SAT 19:00 Fossil Detectives (b00d30nx)
Central England

Series in which Open University associate lecturer Dr Hermione Cockburn leads a team of fossil experts and geologists around different regions of Britain to search for its best fossil treasures and mysteries, in an effort to uncover and make sense of our ancient past.

After meeting David Attenborough, who recalls his early days as a fossil detective in central England, Hermione and the team investigate some of the world's most important fossil discoveries in the area.

They look at the evidence that has revealed the world's smallest fossilised mystery body part, gain an insight into the iconic dinosaur Tyrannosuarus Rex and view a buried treasure which could change the way we look at ancient marine creatures.

SAT 19:30 Jane Eyre (b0074t80)
Episode 1

Dramatisation of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel. After surviving the cruel regime of a harsh charity school, orphan Jane Eyre takes a job as a governess at Thornfield Hall. Here, she finds herself increasingly attracted to her enigmatic master, Mr Rochester. But Jane's peaceful existence is shattered when strange events in the night threaten danger.

SAT 20:30 Jane Eyre (b0074t81)
Episode 2

Dramatisation of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel. Jane finds she has a rival for Rochester's attentions in the beautiful Blanche Ingram, and the gossip is that Rochester will soon propose marriage. A mysterious visitor from overseas brings great trouble to Thornfield. And Jane is called to Rochester's aid once again.

SAT 21:30 Outnumbered (b00dc30d)
Series 1

Episode 1

Partly-improvised sitcom looking at the trials and tribulations of bringing up three young children - a regal five-year-old girl with a talent for interrogation, a seven-year-old boy who could fib for Britain and an 11-year-old who is gearing up for his scary first day at secondary school.

SAT 22:00 Takin' Over the Asylum (b00d62j6)
Hey Jude

First in a six-part drama serial, set in a psychiatric hospital. Eddie McKenna has a dream - to become a professional DJ. Sacked from his slot on Hospital Radio Glasgow and bored of his day job as a double glazing salesman, he agrees to resurrect the radio station at St Jude's Mental Hospital. Gradually he becomes involved in the lives of the patients and realises that not all the 'lunatics' are on the inside.

SAT 22:50 Takin' Over the Asylum (b00d62j8)
Fly Like an Eagle

Second of a six-part drama set in psychiatric hospital. The hospital radio station is in full swing, Eddie is in danger of losing his job, and hypomaniac Campbell, about to be discharged, plans to become a DJ.

SAT 23:40 If It Ain't Stiff (b007j2hr)
Adrian Edmondson narrates a documentary chronicling the story of Stiff Records, a tiny independent that took music out of the boardroom and gave it back to the fans. Stiff's successes included Nick Lowe, the Damned, Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Madness, Tracey Ullman and the Pogues. Contributors include Captain Sensible, Jonathan Ross, Suggs, Shane MacGowan and label founders Jake Riviera and Dave Robinson.

SAT 01:10 Stiff at the BBC (b0074sw3)
Episode 1

First part of a compilation of BBC performances by the original Stiff Records artists and those closely associated with the maverick label. Featuring Elvis Costello's debut on Top of the Pops, Dr Feelgood on the Old Grey Whistle Test and Ian Dury and the Blockheads from In Concert.

SAT 01:40 Stiff at the BBC (b0074sw5)
Episode 2

Second part of a compilation of BBC performances by the original Stiff Records artists and those closely associated with the maverick label, including Madness, Ian Dury, the Pogues, Lene Lovich and Jona Lewie.

SAT 02:40 If It Ain't Stiff (b007j2hr)
[Repeat of broadcast at 23:40 today]


SUN 19:00 Coal House (b00875b2)
Series 1

Episode 6

Deep in the Welsh Valleys three families give up their 21st century creature comforts and time-travel back to face the hardships of life in 1927.

For the children, exams at school are just around the corner, while the men live the reality of the 1927 coalfield where pit closures were the norm and poor wages all too common.

Can the Griffiths, Cartwright and Phillips mams keep the fires burning, and more importantly, keep smiling?

SUN 19:30 BBC Proms (b00d62qv)

Prom 51: St John's Passion

Petroc Trelawny introduces a concert in which Bach's St John Passion is performed by the Monteverdi Choir and the English Baroque Soloists, conducted by John Elliot Gardiner.

Featuring Mark Padmore as the Evangelist and Peter Harvey as Christus.

SUN 21:35 Outnumbered (b007y688)
Series 1

Episode 2

Comedy series about the daily rollercoaster of life with three young children. Dad has strayed into a job-threatening controversy at school, Mum is starting a turf war with her sister and young Ben is further developing his extraordinary talent for lying.

SUN 22:05 Call the Cops (b00d4nkh)
Z Cars

Series about the history of British TV police dramas looks at Z Cars, which changed not only police drama but British television as a whole when it debuted in the early 1960s.

Following neither the theatrical model of the BBC drama department nor the cinematic model of studio feature film, it was something new - live performance, but shot as if it might be documentary. That method impacted on the way both the writers and the performers went about their work, creating an excitement on screen that drew huge audiences.

Behind the scenes, the pressure and intensity saw performers such as Alan Stratford Johns tend to egotism and Frank Windsor puncture the tension with constant practical jokes.

Interviewees including Brian Blessed, James Ellis, Frank Windsor, Douglas Fielding, original producer David Rose, creator Troy Kennedy Martin and later producer Rockerick Graham discuss both the original run of the show and its return in the late 1960s after a two year hiatus.

SUN 22:35 Britain from Above (b00d62qx)
Satellite Earth

Documentary telling the story of one satellite's journey into space and how global agencies and individuals are using satellites in all kinds of ways - farming their land from space, locating ancient water supplies hidden deep beneath the most arid desert regions and tracking ocean currents and the global mechanisms of climate change.

As every conceivable aspect of our world is being 'sensed' and recorded, from the skies above our heads to the rocks beneath our feet, here is an in-depth look at the biggest technological revolution since the invention of the steam engine.

SUN 23:35 Timeshift (b0074qp4)
Series 4

Live on the Night

Bill Nighy recalls the early days of television drama, when programmes were not recorded and cast and crew had to get it right on the night. Contributors include Brian Blessed and Trudi Goodwin.

SUN 00:15 Liverpool on the Box (b00d30cn)
Producers, dramatists and stars recall some of the programmes inspired by Liverpool. For half a century, British television has followed the changing fortunes of the city. At the same time, some of our finest screenwriters and film-makers have reflected the city's triumphs and tragedies in much-loved TV dramas, documentaries, and comedies, such as The Liver Birds, Bread, Brookside and Z-Cars. Features interviews with Willy Russell, Phil Redmond, Nerys Hughes, Eddie Braben, Gerry Marsden, Carla Lane and Ken Loach.

SUN 01:15 Call the Cops (b00d4nkh)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:05 today]

SUN 01:45 BBC Proms (b00d62qv)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]


MON 19:00 Coal House (b0087gbd)
Series 1

Episode 7

Deep in the Welsh Valleys three families give up their 21st century creature comforts and time-travel back to face the hardships of life in 1927.

In the final week the heat is on as the families fight for survival. Washing pit clothes, baking and cleaning has taken over the lives of the mothers and daughters and the fathers and sons are exhausted and struggling at the coal face to earn a crust.

But the community keeps their spirits high as they look forward to their return to the 21st century.

MON 19:30 BBC Proms (b00d62x9)

Prom 53: Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky

Petroc Trelawny presents a concert consisting of two Russian masterpieces, as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under conductor Daniele Gatti perform a selection from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet and finish with Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony.

MON 21:30 Outnumbered (b007xrcx)
Series 1

Episode 3

Comedy series about the daily rollercoaster of life with young children. Stuck in a traffic jam, Mum tries to keep the peace in a car containing three fractious kids, a new-age aunt and a bewildered grandfather. Meanwhile, Dad is waiting outside the Headmaster’s office after an ill-judged joke involving obesity and Ramadan. Tempers rise as events climax in the living hell that is a gift shop.

MON 22:00 Life on Mars (b0074sdh)
Series 1

Episode 3

Drama series about a Manchester detective who suffers a near-fatal car crash and wakes up in what seems to be 1973. As Sam starts to feel at home in 1973, doctors in 2006 worry that he's losing the will to live. When Sam responds to a fatal stabbing at Crester's Textiles he's shocked to discover that Crester's is the converted mill where he lives in 2006. Sam sets up an investigation but Gene already has a hunch about the murderer. Sam believes he has to stop Gene from sending an innocent man down.

MON 23:00 Sleepers (b00d96qy)
The Awakening

Post-glasnost comedy thriller by John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch. Deep in the heart of the Kremlin a discovery is made which sends shockwaves through the KGB hierarchy.

MON 23:55 More Dawn French's Boys Who Do: Comedy (b0087fs0)
John Cleese

Dawn French interviews John Cleese about his life in comedy, from The Frost Report, through to Monty Python and Fawlty Towers. (2007)

MON 00:25 British B Movies: Truly, Madly, Cheaply (b00c7ytb)
Film historian Matthew Sweet presents a documentary reappraising over half a century of British B movies, from John Mills on the wrong end of a whipping in The Lash through to the giant gorilla Konga running amok in Croydon. Sweet argues that the cheapness of these films, unlike the A film, ensured they often portrayed Britain as it really was, even when (as in the case of 1970s sex movies) that wasn't necessarily a nice place to be. John Mortimer and Michael Winner are among the interviewees.

MON 01:55 BBC Proms (b00d62x9)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]


TUE 19:00 World News Today (b00d635p)
The latest news from around the world.

TUE 19:30 Pop Go the Sixties (b00dbsw0)
Series 2

The Pretty Things

Pop moments from the BBC's sixties archive. Taking their name from a Bo Didley song, The Pretty Things groove out during a performance of Midnight To Six Man from their album Get The Picture? on A Whole Scene Going in 1966.

TUE 19:35 Batman (b00d7lwx)
Series 2

The Black Widow Strikes Again

Fantasy adventure series. After Mrs Max Black - The Black Widow - robs the American National, Beneficial, Commercial, Diversified, Empire and Federal State Banks, Batman concludes she is robbing in alphabetical order. Can he stop her?

TUE 20:00 Wild China (b00bf5b0)
Heart of the Dragon

The fairy-tale hills of Guilin and the cormorant fishermen of the Li River form the heart of this exploration of the colourful rice-growing cultures and strange creatures of southern China - a land of endless hills, mysterious caverns, spectacular rock pinnacles and traditional cultures with a taste for wildlife.

TUE 21:00 Meetings with Remarkable Trees (b0074kbx)
Series 1

The Kew Gingko

Series looking at some of the oldest and most unusual trees in Britain. This programme investigates the ginkgo at Kew Gardens, one of the oldest known tree species, and one of only five trees at Kew still alive that was planted when the gardens first opened.

TUE 21:10 Juliet Bravo (b00d635r)
Series 1

The Runner

Police drama series set in Hartley in Yorks. Inspector Jean Darblay decides it is time something was done about a notorious local villain - aged nine.

TUE 22:00 Call the Cops (b00d8hqm)
Juliet Bravo

A look at 1980s cop show Juliet Bravo, created by the man who brought us The Sweeney, Ian Kennedy Martin.

When he met Inspector Wynne Darwin in the Lancashire force, Kennedy Martin knew he'd found the model for his new heroine.

The cast and crew talk about the gender politics both on-screen and off, how many of the stories were rooted in reality and how they were secretly in contact with another female-led police show, The Gentle Touch on ITV.

Also, we discover how the male writers were advised to overcome their anxiety about writing for a woman, how the show re-grouped when Stephanie Turner, the show's first lead, was replaced by Anna Carteret and what kind of fan mail used to arrive for Inspector Kate Longton.

Interviewees include Ian Kennedy Martin, actors Stephanie Turner and Anna Carteret, producer Terence Wiliams and the real-life inspiration for the series, Wynne Darwin.

TUE 22:30 The Chatterley Affair (b00876jt)
In 1960 the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover became the subject of an obscenity trial, a touchpaper for the decade when attitudes towards class and sex exploded. This drama offers a fictional account of a love affair between two of the jurors as they fall under the influence of DH Lawrence's words.

TUE 00:00 Edwardians in Colour: The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn (b0079g3d)
Original Series

Men of the World

Documentary series about Albert Kahn's photographic Archive of the Planet. For a quarter of a century, Kahn supplied a team of photographers with the world's first colour camera system and dispatched them across the globe. Their films and 72,000 photographs offer a unique insight into the formative years of the 20th Century. This part tells the story of the circumnavigation of the globe by Kahn and his chauffeur, and the 1913 journey of Stephane Passet to China, Mongolia and India.

TUE 01:00 Call the Cops (b00d8hqm)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 today]

TUE 01:30 The Chatterley Affair (b00876jt)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:30 today]

TUE 03:00 Call the Cops (b00d8hqm)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 today]

TUE 03:30 Edwardians in Colour: The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn (b0079g3d)
[Repeat of broadcast at 00:00 today]


WED 19:00 World News Today (b00d63h8)
The latest news from around the world.

WED 19:30 Pop Go the Sixties (b00crtxz)
Series 2

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and The Trinity

Pop moments from the BBC's sixties archive. Recorded in 1968 for Top of the Pops, Julie Driscoll sings to the smoking hot accompaniment of keyboard wizard Brian Auger's Trinity on their hit version of Bob Dylan's This Wheel's On Fire.

WED 19:35 Batman (b00d7lyz)
Series 2

Caught in the Spider's Den

Action adventure series. The dynamic duo find themselves in a tangled web when the Black Widow hits town.

WED 20:00 Life in Cold Blood (b008y3g1)
Land Invaders

David Attenborough reveals the surprising truth about the cold-blooded lives of reptiles and amphibians. From steamy jungles to dry deserts, amphibians have taken their first footsteps onto land using their bizarre life histories to break their ties with the water and invade the earth.

This episode delves into the extraordinary and intimate lives of the soft skinned amphibians. This includes the marsupial frogs, a peculiar species where the father carries his young in pouches and then gives birth. It also features warring giant salamanders over a metre long and show-off newts that offer displays just like underwater birds of paradise.

WED 21:00 Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery (b00d63vq)
Bleeding Hearts

Series about the brutal, bloody and dangerous history of surgery continues with a look at the development of heart surgery, which produced some extremely reckless experiments.

With a family history of heart problems, presenter Michael Mosley takes a personal interest in these pioneers, who teetered on the scalpel-edge between saviour and executioner. Michael has a go at heart surgery, meets a man with no heartbeat and witnesses an operation where the patient is cooled until their brain stops and has all of their blood sucked out.

WED 22:00 Requiem (b00d63hb)
Drama which follows student and devoted Catholic Michaela Klinger as she moves away to college and at first blossoms, despite her inhibitions and epilepsy. But an unwillingness to take her medication leads to complications and soon, as her life is spiralling out of control and she is convinced she is possessed, her devout parents fear she needs an exorcism.

WED 23:30 Coal House (b00875b2)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 on Sunday]

WED 00:00 Coal House (b0087gbd)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 on Monday]

WED 00:30 Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery (b00d63vq)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]

WED 01:30 Medical Mavericks (b0074tcg)
Series 1


Series telling the incredible stories of the guinea-pig doctors who transformed medicine. Presenter Dr Michael Mosley explores the curious and sometimes fatal ways in which pioneering doctors laid the foundations of modern medicine by experimenting on themselves.

In this first episode, Dr Mosley charts the development of pain-free surgery. He starts with the 18th century chemist Humphrey Davy, who inhaled up to 50 pints of laughing gas a day and yet missed its true significance. Conman-turned-dentist Dr William Morton slept with a skeleton by night and experimented with ether by day, 19th century Scottish national hero James Young Simpson's reckless enthusiasm for chloroform led to numerous deaths and Sigmund Freud's experiments with cocaine transformed anaesthetics.

Mosley also undergoes some of the historical experiments himself and meets researchers who are continuing the tradition of self-experimentation today.

WED 02:30 Doctors to Be: 20 Years On (b0082h4b)
The Radiologist's Tale

Update on the 1980s series about a group of doctors just starting out on their careers. Dr Nick Hollings has devoted half of his life to the NHS, from an ambitious 18-year-old seeking a place at St Mary's Medical School, through 100 hour weeks as a junior doctor and 14 years of exams to become a consultant. Now an established consultant radiologist, Nick faces a worrying future. With long waiting lists for scans, the Department of Health is making tough decisions in the name of efficiency.

WED 03:00 Doctors to Be: 20 Years On (b0084lk3)
The Surgeon's Tale

Update on the 1980s series about a group of doctors just starting out on their careers. Mark George was 17 when he set off on a path to become a consultant surgeon. He had to study hard, endure long hours, take exams into his 30s and sacrifice much of his life outside medicine. His hard work paid off and he is now a consultant colorectal surgeon in a top hospital, while also developing a lucrative private practice.

WED 03:30 Medical Mavericks (b0074tcg)
[Repeat of broadcast at 01:30 today]


THU 19:00 World News Today (b00d63tc)
The latest news from around the world.

THU 19:30 Fossil Detectives (b00d63tf)

Series in which Open University associate lecturer Dr Hermione Cockburn leads a team of fossil experts and geologists around different regions of Britain to search for its best fossil treasures and mysteries, in an effort to uncover and make sense of our ancient past.

She visits the London home of David Attenborough to view his private fossil collection and find out why fossils have held such a special place in his heart since his childhood.

The fossil detective team also track down evidence of the capital's ancient past, a lost world where hippos were common. They take a trip to Kew Gardens to see living fossils - plants which existed in prehistoric times and still thrive today.

THU 20:00 Rebel Physician: Nicholas Culpeper's Fight for Medical Freedom (b0074syr)
Benjamin Woolley presents the gripping story of Nicholas Culpeper, the 17th century radical pharmacist who took on the establishment in order to bring medicine to the masses.

Culpeper lived during one of the most tumultuous periods in British history. When the country was ravaged by famine and civil war, he took part in the revolution that culminated in the execution of King Charles I.

But it is Culpeper's achievements in health care that made him famous. By practicing (often illegally) as a herbalist and publishing the first English-language texts explaining how to treat common ailments, he helped to break the monopoly of a medical establishment that had abandoned the poor and needy. His book The English Physician became the most successful non-religious English book of all time, remaining in print continuously for more than 350 years.

THU 21:00 Casualty 1906 (b007cjc2)
Ground-breaking drama that uses case notes, ward reports, autopsy records and intimate diaries from 100 years ago to bring actual doctors, nurses and patients at the Royal London Hospital vividly back to life.

THU 22:00 Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery (b00d63vq)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 on Wednesday]

THU 23:00 Maestro (b00d6nnn)

Clive Anderson hosts Maestro's second studio challenge as six famous amateur conductors go head to head. The contenders are challenged with choral music as they conduct the BBC Concert Orchestra and the BBC Symphony Chorus. They perform in front of a panel of internationally renowned judges before they face the orchestra vote and one will leave the competition for good.

THU 00:00 BBC Four Sessions (b0074mt7)
Radio Tarifa and Javier Ruibal

Series of unique concerts featuring musicians from around the world. At the Union Chapel in Islington, north London, Madrid-based Radio Tarifa show off their unique combination of flamenco, ancient Iberian, Moorish, Yiddish, North African and Middle Eastern music.

Also, Spanish singer-songwriter Javier Ruibal is joined on stage by guitarist Tito Alcedo to perform numbers from Javier's album Las Damas Primeras.

THU 01:00 Fossil Detectives (b00d63tf)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

THU 01:30 Journeys from the Centre of the Earth (b0074qm9)

Geologist Dr Iain Stewart presents a series showing how the rocks beneath our feet have shaped the human history of the Mediterranean. His whistle-stop tour takes in familiar tourist destinations in Egypt, Italy and Greece, but provides a unique geologist's insight which can't be found in the guidebooks.

He reveals how rocks influenced the Egyptians to build pyramids, the Greeks to build squares and the Romans to build perfect circles. It was how the rocks were formed millions of years ago that determined whether they were best suited as building materials for a pyramid, Parthenon or coliseum.

THU 02:30 Fossil Detectives (b00d63tf)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

THU 03:00 Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery (b00d63vq)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 on Wednesday]


FRI 19:00 World News Today (b00d63yw)
The latest news from around the world.

FRI 19:30 A Seaside Parish (b0078v5x)
Series 2

Episode 6

Documentary series following Rev Christine Musser in the Cornish parish of Boscastle. The villagers re-assess their lives after the disaster, with unexpected results. While Emily decides to pursue the ambition of a lifetime and Raymond re-launches his career as an artist, life at the rectory for Christine will never be quite the same again.

FRI 20:00 The Passions of Vaughan Williams (b00bfmt4)
Fifty years after his death, this musical and psychological portrait of Ralph Vaughan Williams explores the passions that drove a giant of 20th-century English music. It explores the enormous musical range of an energetic, red-blooded composer whose output extends well beyond the delicate pastoralism of his perhaps most famous piece, The Lark Ascending.

The film tells the story of his long marriage to his increasingly disabled wife Adeline and his long affair with the woman who eventually became his second wife, Ursula. The effect of these complicated relationships on his music is demonstrated in performances of orchestral and choral works, specially filmed at Cadogan Hall, London by the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Richard Hickox and by the singers of Schola Cantorum of Oxford.

Among the contributors is the late Ursula Vaughan Williams, who was interviewed shortly before she died at the age of 96.

FRI 21:30 Cambridge Folk Festival (b00d63yy)

Seth Lakeman plus Noah And The Whale

Mark Radcliffe presents coverage of the Cambridge Folk Festival, featuring the top artists from the world of folk, roots and acoustic music, either live in concert from the main stage or in exclusive backstage performances.

Featuring poster-boy Seth Lakeman and Noah and The Whale, two youthful examples of British folk. Seth is from a family of musicians who began busking for holiday money in France. His brother Sean produced his first album in their kitchen. Though uncompromisingly folk, it went onto sell 100,000 copies.

Former Mercury Prize Nominee Seth and his band are in concert on the main stage at Cambridge Folk Festival, performing his own dynamic brand of contemporary folk including Solomon Browne, Poor Man's Heaven and his hit, Kitty Jay. Woven through the performances are in-depth interviews with Seth and brother Sean and an impromptu acoustic peformance of The Hurlers out amongst the festival crowd.

Noah And The Whale are a four-piece from Twickenham, West London, with infectious folk-based tunes. Their single, Five Years Time, with its whistling, violin, ukulele and dance beats, has been a chirpy summer chart hit. The programme features an exclusive acoustic performance backstage in the festival's session tent, plus an intimate interview with frontman, songwriter, and rising star, Charlie Fink.

FRI 22:00 Cambridge Folk Festival (b00d6mqt)

Martha Wainwright Featuring Devon Sproule

Mark Radcliffe presents coverage of the Cambridge Folk Festival, featuring the top artists from the world of folk, roots and acoustic music, either live in concert from the main stage or in exclusive backstage performances.

Martha Wainwright's performance of Comin' Tonight from the main stage at the festival is followed by three further performances from her set, interwoven with interview and an impromptu acoustic session by the festival's famous duck pond.

Guitarist and songwriter Devon Sproule combines Appalachian, folk and jazz influences and this introduction to her includes an exclusive performance of Plea For A Good Night's rest in the festival's intimate surroundings.

FRI 22:30 Cambridge Folk Festival (b00d6mqw)

The Imagined Village

Mark Radcliffe presents coverage of the Cambridge Folk Festival, featuring the top artists from the world of folk, roots and acoustic music, either live in concert from the main stage or in exclusive backstage performances.

The Imagined Village is a multicultural project spearheaded by Simon Emmerson and including Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, Billy Bragg, Sheila Chandra, Johnny Kalsi, Chris Wood, Francis Hylton, Andy Gangageen, Sheema Mukherjee, Barney Morse Brown and the Young Coppers.

Taking the English tradition and interweaving contemporary sounds and voices, it explores Simon's assertion that 'Englishness is the final frontier of world music'.

The programme features electric performances from the Imagined Village's headline set at the festival, including their signature song Cold Haily Rainy Night and Hard Times Of Old England Retold.

In conversation with Mark Radcliffe key protaganists of the project Simon Emmerson, Martin Carthy, Billy Bragg and contributor poet Benjamin Zephaniah explain and explore the genesis, power and aspiration of this impressive project.

FRI 23:00 The Avengers (b0074srj)
Series 4

A Surfeit of H2O

A village poacher is found drowned in a field, leading Steed and Emma to investigate the deadly goings-on.

FRI 23:50 The Avengers (b0074ss2)
Series 4

The Hour that Never Was

At Steed's RAF reunion he and Mrs Peel stumble on a mystery, and then she vanishes.

FRI 00:40 Call the Cops (b00d8hqm)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 on Tuesday]

FRI 01:10 The Passions of Vaughan Williams (b00bfmt4)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

FRI 02:40 Cambridge Folk Festival (b00d63yy)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:30 today]

FRI 03:10 Cambridge Folk Festival (b00d6mqt)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 today]

FRI 03:40 Cambridge Folk Festival (b00d6mqw)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:30 today]