SAT 19:00 The Passions of Vaughan Williams (b00bfmt4)
Fifty years after his death, this musical and psychological portrait of Ralph Vaughan Williams explores the passions that drove a giant of 20th-century English music. It explores the enormous musical range of an energetic, red-blooded composer whose output extends well beyond the delicate pastoralism of his perhaps most famous piece, The Lark Ascending.

The film tells the story of his long marriage to his increasingly disabled wife Adeline and his long affair with the woman who eventually became his second wife, Ursula. The effect of these complicated relationships on his music is demonstrated in performances of orchestral and choral works, specially filmed at Cadogan Hall, London by the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Richard Hickox and by the singers of Schola Cantorum of Oxford.

Among the contributors is the late Ursula Vaughan Williams, who was interviewed shortly before she died at the age of 96.

SAT 20:30 The Book Quiz (b009pgs9)
Series 2

Episode 2

Kirsty Wark presents as Daisy Goodwin and David Aaronovitch fight it out with AL Kennedy and Simon Hoggart for a place in the semi-finals of the literary panel game.

SAT 21:00 Oliver Twist (b008kjsz)
30 Minute Versions

Episode 1

Drama adaptation of Charles Dickens's much-loved tale of a young orphan boy. Having endured a miserable and brutal childhood, Oliver is sold to a local undertaker where his mistreatment forces him to escape to London. Once in the capital, he is welcomed into the seductive world of pick-pocketing by the criminal underworld and, before long, is in deep trouble with the law.

SAT 22:00 The Poisoner (b00bv9lc)
Episode 2

Drama based on the true story of the Black Widow poisoner in 1940s France. The trial of Marie Besnard continues. Toxicology experts and psychiatrists give their evidence as well as the villagers of Loudun, who have engaged in a witch-hunt against her. Only her lawyers and the young journalist, Simone, believe in her innocence, but as the trial proceeds things change.

SAT 23:35 Storyville (b0074p8g)
Paris Brothel

Mark Kidel's film looks at the unique licensed brothels of Paris which remained a central part of French life until their closure in 1946.

SAT 00:40 The Bonzos (b0074n5p)
Documentary using archive footage, eye-witness testimony and contributions from some of the world's most distinguished historians to tell the story of the British wartime operation that rescued Hitler's hoard of looted art. During the war, the Fuhrer amassed about 2,000 old masters, stripped from the greatest galleries and museums in Europe. The Bonzos were the covert group sent to retrieve these treasures.

SAT 01:40 The Passions of Vaughan Williams (b00bfmt4)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]

SAT 03:10 The Bonzos (b0074n5p)
[Repeat of broadcast at 00:40 today]

SUNDAY 25 MAY 2008

SUN 19:00 Meetings with Remarkable Trees (b0074syk)
Series 2

Monkey Puzzle

Series of tree profiles. Botanist Chris Page takes a closer look at the origins and history of the monkey puzzle tree.

SUN 19:10 Monsoon Railway (b007rv05)
Part 2

Second of two films by director Gerry Troyna, painting an affectionate portrait of the Indian railway culture.

Indian Railways is a vast organisation, employing 1,500,000 people and catering for every aspect of their lives from cradle to grave. The documentary follows three typical employees as they face the annual battle to keep trains running during the monsoon season.

SUN 20:00 My New Best Friend (b00bfm0m)

Documentary series about the importance and nature of friendship among children. Shot over eight months and told entirely from their perspective, it is an intimate and moving insight into how children think and feel as they journey into a new world.

Four 11-year-old girls leave the familiarity of their prep schools to join one of the most prestigious girls' schools in the country, Cheltenham Ladies' College. For the three new boarders and one day girl, a new school is as daunting as it is exciting.

SUN 21:00 What Did You Do in the Great War, Daddy? (b008cxzt)
Documentary telling the tragic story of the greatest loss of fathers in British history. When the nation was called to arms in the patriotic fervour of 1914 it was difficult to imagine that, four years later, half a million children would have lost their fathers in battle. The impact of their deaths was devastating and never forgotten by their sons and daughters. Now in their 90s, they go on an emotional journey to remember their lost fathers, culminating in a visit to their graves in France.

SUN 22:00 Mad Men (b00bv0mq)
Series 1

The Wheel

Drama series set in the world of advertising in 1960s New York. Peggy directs her first radio spot. Don's work gets in the way of his home life as Betty uncovers his secret. Don finds out that his brother Adam is dead. Peggy is taken ill in the office and is shocked by the diagnosis.

SUN 22:50 The Men from the Agency (b0074nrv)
Documentary recalling the revolution in British advertising during the 60s and three men who were instrumental in bringing it about. David Puttnam, Alan Parker and Charles Saatchi, who all worked for the same agency, were among the first to recognise the social changes, with the emphasis on individualism, which were taking place, and the style of advertising needed to appeal to the new breed of customer.

SUN 00:00 Remember that Night: David Gilmour Live at The Royal Albert Hall (b007zc18)
David Gilmour, the voice and guitar of Pink Floyd, performs live at The Royal Albert Hall. Performing hits from his newly released album 'On An Island' and a selection of hits from throughout Pink Floyd's 40 year career, David Gilmour is joined on stage by Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright, Pink Floyd's Dick Parry on sax, Phil Manzanera from Roxy Music, Pink Floyd contributors Guy Pratt and Jon Carin, drummer Steve DiStanislao and Robert Wyatt. Special guests are David Crosby and Graham Nash as well as David Bowie.

SUN 01:00 The Pink Floyd Story: Which One's Pink? (b008hs1m)
Over 40 years after Britain's foremost 'underground' band released their debut album Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Pink Floyd remain one of the biggest brand names and best-loved bands in the world.

This film features extended archive, some of it rarely or never seen before, alongside original interviews with four members of Pink Floyd - David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and the late Richard Wright - and traces the journey of a band that has only ever had five members, three of whom have led the band at different stages of its evolution.

Tracing the band's history from psychedelic 60s London to their reunion appearance at Live 8 in 2005, this is the story of a succession of musical and commercial peaks separated by a succession of struggles around the creative leadership of the band. Their story was given added poignancy by the 2006 death of their estranged frontman, Syd Barrett.

Pink Floyd spearheaded the concept album, never sold themselves as personalities and expanded rock way beyond its three minute pop song beginnings. Pink Floyd has made the four members very rich and has consumed their creative lives, but it hasn't always made them friends. When first meeting their American record company, one of the executives apocryphally asked, "Which one's Pink?". This film traces the reverberations of that question throughout the band's history.

First led by the innovative singer, songwriter and guitarist Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd were at the forefront of Britain's psychedelic era. After putting the band on the map with hits like Arnold Layne and See Emily Play, Barrett drifted out of the band after experimenting with LSD.

The three remaining members added Barrett's old Cambridge friend David Gilmour to the band on guitar and functioned as a communal unit while creating extended sonic explorations on albums like Atom Heart Mother and Echoes. While creating ever larger and more visually ambitious stage shows, the band personally shunned the limelight, taking the stage as four shadowy figures and never appearing on their album covers.

Gradually Roger Waters emerged as the band's key songwriter, creating those massive selling concept albums of the mid-70s, Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, two of the biggest-selling and boldest albums of all time. But Waters's desire to control the band and the increasing passivity of the others eventually left to him leaving the band and the name after 1983's The Final Cut album.

David Gilmour eventually assumed control of the band, producing two globally-successful Pink Floyd albums, A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987) and The Division Bell (1994), with the help of Nick Mason and Rick Wright. Meanwhile, Waters conducted a less commercially-successful solo career.

As a result of Bob Geldof's pleading, David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason reunited with Roger Waters for one time only for 2005's Live 8, playing together for the first time in approximately 25 years.

Whether Pink Floyd will ever record or perform again with or without Roger Waters remains unclear.

SUN 02:00 My New Best Friend (b00bfm0m)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

SUN 03:00 What Did You Do in the Great War, Daddy? (b008cxzt)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]

MONDAY 26 MAY 2008

MON 19:00 The Life of Mammals (b007c143)
Plant Predators

Some of the biggest predators to walk the earth face a constant battle - their prey is heavily armoured, indigestible and sometimes even poisonous. What makes this struggle more remarkable is that these predators do not prey on animals - but on plants.

The first great battle that plant predators must fight is with their prey. Plants arm themselves with deadly poisons, but plant predators are not deterred. The elusive tapir of the South American jungle visits secret clay licks in search of a natural antidote. The pika, the 'rubble rabbit' of the Canadian Rockies, even makes poisons work to its advantage, exploiting them as a natural preservative.

Sometimes, the problem is not what is in your food, but what is not. By bugging the caves of Mount Elgon, the crew reveals startling images of underground elephants mining for salts deficient in their green diet.

The next great battle that plant predators face takes place on the open plains, as behind every plant eater lurks a meat eater. See the hunt from the plant predators' point of view, equipped with wrap-around vision, ears that rotate 360 degrees and elongated limbs that make it harder for them to be caught than most wildlife films would suggest.

Plant predators are themselves equipped with dangerous weapons, used in the greatest battle of all - with each other. Witness the drama of the annual bison rut in the Badlands of North America, discover the secret of the battering rams of the big-horned sheep of Canada, and analyse the fighting technique of horned animals as they ram, wrestle and stab their opponents.

Amazingly, all of these extraordinary behaviours stem from the apparently simple act of eating leaves.

MON 20:00 Days that Shook the World (b0074r9h)
Series 1 (60 minutes)

Chuck Yeager & Blue Bird

Series focusing on some of the defining moments of history. This edition recalls two memorable days in man's quest for speed. On 14 October 1947, Chuck Yeager became the first man to fly faster than sound. 20 years later, Donald Campbell's last attempt to break the water speed record on Coniston Water ended in disaster.

MON 21:00 Graham Hill: Driven (b00bv14q)
Emotive documentary portrait of a sporting legend who lived and died during a time when sex was safe and motor racing was dangerous!

Graham Hill was an eccentric, charismatic Englishman from a bygone era of sporting endeavour. With great determination he won the Formula 1 World Championship, the Indy 500 and the Le Mans 24 hours race, thereby achieving the 'triple crown' of motor racing - a unique feat that remains unmatched to this day. Graham also won the glamorous Monaco Grand Prix five times during an era when drivers routinely met violent death. Away from the circuit, he was a raconteur of hilarious proportions, a dashing figure with a keen eye for the ladies. He was an irrepressible free spirit who simply didn't know when to quit.

Ultimately, it was to be his undoing.

Graham's illustrious racing career spanned three decades, which at its height saw him routinely slugging it out with fellow F1 champions Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart. Close friends yet intense rivals on the track, they were the 'Three Musketeers' during a golden era of motor racing. But what was the truth behind Graham's popular public image? 30 years on from his death, his family, close friends and former colleagues paint an intimate, revealing and entertaining portrait of a sporting hero tragically killed in a plane crash in 1975.

MON 22:00 In Search of Speed (b0074qym)
The Battle of Bonneville

The Battle of Bonneville focuses on six dramatic years in land speed history that saw Craig Breedlove and Art Arfons go head-to-head in a death-defying land speed duel. Two men locked in a near-lethal contest which saw the 400, 500 and 600 miles per hour barriers broken. The programme features interviews with Arfons and Breedlove, friends, family and members of their teams.

Farm-boy Art Arfons was affectionately known as the Junkyard Genius. Art famously built his record breaking car from pieces of junk and stock-parts, including the powerful J-79 aircraft surplus jet engine which he bought from a scrap dealer. When he first ignited his restored J-79, Art obliterated his chicken shed. In his car The Green Monster, an angry, over-powered beast, Art captured the world record three times only to have it snatched from him on each occasion by Breedlove. In 1966, Art became the first man to survive a crash at over 600 miles an hour.

Smooth-talking Californian hot-rodder Craig Breedlove, in his cars Spirit of America and Sonic 1, was the first man to break the 400, 500 and 600mph barriers on land. At the tender age of 24, Craig Breedlove was so moved by President Kennedy's plea to 'ask what you can do for your country', he decided that his goal was to recapture the world land speed record from the British. Breedlove persuaded Shell Oil to sponsor his vision and, backed by a team of hot-rod friends, he went on to build his car Spirit of America, arguably the most beautiful land speed car ever built.

This is a story of a dramatic showdown between two land speed legends who displayed extraordinary ingenuity, ambition and bravery.

MON 23:00 The Poisoner (b00bv9lc)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 on Saturday]

MON 00:30 Graham Hill: Driven (b00bv14q)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]

MON 01:30 In Search of Speed (b0074qym)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 today]

MON 02:30 Days that Shook the World (b0074r9h)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

MON 03:30 Graham Hill: Driven (b00bv14q)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


TUE 19:00 World News Today (b00bv25j)
The latest news from around the world.

TUE 19:30 Sounds of the Seventies (b00bxqrn)


Vintage rock, pop and soul performances from the BBC archives.

TUE 19:35 Batman (b00bx1yv)
Series 2

The Penguin's Nest

Fantasy adventure series. The Penguin appears to go straight, opening The Penguin's Nest, a restaurant catering to the wealthy. But it's just a ruse to collect handwriting samples for forger Ballpoint Baxter. Batman and Robin come to the aid of Chief O'Hara, locked in a trunk and tumbling into a pool which Penguin is about to electrify.

TUE 20:00 Art of Spain (b008yw7p)
The Mystical North

Andrew Graham-Dixon reveals how northern Spain has produced some of the most dazzling and iconic art of the modern age. He shows how Spain's turbulent history has shaped its artists, from Francisco Goya and Pablo Picasso to Joan Miro and Salvador Dali. As well as the giants of painting, Graham-Dixon argues that Spanish architecture is the art form taking the nation forward into the new millennium.

TUE 21:00 What Happened Next? (b00bv25l)
The Broken Bridge

Series which finds out what happened to people featured in past BBC documentaries. In the late 1970s, six couples and three children took part in a unique experiment, spending 13 months living as our Iron Age ancestors would have done and forsaking all the trappings of the modern era. 30 years on, the series is revisited and members of the group tracked down to find out how the experience has shaped their lives since then.

TUE 22:00 Storyville (b00bwsfc)
The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World


Four part series looking at China's largest restaurant looks at what it takes to run a successful restaurant business in China. It introduces us to the energetic owner, Qin Linzi, her highly capable general manager and the army of waiters, chefs, managers and staff who keep everything running smoothly. The chefs' skills are put to the test in a competition to prepare snake and cook 'Fried Live Fish' and Qin is seen improving the restaurant's signature tofu dish. Communism and commerce go hand in hand as Qin's party connections are revealed to have been integral to her success.

TUE 22:30 The Baby's Room (b00bv2d3)
Supernatural horror in which a young couple move into a dream home with a newborn baby. After only one night, they start hearing strange noises on the baby caller and soon a mysterious man is seen walking around the house.

TUE 23:45 Art of Spain (b008yw7p)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

TUE 00:45 BBC Proms (b007w380)

Britten and Mahler - Prom 33

Suzy Klein introduces two works concerned with death. Britten's Sinfonia da Requiem was commissioned for the 2,600th anniversary of the Japanese Imperial Dynasty but was turned into a requiem for his recently-deceased parents, and Mahler's painfully expressive farewell to life, his 10th Symphony, left unfinished at his death but completed by Derek Cooke. Gianandrea Noseda conducts the BBC Philharmonic.

TUE 02:55 What Happened Next? (b00bv25l)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


WED 19:00 World News Today (b00bv2k6)
The latest news from around the world.

WED 19:30 Sounds of the Seventies (b00bxqtl)


Vintage rock, pop and soul performances from the BBC archives.

WED 19:35 Batman (b00bx20j)
Series 2

The Bird's Last Jest

Fantasy adventure series. Alfred is sent to The Penguin's Nest restaurant and ends up in a pie.

WED 20:00 Francesco's Venice (b0078ssj)

Francesco da Mosto continues his story of Venice with its most outrageous period of partying and licentiousness. This is the age of Casanova, the age of the courtesan - when Venice was the red-light district of Europe, attracting rich and hopeful dandies from across the continent.

Ostensibly the young men would come in search of art - and there was plenty for them, with Vivaldi, Canaletto and Canova at work in the city creating art on a scale never before seen. These were artists who responded directly to their public - Vivaldi churning out score after score as tourist-patrons demanded them, Canaletto painting the most upmarket postcards of the age for the growing number of rich visitors to the city, and Canova taking the human figure in marble to a level of perfection not seen since the time of Michelangelo.

Yet storm clouds were gathering and for the Venetians who saw them coming it could only seem as though the wrath of God was about to descend upon the city. The city had grown decadent and careless of its security. Guaranteed a safe haven for a thousand years by the hidden sandbanks of the lagoon, now new technology gave the enemies of Venice long-distance guns that could hit the city from beyond the shallows.

A new monster was rising in Europe - Napoleon Bonaparte, who saw Venice as rich pickings with which to fund his revolution. He would bring disaster to the city beyond any other it had known in its thousand-year history.

WED 21:00 My New Best Friend (b00bv2k8)

Three-part documentary series about the importance and nature of friendship among children, told from their point of view. Bryony, Galen, Jessica and Ruairidh must leave their tiny primary schools on remote north-west Scotland islands to start secondary school together on the mainland at Mallaig High School. Each has a different journey into this new world, but they the share universal challenges of finding their own identities, making new friends and trying to belong.

WED 22:00 Storyville (b00bv2kb)
Death of a WAG

Documentary about the 2002 murder of Iranian football star Nasser Mohammad Khani's wife, the subsequent confession to the crime by his mistress Shahla and her fight to escape the death sentence.

WED 23:00 Auntie's War on Smut (b009hff3)
Tongue-in-cheek journey through 20 years of censorship from the BBC after it issued a book of guidelines that would define its role and values for postwar Britain in 1948. Known by the colour of its cover, the 'Green Book' would keep a generation of errant writers and performers in check with bans on jokes about honeymoon couples, fig leaves and animal habits among others. Featuring contributions from writers and performers like Denis Norden, Nicholas Parsons, David Frost and Jonathan Miller.

WED 00:00 What Happened Next? (b00bv25l)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 on Tuesday]

WED 01:00 My New Best Friend (b00bv2k8)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]

WED 02:00 Storyville (b00bv2kb)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 today]

WED 03:00 My New Best Friend (b00bv2k8)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]


THU 19:00 World News Today (b00bv2n6)
The latest news from around the world.

THU 19:30 Terry Jones' Medieval Lives (b0078pl3)
The Philosopher

Monty Python star and medieval enthusiast Terry Jones takes us on a tour of the Middle Ages. He looks at the medieval scientist, or philosopher as they were known then, showing how they experimented on a huge scale and made key scientific discoveries. He argues that most of them had a more ethical approach than that to be found in today's commercialised world of science.

THU 20:00 Child of Our Time (b00bf6lt)
Series 8

The Age of Stress

Professor Robert Winston presents a documentary series following the lives of 25 British children until the age of 20. Children face more stress than ever before. Seven-year-olds sit exams, bullying is on the increase, and some children experience the devastating effects of terminal illness in the family. Does stress in childhood prepare youngsters for an uncertain life ahead, or is it too much, too young?

THU 21:00 Painted Babies: Growing Up (b00bv34b)
Follow-up to Jane Treays's acclaimed 1995 documentary about child beauty pageants, Painted Babies, which centred on the rivalry between the parents of 4-year-olds Brooke Breedwell and Asia Mansur. Treays centres on the Darling Dolls of America Pageant in Texas and reveals the impact their intense early exposure to the pageant scene had on Brooke and Asia and what sort of young women they have become now that they are 17. She discovers that their lives couldn't be further apart.

THU 22:00 Millions (b00bwslq)
Heart-warming fantasy adventure.

When their mum dies, Damian and Anthony move house to a new area with their dad. During one of Damian's curious religious visions, and the day before the UK switches from sterling to the euro, a suitcase of cash lands miraculously at the young boy's feet. He and his elder brother have differing ideas about how to spend their fortune, but together their adventures lead them to discover what is truly important in life.

THU 23:30 Mad Men (b00bv0mq)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 on Sunday]

THU 00:20 Bombay Railway (b007t30p)

Documentary about Bombay's vast suburban rail network, which serves six-and-a-half million commuters every day. As Bombay's population swells by tens of thousands each week, the railway and the people whose lives revolve around it struggle to cope with the pressure and the peaktime 'super-dense crush load'. From the train driver to the illegal hawker and the homeless shoe-shine boy, each has a story to tell about this remarkable railway system, often described as the lifeline of India.

THU 01:20 Painted Babies: Growing Up (b00bv34b)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]

THU 02:20 What Did You Do in the Great War, Daddy? (b008cxzt)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 on Sunday]

THU 03:20 Painted Babies: Growing Up (b00bv34b)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 today]

FRIDAY 30 MAY 2008

FRI 19:00 World News Today (b00bv3yy)
The latest news from around the world.

FRI 19:30 A Seaside Parish (b0078nw3)
Series 1

Episode 1

Fly on the wall series following the Reverend Christine Musser as she takes over the Cornish parish of Boscastle. Some builders want to raise funds by doing a nude calendar and Christine conducts evensong to an empty church.

FRI 20:00 Early Music (b0074q51)
Episode 1

Charles Hazlewood introduces performances by some of Britain's leading players of the music of the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. This edition features violinist Viktoria Mullova playing Bach, countertenor Robin Blaze with a song by William Byrd and the Burning Bush with pieces from the Sephardic and Hassidic traditions.

FRI 21:00 Johnny Cash: The Last Great American (b0074s4x)
Documentary profiling the life of legendary country music star Johnny Cash, who died in 2003 shortly after completing the retrospective Unearthed, a five-CD set of the acoustic performances with which he resurrected his career in the last decade of his life, and after losing his wife, June Carter Cash.

This first major retrospective of Cash's life, times and music features contributions from his daughter Rosanne Cash and son John Carter Cash, his longtime manager Lou Robin and fellow musicians including Little Richard, Cowboy Jack Clement, Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard and Elvis Costello.

Cash was the son of a poor sharecropper from Kingsland, Arkansas, who sang folk, spiritual and country songs to himself while picking cotton in the fields. In the 50s he signed to Sam Phillips' Sun Records, scored his first hits and was part of the 'Million Dollar Quartet' with Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.

In the 60s, he created his famous 'Man in Black' persona, and became a huge country star with hits like Folsom Prison Blues, Ring of Fire, I Walk the Line and A Boy Named Sue, while torn between drug dependency, hellraising and a powerful spirituality. Cash had long since established himself as a man of the people with his prison concerts beginning with an incendiary performance at San Quentin in 1958.

He ended the decade by finally marrying June Carter - a member of hugely influential US country dynasty the Carter Family - launching his own national TV series from Nashville, befriending the Native American movement and opposing the war in Vietnam while playing concerts for the soldiers in the field.

After tough times in the 80s, Cash reignited his career with a new young audience in the 90s when he recorded with rap-rock producer Rick Rubin.

FRI 22:00 The Johnny Cash TV Show (b00bv3z3)
Country Gold

The pick of Johnny Cash's prime-time show for American television.

Cash performs some of his best-known songs and introduces some classic country guests including Tammy Wynette, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Bill Monroe, Loretta Lynn and the Everly Brothers performing with their father, Ike.

FRI 23:00 BBC Four Sessions (b0074swt)
Rosanne Cash

Series of unique concerts featuring musicians from around the world. This edition features American singer and songwriter Rosanne Cash, who reflects on her 25-year musical career. Her acclaimed album Black Cadillac confronts the recent losses of her father Johnny Cash, her mother Vivian Liberto and her stepmother June Carter Cash. The concert features songs from Black Cadillac, 80s country hits and covers of Johnny Cash's Tennessee Flat Top Box and Big River.

FRI 00:00 The Avengers (b0074hkr)
Series 5

Never, Never Say Die

60s crime drama series. Steed and Mrs Peel are called to investigate when a corpse gets up and walks out of a mortuary.

FRI 00:50 The Avengers (b0074s4q)
Series 5


1960s crime drama series. Mrs Peel is kidnapped by eccentric film director ZZ Von Schnerk, who wants her for the leading lady in his latest movie entitled The Destruction of Emma Peel. Will movie stardom be the death of her?

FRI 01:40 The Johnny Cash TV Show (b00bv3z3)
[Repeat of broadcast at 22:00 today]

FRI 02:40 Early Music (b0074q51)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]