The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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SAT 19:00 Only Connect (b00mbt58)
Series 2

Chessman v Mathematicians - The Competition for Third Place

Quiz show presented by Victoria Coren in which knowledge will only take you so far, as patience and lateral thinking are also vital.

Three avid chess players take on a trio unified by their love of mathematics as they compete for the glory of third place in the series, trying to draw together the connections between elements which, at first glance, seem utterly random.

SAT 19:30 Seasick Steve: Bringing It All Back Home (b00gvk8x)
Documentary which joins former hobo and festival favourite bluesman Seasick Steve on a trip back to his old stomping grounds in America's Deep South. Filmed in Mississippi and Tennessee, the programme follows the musician into his natural habitat of run-down juke joints, roadside diners and freight-train yards, as he reflects on his past life and recent rise to fame.

In addition to Steve's raw, stomping tunes, the soundtrack features Mississippi Fred McDowell, Robert Johnson, RL Burnside and BB King.

SAT 20:00 Folk America (b00gvk91)
Birth of a Nation

Three-part documentary series on American folk music, tracing its history from the recording boom of the 1920s to the folk revival of the 1960s.

The opening part looks at how, in the 1920s, record companies scoured the American south for talent to sell. This was a golden age of American music, as the likes of the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Charlie Poole, Dock Boggs and Mississippi John Hurt burst onto record, eager to have a share in the new industry and the money it made, only to lapse into obscurity when the depression hit at the start of the 30s.

Contributors include Judy Collins, Steve Earle, Tom Paxton and Pete Seeger, surviving relations of 1920s greats such as Mississippi John Hurt, the Carter Family and Uncle Dave Macon, plus three actual survivors of the era - guitarist Slim Bryant, banjoist Wade Mainer and Delta bluesman 'Honeyboy' Edwards.

SAT 21:00 Folk America (b00h6xmb)
This Land is Your Land

Three-part documentary series on American folk music, tracing its history from the recording boom of the 1920s to the folk revival of the 1960s.

In the depression of the 1930s, John Lomax found convicted murderer Leadbelly in a southern jail. Leadbelly's music was never quite as pure and untouched by pop as Lomax believed, but it set a new agenda for folk music, redefining it as the voice of protest, the voice of the outsider and the oppressed.

Dustbowl drifter Woody Guthrie fitted the mould perfectly and the two of them teamed up with Lomax's son Alan, Pete Seeger and Josh White - a group of friends who believed 'they could make a better world if they all got together and just sang about it'. Their songs and their radical politics took them to high places of influence, but brought about their downfall in the blacklisting 1950s.

Contributors include Pete Seeger, Rambling Jack Elliot, Anna Lomax, Tom Paxton, Roger McGuinn, Woody Guthrie's sister and daughter and Josh White's son.

SAT 22:00 Folk America (b00hd379)
Blowin' in the Wind

Three-part documentary series on American folk music, tracing its history from the recording boom of the 1920s to the folk revival of the 1960s.

In the 1960s a new generation, spearheaded by Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, took folk to the top of the charts and made it the voice of youthful protest. Whilst the northern folk revivalists helped bring civil rights to the south, the Newport Folk Festival brought the old music of the south to the college kids in the north. However, when Dylan turned up at Newport in 1965 with an electric guitar things would never be the same again.

With Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, Robbie Robertson, Stephen Stills, Country Joe McDonald, Roger McGuinn, Odetta and Tom Paxton.

SAT 23:00 Folk America at the Barbican (b00gvk93)
Hollerers, Stompers and Old-Time Ramblers

Hosted by maverick bluesman Seasick Steve, this concert from the Barbican in London showcases an exciting revival of the old-time musical traditions first recorded in the American South in the 1920s.

It features Appalachian mountain string band music, vaudeville swing, junk shop blues, creole dance tunes and folk country ballads, all delivered via energetic performances with a fresh twist. An eclectic line-up of young and emerging talent includes CW Stoneking, The Wiyos, Allison Williams and Chance McCoy, Diana Jones, and Cedric Watson and Bijoux Creole.

SAT 00:00 Later... Folk America (b00h6xmd)
Compilation of performances by artists from the American folk, blues, bluegrass and country scenes that revisits the spirit of the 1920s and beyond with a distinctly Southern flavour.

Including Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Blind Boys of Alabama, Norah Jones, Odetta, Old Crow Medicine Show, Chatham County Line, Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris and Buddy Guy and many more.

SAT 01:00 ... Sings Dylan (b0074rpk)
A look through the archives at some of the many artists who have come into BBC studios to sing their versions of Bob Dylan songs. Featured performers include Peter, Paul and Mary, Lulu, the Byrds, Joan Baez, Eric Clapton, Madeleine Peyroux, Bryan Ferry, UB40, Julie Felix, Manfred Mann, the Brian Auger Trinity and Pops Staples.

SAT 01:40 Seasick Steve: Bringing It All Back Home (b00gvk8x)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

SAT 02:15 Folk America at the Barbican (b00gvk93)
[Repeat of broadcast at 23:00 today]

SAT 03:15 Later... Folk America (b00h6xmd)
[Repeat of broadcast at 00:00 today]


SUN 19:00 The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (b00jw6h4)
Series 1

Beauty and Integrity

Drama based on Alexander McCall Smith's novels.

Mma Makutsi investigates the behaviour of contestants in a local beauty pageant, while Mma Ramotswe has trouble solving the case of Nandira Patel's mystery boyfriend. To make things worse, the contemptible Cephas Buthelezi opens a rival agency and is intent on taking the ladies down.

SUN 20:00 Who Killed the Honey Bee? (b00jzjys)
Bees are dying in their millions. It is an ecological crisis that threatens to bring global agriculture to a standstill. Introduced by Martha Kearney, this documentary explores the reasons behind the decline of bee colonies across the globe, investigating what might be at the root of this devastation.

Honey bees are the number one insect pollinator on the planet, responsible for the production of over 90 crops. Apples, berries, cucumbers, nuts, cabbages and even cotton will struggle to be produced if bee colonies continue to decline at the current rate. Empty hives have been reported from as far afield as Taipei and Tennessee. In England, the matter has caused beekeepers to march on Parliament to call on the government to fund research into what they say is potentially a bigger threat to humanity than the current financial crisis.

Investigating the problem from a global perspective, the programme makers travel from the farm belt of California to the flatlands of East Anglia to the outback of Australia. They talk to the beekeepers whose livelihoods are threatened by colony collapse disorder, the scientists entrusted with solving the problem, and the Australian beekeepers who are making a fortune replacing the planet's dying bees. They also look at some of the possible reasons for the declining numbers - is it down to a bee plague, pesticides, malnutrition? Or is the answer something even more frightening?

SUN 21:00 Rich Man, Poor Man (b00mbtgy)
A Knight's Tale

At 67, multi-millionaire businessman John Madejski is to be knighted for a lifetime of giving. He has 250 million in the bank and gives to the arts and education, and especially to his home town of Reading.

But as the recession bites, he is not a happy man. He has fingers in eighteen pies and they are all causing him worry, but the powerlessness he feels at least means he can dedicate some thought to the Inner Man. All his life he has been troubled by the need to find out more about his origins, about the man who fathered him, and to discover the secrets and lies about his illegitimate birth.

His buildings all bear his name, but what will he call the country estate he is creating on a hillside outside Reading, his very own Shangri-La?

In this fascinating documentary, Mr Reading goes on a voyage of discovery and emerges with a new understanding of himself.

SUN 22:00 Mark Lawson Talks To... (b00mg8vk)
William Boyd

Mark Lawson interviews author and screenwriter William Boyd about his life and work. As he embarks upon the publication of his latest novel Ordinary Thunderstorms, Boyd reflects on how his own upbringing as an ex-pat colonial child in West Africa, and at a boarding school in a remote part of Scotland, has shaped his writing and informed his fascination with the themes of identity and its loss.

Unusually for a British novelist, he maintains a professional dual identity - alongside his career as a novelist, Boyd looks back on his role as a successful screenwriter with scripts including Chaplin, Scoop and The Trench, the last of which he also directed.

SUN 23:00 Island at the BBC (b00kvd3b)
Compilation of performances from the BBC archives of top Island Records artists, including Cat Stevens's Father and Son, Roxy Music's Do the Strand and Stir It Up by Bob Marley and The Wailers, plus tracks from Steel Pulse, U2, PJ Harvey, Baaba Maal and Amy Winehouse.

SUN 00:00 Keep on Running: 50 Years of Island Records (b00kvd38)
Damian Lewis-narrated documentary telling the colourful story of Island Records, the Jamaican-founded record label built by maverick boss Chris Blackwell which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009.

The film features a rare, in-depth interview with Blackwell alongside contributions from former Island artists Grace Jones, Toots Hibbert, Amy Winehouse, Sly and Robbie, PJ Harvey, U2, Brian Eno, Spencer Davis, Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens, the B52s, Kid Creole, Greg Lake, Ian Anderson, Trevor Horn, Paul Weller, Richard Thompson and Keane.

News archive and rare performance footage are used to tell the story of the label - its part in bringing reggae music into the world; its expansion into progressive rock in the late 1960s; the rise of Bob Marley into a global star; and the label's reputation for consistently signing, producing and championing innovative acts from the UK and all over the world.

SUN 01:30 Who Killed the Honey Bee? (b00jzjys)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

SUN 02:30 Rich Man, Poor Man (b00mbtgy)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]

SUN 03:30 Mark Lawson Talks To... (b00mg8vk)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 today]


MON 19:00 Legends (b00fwdwp)
Nana Mouskouri - The White Rose of Athens

Profile of Greek singer Nana Mouskouri, known as the White Rose of Athens and one of the best-selling female artists of all time.

The documentary features a revealing interview with Nana herself, rare archive footage and interviews with family and friends including Harry Belafonte, Julio Iglesias and Charles Aznavour.

There is also exclusive footage from her July 2008 farewell concert in Athens which, following a four year long world tour, marked her retirement from performing.

MON 20:00 Wainwright Walks (b007wg5d)
Series 2

Crinkle Crags and Bowfell

Series in which Julia Bradbury explores the stunning Lake District landscape that inspired the great British fell walker and author Alfred Wainwright to produce his beautifully crafted guidebooks.

Julia faces a new physical challenge as she experiences the world of Wainwright - not one summit, but two. The Lake District's most famous walker loved to explore routes that link fell tops together, and Julia aims to find her way along the best ridge-mile in Lakeland, reaching the summits of Crinkle Crags and Bowfell, two of the biggest peaks in the area.

MON 20:30 Only Connect (b00mg97h)
Series 2

Episode 8

Quiz show presented by Victoria Coren in which knowledge will only take you so far, as patience and lateral thinking are also vital.

In the final, the three leading lights of the Cambridge Quiz Society take on the combined knowledge of a team whose field of reference stretches far beyond the touchline of their beloved rugby pitch, as they try to draw together the connections between elements which, at first glance, seem utterly random.

What connects Spock, Lisa Simpson, Brachiosaurus and Adolf Hitler?

MON 21:00 Wallander (b00mk3sg)
Series 1

The Castle Ruins

When an old man is murdered at a luxury housing development by the sea, suspicions fall on the residents. It seems that their perfect lives are not so perfect after all.

In Swedish with English subtitles.

MON 22:30 Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture (b00k9bms)

A look at how two of our finest native breeds of cattle, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus, reigned supreme before the Second World War and helped earn Britain a reputation as the 'stockyard of the world'. The programme also shows how, since then, both breeds have been transformed to a much larger size - from standing only to the stockman's waist to reaching his shoulder.

MON 23:30 Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture (b00jwcb1)

Documentary series looking at the history of 20th-century farming in Britain opens by focusing on milk.

In the early years of the century, 150,000 dairy farmers milked by hand and sold milk door to door. By the end of the century, the 15,000 that were left were breeding cows that increased yields by 400 per cent and milk was sold through supermarkets.

This episode features the home movies and stories of two dairy farmers who survived to tell the story of how and why the revolution happened.

MON 00:30 Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture (b00jzjs4)
Fruit and Veg

A look at the changes in the way fruit and veg was grown, picked and sold, told through three of the staples in the British landscape - apples, strawberries and tomatoes.

Home movies and archive footage reveal the extent of the revolution in how the fruit was picked and the impact supermarkets had on the fortunes of the small- and medium-sized growers.

MON 01:30 Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture (b00k3685)

Documentary series about the history of 20th-century farming in Britain looks at wheat and tells how the country became self-sufficient in producing bread-making wheat after the Second World War.

Told through the working lives and home movie archives of three wheat-farming families from the east of England, it reveals how farmers went from horse power to machine power and how they used science and genetics to transform the size and yield of wheat and the rural landscape, with controversial outcomes for the countryside.

MON 02:30 Only Connect (b00mg97h)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:30 today]

MON 03:00 Style on Trial (b00h6x4l)

Stuart Maconie and Lauren Laverne's quest to identify Britain's most stylish decade ends with advocates putting the case for their favourite fashion era to an expert judging panel. Doing the honours are Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen for the 40s, Brix Smith-Start for the 50s, Jill Kennington for the 60s, Wayne Hemingway for the 70s, Caryn Franklin for the 80s and Ben de Lisi for the 90s.


TUE 19:00 World News Today (b00mg9db)
The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

TUE 19:30 Only Connect (b00mg97h)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:30 on Monday]

TUE 20:00 The Cell (b00mbvfh)
The Spark of Life

In a three-part series, Dr Adam Rutherford tells the extraordinary story of the scientific quest to discover the secrets of the cell and of life itself. Every living thing is made of cells, microscopic building blocks of almost unimaginable power and complexity.

The final part reveals how our knowledge of cells has brought us to the brink of one of the most important moments in history. Scientists are close to repeating what has happened only once in four billion years - the creation of a new life form.

TUE 21:00 Rich Man, Poor Man (b00mg9dd)
Ben Dover Straightens

For years, Ben Dover has been one of Britain's top porn performers and producers. This fictional character, a middle-aged man who women can't resist, is the alter-ego of one Lindsay Honey.

Porn has made him rich but dissatisfied, and he has always yearned to be taken seriously as a straight actor. Now, when money is not an issue but personal fulfilment is, he sets out to achieve his dream of performing, with lines and a costume.

Can he make it or will his previous success make him unemployable?

TUE 22:00 Les Paul: Chasing Sound (b00dzzv0)
Documentary profiling the late Les Paul, creator of the solid-body electric guitar, inventor of overdubbing and multi-track recording, king of the 50s pop charts and rock 'n' roll icon.

Les Paul tells his own classic rags-to-riches story, featuring vintage archive and original performance footage of him and his Trio, original interviews with the likes of BB King, Jeff Beck, Jose Feliciano, Tony Bennett and Bonnie Raitt and copious contributions from the genius from Waukesha, Wisconsin, who died in 2009.

Paul was the last of that self-educated, brilliantly innovative generation of musicians and media pioneers who revolutionised popular music in the last century.

TUE 23:30 Early Doors (b0078kjr)
Series 1

Episode 6

Comedy series set in a small Manchester public house. It is the trip out to York races and the Big Boys Beano is ready for take-off. Melanie finally gets to meet her real dad as Ken waits nervously for her return. The pub goes into uproar as Tommy buys a round and the mystery over who is putting fag-ends in the urinals is finally solved.

TUE 00:00 Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe (b00g34fg)
Series 4

Episode 5

Charlie Brooker takes an irreverent look at all aspects of life on the small screen.

He turns his gaze to the state of kids' TV, giving a potted history of the genre and taking a look at psychedelic kids' shows both old and new. Brooker moves on to look at the newer trend for programmes to be made with the help of child psychologists and asks if it is a sinister development.

Plus, the reflections of a TV presenter, a poem from Tim Key and the revelation of dark TV tales from behind the scenes.

TUE 00:30 Rich Man, Poor Man (b00mg9dd)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]

TUE 01:30 Only Connect (b00mg97h)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:30 on Monday]

TUE 02:00 The Cell (b00mbvfh)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

TUE 03:00 Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe (b00g34fg)
[Repeat of broadcast at 00:00 today]

TUE 03:30 Rich Man, Poor Man (b00mg9dd)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


WED 19:00 World News Today (b00mgvqp)
The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

WED 19:30 Once a Soldier (b00j8d0v)
Series 1

Girls Allowed

Documentary charting the arrival of the first female veterans to join the ranks of the Chelsea Pensioners, which has been an all-male institution for over three centuries. Eighty-five-year-old anti-aircraft gunner Dorothy Hughes and 82-year-old warrant officer Winifred Phillips are the newcomers, but are the 320 old boys ready for such a dramatic change?

WED 20:00 Casualty 1909 (b00lllty)
Episode 4

What is the secret of probationer Nellie Bowers when Sister Russell catches her sneaking out to see a mysterious young man?

What is the secret of the woman brought in wearing pauper's clothes but silk underwear?

And what is the dangerous experiment that the brilliant pioneer Dr Henry Head decides he must risk performing on himself?

WED 21:00 The Thirties in Colour (b00cwgxk)
End of an Era

Last in the four part series using rare, private and commercial colour film and photographs to give poignant and surprising insights into the 1930s.

It was Golden Age for international travel, a decade when advanced transport systems allowed people to journey all over the world. Travellers with the means recorded their experiences by using the new colour film technologies. Often unintentionally, their home movies captured defining moments at a time when the nations of Europe were about to be plunged into the disaster that was the Second World War.

The final episode features colour films shot by travelling film-makers in Europe, including footage shot on the streets of Berlin decked in red swastikas at the time of the Olympic Games, rare pictures of the Jewish quarter in Warsaw just weeks before the Nazi invasion and, in London, tourists wearing gas masks amid fears of imminent bombing raids by the German Luftwaffe.

WED 22:00 People's Century (b0077x1d)
1939: Total War

The story of the Second World War told from the perspective of the civilian experience, rather than a military one. Interviewees from Britain, Germany, Russia, America, Korea and Japan tell of the area bombing, terror campaigns, atrocities and genocide directed at non-combatants which changed the nature of modern warfare.

WED 22:55 Evacuees (b0074rr0)
Documentary telling the story of what happened when one and a half million children, evacuated from towns around Britain during World War Two in the biggest movement of people the country has ever seen, returned home and how they adjusted to both home and school life.

WED 23:55 Summits (b008vs4w)
Munich 1938

David Reynolds, Professor of International History at Cambridge University, uncovers the fascinating behind-the-scenes story of three ground-breaking summit meetings that have shaped the modern world. Here, he examines Neville Chamberlain's hubristic misreading of Hitler at Munich in 1938. Chamberlain has gone down in history as a naive old buffer with his policy of 'appeasement', but Reynolds retraces the testy battle of wills in which it was the dictator who lost his nerve at the last moment.

WED 01:25 The Rules of Film Noir (b00mbstz)
Bogey, Bacall and Mitchum play it tough as Matthew Sweet celebrates the hardboiled world of noir movies.

WED 02:25 Once a Soldier (b00j8d0v)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

WED 02:55 Evacuees (b0074rr0)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:55 today]


THU 19:00 World News Today (b00mgvts)
The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

THU 19:30 BBC Proms (b00mgvtv)

Prom 64: Jurowski & London Philharmonic

Charles Hazlewood presents as Vladimir Jurowski, the LPO's principal conductor, brings an intriguing and eclectic programme to the Proms, including Bacchanale by Ibert, Debussy's ballet score Jeux, Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos played by Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Tamara Stefanovich, and Brahms's First Symphony.

THU 22:15 Wallander (b00mk3sg)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 on Monday]

THU 23:45 Later... with Jools Holland (b00dyz98)
Series 33

Episode 4

Coldplay perform tunes from their fourth album Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, The Hold Steady play numbers from their critically-acclaimed album Stay Positive, and former Zero 7 singer SIA relays a couple of tunes from her album Some People Have Real Problems.

Also featuring Glen Campbell who, after nearly fifty years in music, has just released his 72nd album featuring cover versions of songs by Travis, Foo Fighters and the Velvet Underground.

Memphis stand-up bass star Amy Lavere makes her TV debut and Indiana's own singer/songwriter John Mellencamp performs a number from his T-Bone produced new album Life, Death, Love and Freedom.

THU 00:45 Mark Lawson Talks To... (b00mg8vk)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 on Sunday]

THU 01:45 BBC Proms (b00mgvtv)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]


FRI 19:00 World News Today (b00mgw01)
The latest national and international news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

FRI 19:30 BBC Proms (b00mgw03)

Prom 65: Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchester

Charles Hazlewood presents as the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, conducted by Jonathan Nott, perform Mahler's heartbreaking Songs on the Death of Children with baritone soloist Matthias Goerne, and two works made famous by Stanley Kubrick's film 2001 - Strauss's visionary Also sprach Zarathustra and Ligeti's Atmospheres.

FRI 21:40 Rough Trade at the BBC (b00j4dx7)
Since 1978, indie label Rough Trade has been backing ground-breaking artists of every sensibility. From the post-punk girls who sound like they've been overheard singing to themselves at a bus stop, to the raw rock'n'roll of the Strokes and the Libertines, this compilation of BBC performances draws together some of the music that has made Rough Trade the institution it is.

Includes the Smiths, Robert Wyatt, Violent Femmes, Pulp and Antony and the Johnsons.

FRI 22:40 Do it Yourself: The Story of Rough Trade (b00j4dx5)
The Rough Trade story begins more than thirty years ago on 20th February 1976. Britain was in the grip of an IRA bombing campaign; a future prime minister was beginning to make her mark on a middle England in which punk was yet to run amok; and a young Cambridge graduate called Geoff Travis opened a new shop at 202 Kensington Park Road, just off Ladbroke Grove in west London. The Rough Trade shop sold obscure and challenging records by bands like American art-rockers Pere Ubu, offering an alternative to the middle-of-the-road rock music that dominated the music business.

In January 1977, when a record by Manchester punk band Buzzcocks appeared in the shop, Rough Trade found itself in the right place at the right time to make an impact far beyond that of a neighbourhood music store. When Spiral Scratch was released in 1977, the idea of putting out a single without the support of an established record company was incredible. But Rough Trade was to become the headquarters of a revolt against this corporate monopoly - it was stocking records by bands inspired by the idea that they could do it themselves.

But selling a few independent records over the counter was not going to change the world. Early independent labels had to hand over their distribution to the likes of EMI or CBS. But one man at Rough Trade challenged that monopoly. Richard Scott joined Rough Trade in 1977 and became the architect of a grand scheme that was nothing short of revolutionary: independent nationwide distribution.

The shop could now offer experimental musicians the chance to sell records nationwide and so it was inevitable that Rough Trade became a record label in its own right. In 1978 the Rough Trade label was born and by the end of the year it had released a dozen singles by an eclectic mix of post-punk artists and become not just an alternative ideological force, but genuine competitors in the commercial music world.

FRI 00:10 Rich Man, Poor Man (b00mg9dd)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 on Tuesday]

FRI 01:10 Rough Trade at the BBC (b00j4dx7)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:40 today]

FRI 02:10 BBC Proms (b00mgw03)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

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BBC Proms 19:30 THU (b00mgvtv)

BBC Proms 01:45 THU (b00mgvtv)

BBC Proms 19:30 FRI (b00mgw03)

BBC Proms 02:10 FRI (b00mgw03)

Casualty 1909 20:00 WED (b00lllty)

Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe 00:00 TUE (b00g34fg)

Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe 03:00 TUE (b00g34fg)

Do it Yourself: The Story of Rough Trade 22:40 FRI (b00j4dx5)

Early Doors 23:30 TUE (b0078kjr)

Evacuees 22:55 WED (b0074rr0)

Evacuees 02:55 WED (b0074rr0)

Folk America at the Barbican 23:00 SAT (b00gvk93)

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Folk America 20:00 SAT (b00gvk91)

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Folk America 22:00 SAT (b00hd379)

Island at the BBC 23:00 SUN (b00kvd3b)

Keep on Running: 50 Years of Island Records 00:00 SUN (b00kvd38)

Later... Folk America 00:00 SAT (b00h6xmd)

Later... Folk America 03:15 SAT (b00h6xmd)

Later... with Jools Holland 23:45 THU (b00dyz98)

Legends 19:00 MON (b00fwdwp)

Les Paul: Chasing Sound 22:00 TUE (b00dzzv0)

Mark Lawson Talks To... 22:00 SUN (b00mg8vk)

Mark Lawson Talks To... 03:30 SUN (b00mg8vk)

Mark Lawson Talks To... 00:45 THU (b00mg8vk)

Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture 22:30 MON (b00k9bms)

Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture 23:30 MON (b00jwcb1)

Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture 00:30 MON (b00jzjs4)

Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture 01:30 MON (b00k3685)

Once a Soldier 19:30 WED (b00j8d0v)

Once a Soldier 02:25 WED (b00j8d0v)

Only Connect 19:00 SAT (b00mbt58)

Only Connect 20:30 MON (b00mg97h)

Only Connect 02:30 MON (b00mg97h)

Only Connect 19:30 TUE (b00mg97h)

Only Connect 01:30 TUE (b00mg97h)

People's Century 22:00 WED (b0077x1d)

Rich Man, Poor Man 21:00 SUN (b00mbtgy)

Rich Man, Poor Man 02:30 SUN (b00mbtgy)

Rich Man, Poor Man 21:00 TUE (b00mg9dd)

Rich Man, Poor Man 00:30 TUE (b00mg9dd)

Rich Man, Poor Man 03:30 TUE (b00mg9dd)

Rich Man, Poor Man 00:10 FRI (b00mg9dd)

Rough Trade at the BBC 21:40 FRI (b00j4dx7)

Rough Trade at the BBC 01:10 FRI (b00j4dx7)

Seasick Steve: Bringing It All Back Home 19:30 SAT (b00gvk8x)

Seasick Steve: Bringing It All Back Home 01:40 SAT (b00gvk8x)

Style on Trial 03:00 MON (b00h6x4l)

Summits 23:55 WED (b008vs4w)

The Cell 20:00 TUE (b00mbvfh)

The Cell 02:00 TUE (b00mbvfh)

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency 19:00 SUN (b00jw6h4)

The Rules of Film Noir 01:25 WED (b00mbstz)

The Thirties in Colour 21:00 WED (b00cwgxk)

Wainwright Walks 20:00 MON (b007wg5d)

Wallander 21:00 MON (b00mk3sg)

Wallander 22:15 THU (b00mk3sg)

Who Killed the Honey Bee? 20:00 SUN (b00jzjys)

Who Killed the Honey Bee? 01:30 SUN (b00jzjys)

World News Today 19:00 TUE (b00mg9db)

World News Today 19:00 WED (b00mgvqp)

World News Today 19:00 THU (b00mgvts)

World News Today 19:00 FRI (b00mgw01)