but also about what it means to be British today.

His case is supported by interviews with stars including Virginia McKenna, Sylvia Syms and Sir Donald Sinden, with further contributions from directors Guy Hamilton (The Colditz Story) and Michael Anderson (The Dam Busters).

TUE 00:30 The First World War from Above (b00vyrzh)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

TUE 01:30 Secret Knowledge (b01r3n6p)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

TUE 02:00 Churchill's First World War (b037w3bj)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


WED 19:00 World News Today (b037n5db)
The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

WED 19:30 Top of the Pops (b037wlp0)
Noel Edmonds introduces the weekly pop charts featuring performances from the Stranglers, Justin Hayward, Child, Darts, 10cc, the New Seekers and a dance routine by Legs & Co.

WED 20:00 Chivalry and Betrayal: The Hundred Years War (b01qyvbm)
Agents of God

Henry V has claimed the crown of France for his heirs, but to secure it the English must conquer all of France. Potent French resistance comes in the most unlikely form - an illiterate young peasant girl, Joan of Arc. Dr Janina Ramirez explores the longest and bloodiest divorce in history.

WED 21:00 Bought with Love: The Secret History of British Art Collections (b037nhb9)
The Age of the Individual

Helen Rosslyn explores how collecting reached its maturity in the 19th century when unprecedented wealth from Britain's booming economy encouraged enlightened, philanthropic industrialists to spend their fortunes on art, and in many cases then donate their collections to the nation.

With different taste from the British aristocracy who had dominated collecting to this point, a new breed of art buyer enriched Britain's cultural story by acquiring adventurous and often avant-garde work. Helen looks at the influence of pharmaceutical magnate Thomas Holloway, the Rothschild banking dynasty and the Welsh Davies sisters.

WED 22:00 Some People with Jokes (b037nhbc)
Series 1

Some Scousers with Jokes Part 1

The people of Liverpool tell their favourite jokes. The city has a tradition of comedy and joke telling, but does that mean the man and woman on the street can crack corkers? Good news - yes it does.

WED 22:30 The Crow Road (b00mwqvv)


Prentice finds that the jigsaw is falling into place as he discovers Rory's final secret about the McHoan family. He tells Ashley, but she is sceptical and tells him to get on with his life.

When everyone gathers for a final showdown, Prentice wonders whether he will have the courage to pursue his investigations to the end.

WED 23:40 John Sergeant on Tracks of Empire (b00t3tj6)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 on Saturday]

WED 00:40 Top of the Pops (b037wlp0)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

WED 01:15 Some People with Jokes (b037nhbc)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 today]

WED 01:45 Chivalry and Betrayal: The Hundred Years War (b01qyvbm)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

WED 02:45 Bought with Love: The Secret History of British Art Collections (b037nhb9)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


THU 19:00 World News Today (b037n5dn)
The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

THU 19:30 BBC Proms (b037p6j3)

Proms on Four: Orchestras of the World - Mahler Chamber Orchestra

From the Royal Albert Hall, Katie Derham introduces the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, a truly international orchestra whose players come from 20 different countries. Formed in 1997 it has rapidly established a reputation as one of Europe's best ensembles. Under conductor Daniel Harding it plays symphonies by Schumann and Sibelius and is joined by the Liverpool-born pianist Paul Lewis for a performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto no 25.

THU 21:30 The Chopin Etudes (b0074qgh)
Opus 25, No 10

Pianist Freddy Kempf plays Chopin's Etude in B minor, Op 25 no 10.

THU 21:40 Timeshift (b00nrtj6)
Series 9

The Last Days of the Liners

Documentary which tells the story of how, in the years following the Second World War, countries competed to launch the most magnificent passenger ships on the great ocean routes.

National pride and prestige were at stake. The Americans had the United States, the fastest liner of all; the Dutch had the elegant Rotterdam; the Italians had the sleek Michelangelo; the French had the France as their supreme symbol of national culture and cuisine; and Britain had the Queens Mary and Elizabeth.

The coming of the jetliner and the 1960s' assault on class and privilege might have swept this world away, but as the film explains, the giant vessels sailed on. Today, more people than ever travel on big ships - liners that have a modern take on glamour and romance.

THU 22:40 Churchill's First World War (b037w3bj)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 on Tuesday]

THU 00:10 World War Two: 1941 and the Man of Steel (b011wh1g)
Marking the 70th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, historian Professor David Reynolds reassesses Stalin's role in the life and death struggle between Germany and Russia in World War Two, which, he argues, was ultimately more critical for British survival than 'Our Finest Hour' in the Battle of Britain itself.

The name Stalin means 'man of steel', but Reynolds's penetrating account reveals how the reality of Stalin's war in 1941 did not live up to that name. Travelling to Russian battlefield locations, he charts how Russia was almost annihilated within a few months as Stalin lurched from crisis to crisis, coming close to a nervous breakdown.

Reynolds shows how Stalin learnt to compromise in order to win, listening to his generals and downplaying communist ideology to appeal instead to the Russian people's nationalist fighting spirit. He also squares up to the terrible moral dilemma at the heart of World War Two. Using original telegrams and official documents, he looks afresh at Winston Churchill's controversial visit to Moscow in 1942 and re-examines how Britain and America were drawn into alliance with Stalin, a dictator almost as murderous as the Nazi enemy.

THU 01:40 The Secret Life of Rockpools (b01rtdr4)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 on Monday]

THU 02:40 Timeshift (b00nrtj6)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:40 today]


FRI 19:00 World News Today (b037n5f1)
The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

FRI 19:30 BBC Proms (b037p8wk)

Proms on Four: Friday Night at the Proms - BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

A Prom concert of music and dance introduced by Samira Ahmed from the Royal Albert Hall. The Antonio Marquez Company from Spain joins the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra to dance in Ravel's Bolero and Falla's Three-Cornered Hat. Before that, Juanjo Mena conducts a performance of Beethoven's 7th Symphony, described famously by Wagner as 'the apotheosis of the dance'.

FRI 21:10 Fairport Convention: Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (b01mmw5v)
Documentary following English folk-rock pioneers Fairport Convention as they celebrate their 45th anniversary in 2012. Fairport's iconic 1969 album Liege and Lief featured some of folk music's biggest names - including singer Sandy Denny, guitarist Richard Thompson and fiddler Dave Swarbrick - and was voted by Radio 2 listeners as the most influential folk album of all time. Today, having struggled for years with numerous line-up changes (26 members to date) and shifting musical fashions, these ageing folk-rockers host their annual festival in Cropredy, Oxfordshire in front of a passionate 20,000 crowd. Comedian Frank Skinner, who played the ukulele on Fairport's 2010 album Festival Bell, narrates this tale of the rise and fall - and rise again - of the original English folk-rockers.

FRI 22:10 Fairport Convention: 45th Anniversary Concert (b01mmw5x)
A concert to celebrate the 45th anniversary of folk-rock outfit Fairport Convention, filmed in March 2012 at the Union Chapel in north London, only a few miles away from the 'Fairport' house in Muswell Hill where the band was formed during the summer of 1967. Today only Simon Nicol, whose parents owned the house, is still there from the original line-up, but the wealth of incredible songs and arrangements left by former members such as Ashley Hutchings, Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson remains at the core of the band's live shows. This concert's highlights include Matty Groves from the band's landmark Liege and Lief album and Sandy Denny's Who Knows Where the Time Goes, voted 'favourite folk track of all time' by Radio 2 listeners.

FRI 23:15 Later... Folk America (b00h6xmd)
Compilation of performances by artists from the American folk, blues, bluegrass and country scenes that revisits the spirit of the 1920s and beyond with a distinctly Southern flavour.

Including Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Blind Boys of Alabama, Norah Jones, Odetta, Old Crow Medicine Show, Chatham County Line, Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris and Buddy Guy and many more.

FRI 00:15 Come Clog Dancing: Treasures of English Folk Dance (b00wmy5q)
At the height of the industrial revolution in the last decades of the 19th century there was a dance, now rarely seen, that resounded through the collieries and pit villages of the north east of England - the clog dance.

For conductor and musician Charles Hazlewood, clog dance has become an obsession and he plans to put it firmly back on the map by staging a mass flashmob clog dance.

Helped by a team of local enthusiasts led by expert clog dancer Laura Connolly, Charles recruits and trains 140 men and women from across the north east, and one sunny Saturday in a busy square in central Newcastle they ambush the public with a six-minute performance.

Along the way, Charles delves into the history of this fascinating folk dance, learns and performs a few steps himself, and meets and works with some of the key characters keeping this ancient dance alive.

FRI 01:15 Fairport Convention: Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (b01mmw5v)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:10 today]

FRI 02:15 Fairport Convention: 45th Anniversary Concert (b01mmw5x)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:10 today]

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Britain on Film 20:00 MON (b01nvwqm)

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Chivalry and Betrayal: The Hundred Years War 20:00 WED (b01qyvbm)

Chivalry and Betrayal: The Hundred Years War 01:45 WED (b01qyvbm)

Churchill's First World War 21:00 TUE (b037w3bj)

Churchill's First World War 02:00 TUE (b037w3bj)

Churchill's First World War 22:40 THU (b037w3bj)

Come Clog Dancing: Treasures of English Folk Dance 00:15 FRI (b00wmy5q)

David Bowie and the Story of Ziggy Stardust 01:55 SUN (b01k0y0n)

Easy Listening Hits at the BBC 00:50 SAT (b011g943)

Fairport Convention: 45th Anniversary Concert 22:10 FRI (b01mmw5x)

Fairport Convention: 45th Anniversary Concert 02:15 FRI (b01mmw5x)

Fairport Convention: Who Knows Where the Time Goes? 21:10 FRI (b01mmw5v)

Fairport Convention: Who Knows Where the Time Goes? 01:15 FRI (b01mmw5v)

Fifties British War Films: Days of Glory 23:30 TUE (b01pkj2m)

Frank Skinner on George Formby 23:00 MON (b016fpz0)

It's Slade 23:35 SUN (b01pf7kr)

John Sergeant on Tracks of Empire 19:00 SAT (b00t3tj6)

John Sergeant on Tracks of Empire 02:50 SAT (b00t3tj6)

John Sergeant on Tracks of Empire 23:40 WED (b00t3tj6)

Later... Folk America 23:15 FRI (b00h6xmd)

Oceans 20:00 SAT (b00g21kz)

Oceans 01:55 SAT (b00g21kz)

Only Connect 20:30 MON (b037ngsb)

Operation Crossbow 22:30 TUE (b011cr8f)

Secret Knowledge 19:30 TUE (b01r3n6p)

Secret Knowledge 01:30 TUE (b01r3n6p)

Some People with Jokes 00:00 MON (b037c5yn)

Some People with Jokes 22:00 WED (b037nhbc)

Some People with Jokes 01:15 WED (b037nhbc)

South Africa Walks 19:30 MON (b00s8g03)

South Africa Walks 01:30 MON (b00s8g03)

The Chopin Etudes 21:30 THU (b0074qgh)

The Crow Road 22:30 WED (b00mwqvv)

The First World War from Above 20:00 TUE (b00vyrzh)

The First World War from Above 00:30 TUE (b00vyrzh)

The Genius of David Bowie 03:00 SUN (b01k0y0q)

The Old Grey Whistle Test 00:25 SUN (b014vzy3)

The Secret Life of Rockpools 21:00 MON (b01rtdr4)

The Secret Life of Rockpools 02:30 MON (b01rtdr4)

The Secret Life of Rockpools 01:40 THU (b01rtdr4)

Timeshift 21:40 THU (b00nrtj6)

Timeshift 02:40 THU (b00nrtj6)

Top of the Pops 00:25 SAT (b037kmgr)

Top of the Pops 19:30 WED (b037wlp0)

Top of the Pops 00:40 WED (b037wlp0)

Wallander 21:00 SAT (b00x1sbz)

When Rock Goes Acoustic 22:25 SAT (b0141myx)

Wild 21:05 SUN (b00jd9yx)

World News Today 19:00 MON (b037n5cn)

World News Today 19:00 TUE (b037n5cx)

World News Today 19:00 WED (b037n5db)

World News Today 19:00 THU (b037n5dn)

World News Today 19:00 FRI (b037n5f1)

World War Two: 1941 and the Man of Steel 00:10 THU (b011wh1g)

Young Winston 21:20 SUN (b0078zrl)